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Draconia Quest

Premium:City:Ab'DendrielLevel required:25Level recommended:50+
Creatures to kill:
Poison Spider Scorpion Spider Slime Bonelord Carrion Worm Rotworm Dragon Demon Skeleton Skeleton Ghoul Mummy

Warnings: You need at least two players to finish this quest, you cannot do it solo. It is also good if the second player is your friend, there is a possibility to trap a person (lock within a wall). The keys you will find during quest are daily spawn, it mean the best time to do this quest is after server save so that you are sure they are there.

In order to start a quest you need Key 3012 to enter Hellgate. So let's go! Follow the way on a map. If you do not have Key 3012 you can buy it from Elathriel . We will shown him on map before entering to hellgate.

The Demon Skeleton will guard the entry, kill him from distance with Icicle Rune or similar. Then follow the way to the top till you will get yourself on surface. Follow the path to the whole like shown on last image.

The keys you have to collect are always in order, from 3001 till 3007. Key 3008 you can get from the book shelve west from the level doors.

Level 1

You will need to collect 3 keys. The first two are easy, for the third one you will need two people. Key 3001 you will find in a body of Skeleton .

Key 3001Opened by 3001Opened by 3002Key 3002Opens purple wallOne player should stay hereOther player should wait hereKey 3003Opened by 3003Opens red rock

After you find the last key - 3003 open the blue doors and follow the path upstairs.

Level 2

Key 3004Opened by 3004Key 3005Opened by 3006Key 3006Opened by 3005

Level 3

  • Player one stands on a green switch, it will open the wall for a second player. He has to stand on the switch.

  • Now player one walks north and enter to the teleport, grabs the Key 3007 and go back to where he was standing so that second player can leave the room.

  • All the team has to walk upstairs to finish off quest.

One player stand hereThe walls opensSecond player step on switchFirst player walks here

Next levels

Open doors with Key 3007 and follow the path till the reward room. Collect all of them and go upstairs.

Set the levers as shown on picture and use then the teleport to go back to Ab'dendriel.


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