Summer Update 2019
Znajdź znajnowsze informacje odnośnie letniej aktualizacji Tibii!

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Doświadczenie Lojalność
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Osiągnięcia Topor
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Maczugi Miecz
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Broń dystansowa Łowienie
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Pięść Poziom magiczny
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Antica (Europe)
Belluma (Europe)
Belobra (Europe)
Duna (Europe)
Epoca (Europe)
Estela (Europe)
Faluna (Europe)
Kenora (Europe)
Peloria (Europe)
Premia (Europe)
Pyra (Europe)
Vita (Europe)
Vunira (Europe)
Carnera (North America)
Firmera (North America)
Garnera (North America)
Impera (North America)
Jonera (North America)
Lobera (North America)
Noctera (North America)
Quintera (North America)
Solidera (North America)
Talera (North America)
Torpera (North America)
Wintera (North America)
Dibra (Brazil)
Ferobra (Brazil)
Honbra (Brazil)
Inabra (Brazil)
Lutabra (Brazil)
Nossobra (Brazil)
Ombra (Brazil)
Quelibra (Brazil)
Relembra (Brazil)
Serdebra (Brazil)


Bona (Europe)
Celesta (Europe)
Damora (Europe)
Harmonia (Europe)
Monza (Europe)
Refugia (Europe)
Relania (Europe)
Secura (Europe)
Astera (North America)
Calmera (North America)
Cosera (North America)
Gladera (North America)
Luminera (North America)
Menera (North America)
Nefera (North America)
Olera (North America)
Pacera (North America)
Celebra (Brazil)
Descubra (Brazil)
Gentebra (Brazil)
Kalibra (Brazil)
Venebra (Brazil)


Furia (Europe)
Tortura (Europe)
Zuna (Europe)
Funera (North America)
Helera (North America)
Zunera (North America)
Assombra (Brazil)
Macabra (Brazil)


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