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What is Tibia?

Tibia is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) created by CipSoft in January of 1997. It's one of the oldest and most successful MMORPGs created in Europe. During more than a decade, Tibia became the home of numerous heroic players from all over the world who explored its amazing lands, tried to solve its mysteries and achieved incredible goals. As you will see, Tibia compiled a great history on all these years, and its waiting for you to share it and become part of it. Are you prepared to face your destiny?

You, player, can be whatever you want, based on a character ability. You can live one life, or you can live many of them. You can be an unstoppable warrior, or you can heal the wounds of the world. You can be a hired assassin, or a famous creature hunter!. It's totally up to you. Tibia allows you to create up to 20 characters on your account, but the role of each of them is your duty. You are the one who chooses which skill you will develop, the areas you will explore, the kind of interaction toward other humans and races you will have. That's what makes Tibia this immersive gaming experience with almost endless options.

For human-controlled characters, you can choose between 4 vocations. As soon as you start the game, you will learn each one of them, until it's given the possibility of choosing: would you be a Druid, user of nature spells, to the good and to the evil, capable of healing who needs, but to inflict pain on those who deserve it; a Knight, carrying either your Axe, Sword, Club, or even fighting with bare hands, a weapon-master capable of facing the most dangerous creatures of the world, showing them that it's not a little wound that would make you stand on your knees, and maybe being the last face that this creature will ever face; a Paladin, with its bullseye ability, being allowed to hit without being noticed, making a stone dangerous as much as a bolt could be, hiding in the shadows, looking for victims of your precise shot; or finally a Sorcerer, the keepers of Arcane Secrets, capable of unleashing the very flames of hell, the rages of the skies or even death itself, showing the power of your spells and runes to those who step your way? But, if any of this vocations interests you, you can still be what you are, and you will still be accepted by the Gods.

Roleplay characteristics

As soon as you decide which path you will follow, it's time to discover what role you will face. You can have one or all of these characteristics, depending on your interests.

Role Player

You can assume a personality of your character, acting towards every different situations, known as a Role-Player, which means, attempting to write a book in real-time. Since Tibia doesn't support character's action, faces or feelings, you must narrate what's happening, and maybe you can write your name in the sands of time.

Creature Hunter

As a creature hunter, your duty is to kill the highest amount of creatures that you can. For that, you'll receive experience points, becoming stronger and stronger. You can even be rewarded for killing a certain species, doing services for the right persons, or you can be the bravest warrior that ever stepped in the lands of Tibia, being an example for the children and for young adventurers.

Conqueror (PvP)

One of the most used features of Tibia is the ability of facing duels with another human-controlled characters, which is called PvP (Player versus Player). This feature will change according to the type of the world you are playing. There are 3 options of worlds: Optional PvP, where both sides needs to accept the battle, or it won't happen; Open PvP, where a player is allowed to attack or even kill another, but it's limited by skull marks, each of them have its own penalty; or Hardcore PvP, where combats are encouraged. In any of these kind of worlds, you can show your strength, you can party up and ally with other players to create empires and regulate the laws of your world. You can fight people for amusement, punishment, or just to get their belongings. Few could step your way without facing your wrath, or maybe the leading of a world could cost more than gold can pay.


This category could be inside Role-Playing, but instead of having to narrate every step you make, you prefer to jump inside dark dungeons, unexplored areas, or even sitting at your house and reading a book that shows the history of a great treasure. Such readings can be valuable to discover new challenges where you, for yourself, or with a group of friends, must solve challenging puzzles and riddles, face some monsters (sometimes lots of them), and maybe the reward would be beyond your dreams, or at least, you will have some fun. In other occasions, you will meet a sad fate. Actually this is the most unexplored part of Tibia, and some ancient secrets are still there to be discovered. Are you able to solve those puzzles? This can make you one of the richest inhabitants of the world. It's said that so far, not even 50% of the mysteries in Game haven't been discovered yet. This opens space for the groups of persons who work their brains, reading books, exploring the depths of Tibia, speaking to NPCs, thinking in all the possibilities... Gather all the pieces of the secrets, and maybe the reward is even bigger than you thought.


If you kill a specific boss or creature, or even getting a piece of the armor from your enemy, you might want to save that helmet or that special leg piece that gives you advantages. Sometimes the items are taken off of the game, and Collectors may still have it on their hands. With this, they can gather huge amounts of gold pieces, or being known for their inestimable treasures. In Tibia you will find tons of treasures, some of them are rare and even unobtainable. This mean that you will not or at least it will be really hard to find them in-game, but you can be rewarded with one of them by the gods. A lot of people enjoy collecting and showing them on houses, and some times the items can hold an interesting story. Being the owner of rare and unobtainable items can raise your character's prestige among the community!


Along with humans, creatures are also inhabitants of Tibia. Every type of creature has its own characteristics and abilities, which make it unique. Some has been taken from different mythologies all over the world, while others are exclusive! These creatures roam the entire world of Tibia, most of the times with their own kind, in their preferable environment. But there's also cases of interaction (good or bad) between the species. The city of Yalahar, for example, is inhabited by different races, like humans, lizards, undead, djinns, etc. There are some harmless creatures, while others can be cruel and deadly. Even some humans have turned their backs to Tibia and become enemies, like the brave Black Knight and the legendary Ferumbras, capable of summoning Demons from hell to unleash plague and death towards the community. As said before, creatures live in different places and environments, that they can call home, willing to fight anything that cross their line trying to kill its inhabitants. But sometimes these creatures, tired of being pushed by humans or other species, can form hordes and invade other places. These raids are most often nearby towns and can turn Tibia in a dangerous place.

but ... why Tibia?

Why do we play a 2D game, with no sound, instead of other 3D MMORPG? The advantages of Tibia can be numerous:

A great content to play for free. No costs to discover lots of possibilities in Tibia.

An even greater content to Premium Accounts. For a fee, you can face new creatures, explore new islands… A whole new world of challenges is open to you. Also with that, some advantages like travelling, riding animals and having different outfits for each occasion.

Low requirement for computer systems. You don't have to have the best computer or the best internet connection. A minimum system can make Tibia work and let you join this mysterious world.

Even after all these years, Tibia is still a huge world, filled with mysteries, waiting for the person who can prove themselves worthy.

The ability of making each character unique. Skills, outfits, spells, weapons¦ Endless possibilities in developing or improving your character.

System of raids, together with a great amount of creatures, that can make the world of Tibia a dangerous and interesting place.

Lots of regular events, organized by CipSoft, or even by Tibian Community, trying to make people come together to achieve an objective.

The world-wide interaction. As an MMO, and based on the other advantages that we've spoken of, Tibia allows you to interact in real-time with people from all over the world. With all these features together and enforced by its rules, Tibia can surpass the "mute 2D" fame, and keep growing after 20 years.

So the question is: Are you the true warrior Tibia ever been looking for?


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