Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!
Name Description
House Pricing (Value) Why are some houses more expensive than others and which are the top houses on all the worlds? Should we sell our houses because of the increased rent?
How to organize your keys in a practical way Learn how to organize all of your keys obtained on Tibia!
Imbuements This guide will show all the possible imbuemenst, which items are needed, which quests to unlock the tier 3 imbuements and some general recommendations for each vocation.
How to start and manage a guild How to start and manage a guild PT 1. (Online) Basic setup of the guild on the tibia site.
Prey system This guide contains a detailed description of the prey system in Tibia. It includes the basic rules about how to start preys, which different types there are how they work. In addition this guide provides tips and information on how to make the most out of your preys! Details include: not letting the Bonus run out, cost efficiency and why you want that third slot unlocked.
What is and how to buy promotion Most important information about the promotion. Interactive map to see where are the NPCs who sells promotions.
Housing system - how to own a house in Tibia Are you a premium-account player who always wanted to own a house, but don't know how to get one? Fear not. This guide will give you an in-depth explanation of the auction system, trading with other players and funding your purchase as well as paying the monthly rent and letting your friends enter.
Bestiary & Charms This guide covers how bestiary and charms work.
Soul points Soul points were introduced as an Anti-Cheat project back in the 2005 ( in the summer update) to prevent macro users from endlessly creating runes. Soul points are required for most enchant spells, as well as conjuring items and creating runes.
How to Bake Different Types of Cakes On this guide you will learn how to bake a cake and variations (Chocolate Cake, Decorated Cake and Party Cake).
How to Get a Leech On this guide you learn the method of getting leech (necessary item to tame water buffalo).
Guide for rookstayer This is guide of rookgaard for rookstayers.
Beginners Guide for Monster AI A guide to help beginners understand monster's AI behaviors.
Find the thing that made you love tibia Find the thing that made you love tibia to start with AGAIN!
How to Exterminate Bots This manual is meant to be a way to spread techniques and patterns used as a way to minimize the effects caused by bots, those unwanted players that use illegal softwares to get the upperhand.
Flash Client Guide by Jakob Miller This guide will give you a complete overview of the game Tibia in general with focus on the Flash Client.
Catch your rare! Dream of a rare but have a low level? I'll try to help you!
Tibia Pvp System Guide A guide to use the current PvP system to your advantage.
How to start with achievements, first 50 points! List is supposed to be doable every single day, thus there's no achievements connected with MWC, Quests, Tasks, Outfits etc. Also, as it's just getting started with achievements, all of those are fairly easy & cheap even for beginners..
Flash Client Guide An in-depth guide to the Flash Client.
How to maintain order in the backpack Guide containing tips for easy location of objects
All you should know about keyboard and Hotkeys What this guide tries to achieve, is to cover several not so 'stereotypical' aspects of the MMORPG Tibia. Content: Hotkeys and WASD, keyboard and mouse settings, the ‘Browse Field’ function, connecting keywords.
How to be a RPG player Several steps to help You become a RPG player.
Possible solutions for fps issues This guide will cover several fps issues that could arise while playing Tibia and how one could attempt to solve them.
Tibia authenticator & Google How to connect google authenticator to your Tibia account. All the most important steps to help you with it. (only for phones with android, iOS, BlackBerry operation system)!


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