Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
The mapper allows you to view the newest version of Tibia map. With it functions you are able to see respawn places of creatures (map with monsters) as well as places of NPCs. In addition to that, you are able to see houses.
Table of Contents
General commands
Creating marks
Sharing the map

How to use

After getting used to the commands you will notice that this tool is very simple to use. Easily, you can create maps with marks and tips to share and help other players. And, even help us marking the location of NPCs, and creatures and hunting places (soon).

General commands

Creating marks

The second menu of comands will allow the user to add marks, NPCs and creatures to the map.

Note: After mark one creature, a creature's grey image will be displayed over the map. Grey sprites indicate submisions that are still waiting for review. But, they also work as a way to preview the creatures already submited by you or another user.

Contributing with markings

By the Contribution System is also possible to earn points by helping with marks on the map. But for this, specially in relation to creatures, you must be aware to the following rules:

Note: A recently add creature that waits for review, will be displayed on the map with a grey sprite. After our reviewers check and validate it will be displayed with the right colours and amount indicator (in case there are more than 1 at the same spawn).

View marks

The first menu of commands will allow to view the position of all NPCs and creatures that were already added on the map, by youself or by another user. And also the houses and guildhalls in the area that is being displayed.

Note: Remember that the creature or NPC added recently added by you will only be displayed after one of our reviewers check and aprove the marking. But, using the menu to add marks will be possible to se a grey preview of the creatures waiting for review.

Editing creature marks

It will be also possible to get points by helping to review and complete the markings on the map. For this, noticing a creature is poorly positioned or if the amount indication is wrong, just click over it with the right button of the mouse and by the menu it will be possible to:

Sharing the map

On the last menu there are two options to share our map. And it is possible to share both the default map as the map edited by you.

These options are particularly useful both to help a friend with doubts concerning the location of something on Tibia as to illustrate, in an easy way, some guide, spoiler or forum topic tha you intend to create for our fansite.

Although the use of this functionality is easy and intuitive (click on a place on the map, copy code/link, share) to get the expected result you need to keep in mind some things:


The field will show the BBCode of the selected map area. The code is ready to be shared on our fansite. It can be used on guides, spoilers and forum threads.


The field will show the URL of the selected map area. It is ready to be shared on any site or social media.


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