Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
Name Description
Pokedexing Farmine Gozzler, Stone Golem and Gargoyles A guide for Pokedexing Farmine Gozzler, Stone Golem and Gargoyles in the farmine mines.
Pokedexing Venore Salamander Cave Pokedexing Swampling, marsh stalker, damselfly and salamanders in venore with a guide how to do it properly and some quick loot worty items and why.
Pokedexing Slugs in Venore A guide how to pokedex slugs in venore
Pokedexing Bonelords in Liberty Bay How to make the most out of pokedexing Bonelords in Liberty Bay, pictures, quickvideo and text guide
Yalahar War Golems Profit hunt for paladins level 120+
Banuta's Secret Tunnel Quest Access to the secret tunnel of Tiquanda Location: Tiquanda (Noroeste de Port Hope)
Wasp Raid Thais The population of Wasp is more big than usual.
Wasp and Bear Raid Ab'Dendriel A big amount of Wasp and Bear appear near Ab'dendriel.
Badger Raid Ab'dendriel A big amount of Badger appear in Ab'dendriel.
Lancer Beetles Raid Muggy Plains A big amount of Lancer Beetles appear in Muggy Plains.
Ghost Raud Drefia The population of Wyverns is more big than usual.
Slime Raid Shadow Tomb A small amount of Slime appear in the tomb.
Wyverns Raid Edron The population of Wyverns is more big than usual.
Terramites Raid Ankrahmun The population of Terramites Scarab is more big than usual.
Lizards Raid Tiquanda The population of Lizards is more big than usual.
Rat Plague Rookgaard The population of Rat is more big than usual.
Vampire Raid Shadow Tomb The population of Vampire is more big than usual.
Cobra Raid Mountain Tomb The population of Cobra is more big than usual.
Barbarian Raid Svargrond A big army of Barbarian try to attack Svargrond.
Gargoyle Raid Oasis Tomb The population of Gargoyle is more big than usual.
Djinn Raids Ashta'daramai and Mal'ouquah The population of Djinns is more big than usual.
Ancient Scarab Raid Ankrahmun (Cave) The population of Ancient Scarab is more big than usual.
Troll Raid Carlin Some troll can be seen near the gates of Carlin.
Tiger Raid Meriana A small group or majestic creatures can be seen in this small island.
Wyvern Raid Mushroom Fields The population of Wyvern is more big than usual.
Cyclops Raid Mount Sternum The population of Cyclops is more big than usual.
Lions west of Darashia The King of Lions are preparing to attack Darashia.
Goblin Raid from Femor Hills A big army of Goblin try to find the entrance of Kazordoon to attack the city.
Orc Raid Thais A small group of Orc wants attack Thais.
Rat Raid Thais It's insane. A lot of Cave Rats come up from sewers.
Pirate Raid Darashia Save your child's and money, the pirates are in way.
Nomad Raid Ankrahmun When the Nomads pass the walls of the city to steal and burn all.
Asura Palace Hunt (Druid & Knight) A guide for Druid & Knight about how to hunt on Asura palace.
Mini World Change: Stampede This Mini World Change occurs in Port Hope on Tiquanda, to know if it is active...
Formorgar Mines Nightmares/Hellspawns It is a good place to farm demonic essences and decent exp for all professions around 150.
Wasp Raid (Carlin) City: Carlin Level: 0.
Nightmares (Alchemist Quarter - Yalahar) Nice place to EK's solo. 500k/h+!
Orcs' Raid (Carlin's Woods) Orc's raid in carlin wood's
Winter Wolf Raid Winter wolf raid
Witches' Raid (Green Claw Swamp) Venore Raids Witches in Green Claw Swamp
How to get Bear and Wolf Paws - Free account The following guide is about an excellent place to get a lot of bear and wolf paws
Warlock Hunt - Free Account The following guide is about a great place to obtain good experience. Recommended for high level 150+.
Witches Hunt - Free Account The best place to hunt witches in main land. For level 25+.
Guide to Hunt Ancient Scarabs Easy guide to show how to kill Ancient Scarabs in a simple way.
[Paladin] Ancient Scarab task A guide for paladins interested in doing Ancient Scarab's tasks for the Paw n' Fur society.
Jaul: How to trap and kill A how-to guide how to easily trap him and kill him safely.
Warzones 1 A basic guide how to do all of three warzones.


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