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Weapons - Wands


General about mages (druids & sorcerers):

A mage has a lower amount of HP and a higher amount of mana compared to a knight or a paladin. Mages are mastering different kinds of elements (e.g. ice, fire, earth & death) and casting a spell of your element will in practice mean that you are causing more damage unless the creature is strong or immune towards the element.

The mages are using mana to cast spells to damage players/monsters, but are able to use runes and also make their own runes. While making a rune you are using mana, but not while you are using the rune on a player/monster (there are a few exceptions in this case). If you are making a rune you also spend your soul points, and a guide about soul points can be found here .

The damage range of your runes and spells are based upon your level and magic level. The higher level and magic level you have, the more damage you will also cause. A mage should always try to keep a distance to the monster(s) you are hunting to reduce the waste of your supplies but also to decrease the risk to die.

Mages are using mana potions to restore lost mana. There are different mana potions in the game, some more advanced than others. The amount of mana a potion will give you depends on how advanced the potion is. The kind of mana potion should be chosen out from your level since they have level requirements but also from your economic situation, since the most advanced mana potions might be expensive to hunt with in the long run.

A sorcerer is the master of the elements fire, energy and death. The sorcerers are using wands as weapon, and the wands have different stats and using different elementals. Wands have level requirements, so you should try to change wand that match your level. A wand has a damage range, so your level and magic level will not have any impact on the damage range once you reached the maximum damage of that wand.

The sorcerers are not able to heal any other players with spells like the druids are able to, instead a sorcerer is meant to focus on being a damage dealer.

Down below will you find a detailed list of what kind of wands you are able to use at a specific level, the damage range but also which element the wand is using.

Weapons - Wands

Name Attack Level Imbuements Weight
Crystal Wand all 0 28 oz.
Dream Blossom Staff 80 2 32 oz.
Ferumbras' Staff (Enchanted) all 0 29 oz.
Ferumbras' Staff (Failed) all 0 29 oz.
Ornate Carving Wand all 0 35 oz.
Ornate Mayhem Wand all 0 35 oz.
Ornate Remedy Wand all 0 35 oz.
Plain Carving Wand all 0 35 oz.
Plain Mayhem Wand all 0 35 oz.
Plain Remedy Wand all 0 35 oz.
Shimmer Wand 40 0 31 oz.
Sorc and Druid Staff
all 0 19 oz.
The Scorcher
all 0 15 oz.
Valuable Carving Wand all 0 35 oz.
Valuable Mayhem Wand all 0 35 oz.
Valuable Remedy Wand all 0 35 oz.
Wand of Carving
100 2 35 oz.
Wand of Carving (Charged)
100 0 35 oz.
Wand of Carving (Heavily Charged)
100 0 35 oz.
Wand of Carving (Overcharged)
100 0 35 oz.
Wand of Cosmic Energy
26 0 25 oz.
Wand of Darkness
41 0 32 oz.
Wand of Decay
19 0 23 oz.
Wand of Defiance 65 0 37 oz.
Wand of Destruction 100 2 35 oz.
Wand of Dimensions
37 0 28 oz.
Wand of Draconia
22 2 27 oz.
Wand of Dragonbreath
13 2 21 oz.
Wand of Everblazing
65 0 37 oz.
Wand of Inferno
33 0 27 oz.
Wand of Mayhem
100 2 35 oz.
Wand of Mayhem (Charged) 150 0 35 oz.
Wand of Mayhem (Heavily Charged)
200 0 35 oz.
Wand of Mayhem (Overcharged)
250 0 35 oz.
Wand of Remedy
100 2 35 oz.
Wand of Remedy (Charged) 150 0 35 oz.
Wand of Remedy (Heavily Charged) 200 0 35 oz.
Wand of Remedy (Overcharged) 250 0 35 oz.
Wand of Starstorm
37 2 25.5 oz.
Wand of Voodoo
42 2 28.5 oz.
Wand of Vortex
6 0 19 oz.


