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Knights are the masters of melee, and you can choose between using axe, club or sword weapons. Some weapons are two-handed, and these weapons have a higher attack but also lower defence. This often result in that you are causing more damage but in return you are also loosing more while you are under attack. The other option is to use a one-handed weapon, and if that's the case you can also carry a shield to increase your defence. Worth to mention is that if you have more than two creatures hitting on you will the defence of the shielding "break", and in the practice this mean that your armor will be the primary defence.

Swords are balanced with both attack and defence, while axes are the best choice when it comes to dealing damage since the attack of an axe is in general higher but a slightly lower defence. Clubs on other hand are the opposite of axes, since the defence of a club is generally higher and the attack lower.

For a knight the skills is important, since the higher attack skill the more will you be able to damage. But do not forget about the shielding skill, since this is also important to decrease the damage that will be taken on yourself during a hunt/fight.

A knight can by different kind of health potions, and in higher levels will you be able to use more powerful potions that will give you more hitpoints. If a knight is hunting togheter with a druid it's very common that the druid is healing the knight, and in most of the cases will a druid heal more than you will heal with your potions but it will also cost less.

Training your skills

Everytime you log out from the game you are able to offline train your skills if you have premium account and are using the training statues in the cities (You can also offline train in a bed if you own a house or is invited to any). The offline skilling will go on for 12 hours, and then the regaining of the offline training stamina regenerates. You can see your offline training stamina in your skill list, just above your magic level bar.

You can also skill while you are online, but if you are doing that it won't have any impact on the training stamina at all so you can skill in-game as long as you wish to.

The training set up in-game is usually that you are attacking slimes with a very weak weapon and a weaker shield, or training on a monk in combination with two weaker creatures for your shielding. Good to know is that you have to blood hit at least once per 30 seconds to train in the most optimal way.

Best Knight Set

This is the best set you can get as a knight. But you have to wait until level 300 to be able to wear all the pieces. Once you rach level 250 you can start thinking on buying or crafting a Umbra Master Weapon , which is really expensive and hard to get.



At first knights didn't used many spells, but that changed in version 8.7 and later on. Knights got new spells for dealing a higher damage, but also damaging a higher amount of creatures on the same time. Because of this update the explosion runes that were frequently used are only a memory when it comes to knights.

Down below you will find a detailed list of the spells you are able to learn, how much mana it will use and how much it will cost you to learn it (it's a one-time fee of gold).

Name Words Cat. Mana Price Cdn.
Spell Annihilation Annihilation exori gran ico attack 300 20000 30/4
Spell Berserk Berserk exori attack 115 2500 4/2
Spell Blood Rage Blood Rage utito tempo support 290 8000 2/2
Spell Bruise Bane Bruise Bane exura infir ico healing 10 0 1/1
Spell Brutal Strike Brutal Strike exori ico attack 30 1000 6/2
Spell Challenge Challenge exeta res support 30 2000 2/2
Spell Charge Charge utani tempo hur support 100 1300 2/2
Spell Cure Bleeding Cure Bleeding exana kor healing 30 2500 6/1
Spell Cure Poison Cure Poison exana pox healing 30 150 6/1
Spell Fierce Berserk Fierce Berserk exori gran attack 340 7500 6/2
Spell Find Person Find Person Exiva "name" support 20 80 2/2
Spell Front Sweep Front Sweep exori min attack 200 4000 6/2
Spell Great Light Great Light utevo gran lux support 60 500 2/2
Spell Groundshaker Groundshaker exori mas attack 160 1500 8/2
Spell Haste Haste utani hur support 60 600 2/2
Spell Inflict Wound Inflict Wound utori kor attack 30 2500 30/2
Spell Intense Recovery Intense Recovery utura gran healing 165 10000 60/1
Spell Intense Wound Cleansing Intense Wound Cleansing exura gran ico healing 200 6000 255/1
Spell Levitate Levitate exani hur support 50 500 2/2
Spell Light Light utevo lux support 20 0 2/2
Spell Magic Rope Magic Rope exani tera support 20 200 2/2
Spell Protector Protector utamo tempo support 200 6000 2/2
Spell Recovery Recovery utura healing 75 4000 60/1
Spell Summon Skullfrost Summon Skullfrost utevo gran res eq support 1000 5000 1800/2
Spell Train Party Train Party utito mas sio support 0 4000 2/2
Spell Whirlwind Throw Whirlwind Throw exori hur attack 40 1500 6/2
Spell Wound Cleansing Wound Cleansing exura ico healing 40 0 1/1


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