Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
Name Description
Thawing Event The snow melts and gives you the opportunity to get a special flower.
Noodles is Gone The dog of King disappear, is your mission to find him and bring him home.
The Mage's Tower (World Change) This guide is about a hunt in Zao that can be done daily.
Flower Month Event Spring has finally arrived, the sun is shining. The Dryads wandering the main forests and woodlands in Tibia and its leader Rosemarie awaits visitors at his home in Port Hope to show the most beautifull flowers.
Last Creep Standing You're smart and agile enough to face the taunts of Kurik?. The trials of Kurik to test the mortals and fool around with them will lead you to a test of your reactions and luck. Event starts on the 20th of each month and finished after five days.
Demon's Lullaby Demon mother wants to take a few days off. Babysit and satisfy her horrible little children to avert her wrath and earn a reward.
Jean Pierre - Hot Cuisine This mighty djinn comes always to the Tibia lands at beginning of August. He's looking for brave adventurers, travelers and master cookers to impart them his knowledge about creating meals. For many years Pierre was traveling...
The Annual Autumn Vintage WE NEED SUGAR!! Get some sugar from there at the right and add them to the winterberriest Quickly now! Good, enough sugar there! TIME TO STOMP!
The Lightbearer In that special time of the year when the veil between the worlds is thin and darkness is striving to break through, Lucius calls for Lightbearers to keep sacred light basins burning for four days. Don't let even one go out or all hope is lost. Tibia Roya
The Rise of Devovorga Event In the begining of September, a powerful ancient weapon meant to be sleeping forever has awoken deep under Vengoth. Portals all over the world lead to fragments of its shattered soul. With thirst for revenge and burning rage she will destroy the world - u
Bewitched The good witches of the green claw swamp need your help again. Are you willing to help them to brew a powerful mixture to prevent the invasion of the evil bane bringers?


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