The majority of the spells that a sorcerer is using are related to the element fire, energy and death.

These elements will as mentioned before be an advantage for your vocation since you will be stronger in these elementals, except for when a monster is strong or immune towards the chosen element. Down below you will find a detailed list of the spells you are able to learn, how much mana it will use and how much it will cost you to learn it (it's a one-time fee of gold).

Name Words Cat. Mana Price Cdn.
Spell Apprentice's Strike Apprentice's Strike exori min flam attack 6 0 2/2
Spell Buzz Buzz exori infir vis attack 6 0 2/2
Spell Conjure Wand of Darkness Conjure Wand of Darkness exevo gran mort support 250 5000 255/2
Spell Creature Illusion Creature Illusion utevo res ina "creature" support 100 1000 2/2
Spell Cure Poison Cure Poison exana pox healing 30 150 6/1
Spell Curse Curse utori mort attack 30 6000 40/2
Spell Death Strike Death Strike exori mort attack 20 800 2/2
Spell Electrify Electrify utori vis attack 30 2500 30/2
Spell Enchant Party Enchant Party utori mas sio support 0 4000 2/2
Spell Enchant Staff Enchant Staff exeta vis support 80 2000 2/2
Spell Energy Beam Energy Beam exevo vis lux attack 40 1000 4/2
Spell Energy Strike Energy Strike exori vis attack 20 800 2/2
Spell Energy Wave Energy Wave exevo vis hur attack 170 2500 8/2
Spell Find Person Find Person Exiva "name" support 20 80 2/2
Spell Fire Wave Fire Wave exevo flam hur attack 25 850 4/2
Spell Flame Strike Flame Strike exori flam attack 20 800 2/2
Spell Great Energy Beam Great Energy Beam exevo gran vis lux attack 110 1800 6/2
Spell Great Light Great Light utevo gran lux support 60 500 2/2
Spell Haste Haste utani hur support 60 600 2/2
Spell Hell's Core Hell's Core exevo gran mas flam attack 1100 8000 40/4
Spell Ice Strike Ice Strike exori frigo attack 20 800 2/2
Spell Ignite Ignite utori flam attack 30 1500 30/2
Spell Intense Healing Intense Healing exura gran healing 70 350 1/1
Spell Invisible Invisible utana vid support 440 2000 2/2
Spell Levitate Levitate exani hur support 50 500 2/2
Spell Light Light utevo lux support 20 0 2/2
Spell Light Healing Light Healing exura healing 20 0 1/1
Spell Lightning Lightning exori amp vis support 60 5000 8/2
Spell Magic Patch Magic Patch exura infir healing 6 0 1/1
Spell Magic Rope Magic Rope exani tera support 20 200 2/2
Spell Magic Shield Magic Shield utamo vita support 50 450 2/2
Spell Rage of the Skies Rage of the Skies exevo gran mas vis attack 600 6000 40/4
Spell Scorch Scorch exevo infir flam hur attack 8 0 4/2
Spell Strong Energy Strike Strong Energy Strike exori gran vis support 60 7500 8/2
Spell Strong Flame Strike Strong Flame Strike exori gran flam support 60 6000 8/2
Spell Strong Haste Strong Haste utani gran hur support 100 1300 2/2
Spell Summon Creature Summon Creature utevo res "creature" support 0 2000 2/2
Spell Summon Thundergiant Summon Thundergiant utevo gran res ven support 3000 50000 1800/2
Spell Terra Strike Terra Strike exori tera attack 20 800 2/2
Spell Ultimate Energy Strike Ultimate Energy Strike exori max vis attack 100 15000 30/4
Spell Ultimate Flame Strike Ultimate Flame Strike exori max flam attack 100 15000 30/4
Spell Ultimate Healing Ultimate Healing exura vita healing 160 1000 1/1
Spell Ultimate Light Ultimate Light utevo vis lux support 140 1600 2/2

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