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The Desert Dungeon Quest


Long Version


According to, "Jakundaf Desert has some ruins showing that even people lived there in ancient times. To protect themselves from the hot sun, they built most of their dwellings underground. But in course of time, wild animals and monsters have occupied the collapsed dungeons making them a deadly trap for every adventurer".

Sounds interesting, let's go and check by ourselves.

What to bring?

Roll (You can buy it or use "exevo pan" as well)

500 Gold Coin




To get the reward:

Be at least level 20.

A druid , a paladin, a sorcerer and a knight.

An apple

A Spellbook

A Crossbow

A Sword

The Desert Dungeon

First you need to go all the way to Jakundaf Desert, it is located between Venore and Kazordoon, here.

Once you get there look for a hole on the north-centre part, here.

The first thing that you will notice going down the desert dungeon is that there is no way back. You will fall into a place full of Spider s and a ladder. Walking around you will find a dead body, here: (In your way you will possibly face Bonelord )

Inside you will find a book:

Diary of Morrin
It seems, I found the entrance to the library. Unfortunately the door is closed, but somehow I have to get in. I searched around, but everyone I met claimed he hasn't got the key... I believe this guy with the red shoes and the blue trousers, who eats rolls with ham all day long, has it; he seems suspicious to me... he didn't seem to trust me, and I think, that is the reason why I didn't get the key. Maybe somehow I can show him, that he can trust me...

YEAH! I got it! I got the key to the library, and I hope, I can find a solution for my problems there! Somehow I convinced the old man to trust me, and finally we were real good friends! What a pity, I had to leave the library before dawn...

With this information we get our first objetvive: Getting into a library.


As we know now, Morrin found the entrance to a library. Looking around we will find that entrance here:

The door is locked. As Morrin said in his book, we need to find a guy with red shoes and gain his trust to get the key. Exploring a liitle more you will find him, his name is Hagor and he is located here:

(Be prepared to face Fire Devil )

If you ask him for Morrin, he will tell you that he had a deal with him, and he wants YOU to guess what was that deal about. We already know that the deal was about a key. Remember that he eats Roll all day, with this information you can make Hagor trust you, just follow this transcripts: (You have to give him a Roll )

Player: hi

Hagor: Greetings, adventurer Player. What leads you to me?

Player: Morrin

Hagor: Ah, I remember that man. We made a deal, guess about what.

Player: key

Hagor: Right! We can make the same deal if you give a fresh delicious roll. Do you have any?

Player: yes

Hagor: Oh, fine! Here you are.

Now you should have Key 4022 . We might think this opens the library, but guess what, it doesn't. Don't worry if you explore a little more you will find the room to this key, just go back to the entrance and follow this path:

(If you don't want to get lost, follow the maps in reverse all the way to the entrance)

Be prepared to face Fire Devil .

Here we will find a locked door that opens with Key 4022, inside you will find a chest containing Key 4009 . This key will lead us to the library.

Walk to the library entrance and you will hopefully now open the door. Inside there are a lot of bookshelves and 4 levers. In total you will find 47 books. After reading them you will notice different authors (Netlios, Adrenius, Dave Charlwin, Arisophuls). The important books not to forget are:

  • Netlios & Adrenius books, they help to find the Desert Dungeon Treasure.

  • Potion of regained vision book, it helps to get into "Hall of Lost doors".

Desert Dungeon Treasure

Answering Adrenius questions

If we read the book of Adrenius "Review of Netlios Opus" we will see that he doesn't agree with Netlios books. Adrenius (wich actually is a NPC) will give a reward to the person that answers all of his questions about it, this will be our next objective. To get the correct answers we need this information:

  • From the book "Review of Netlios Opus": Adrenius will ask about the five explorers in Netlios books, he exactly wants you to tell him the names (in alphabetical order), the ages, the reasons why they stopped their journeys and the length of their adventures.

  • From the book "Dangers of Adventures 1": One journey ended after 66 days, and another journey ended after 100 days.

  • From the book "Dangers of Adventures 2" : The oldest among these men was aged 42; the youngest was 38. One journey ended after 83 days, one after 117 days and finally one after 134 days. Anaso was a sword fighter, his brother Elaeus was a magician, Hestus was another explorer.

  • From the book "Dangers of Adventures 3": One of the adventurers stepped in fire, and his journey was shorter than the travelings of the joungest adventurer.

  • From the book "Dangers of Adventures 4": One adventurer was attacked by a troll. Another adventurer drank poison. The name of the man that was poisoned was shorter than the name of the man whose journey lasts 83 days and longer than the name of the man attacked by a troll.

After getting this information we would notice that it is not enough to anwer the puzzle. This means that we have to look for more books about Netlios.

To find one of them we require of two players. One of the players has to be standing on the library lever here:

While the other player goes to a Rotworm cave close by. The function of the lever is to remove a wall. To get there follow the maps:

(Be prepared to face Rotworm , Fire Devil , Orc Berserker , Scorpion .

Now go down the hole and you will find a body with thr fifth book of Netlios.

Important information in the book:

  • From the book "Dangers of Adventures 5":One adventurer - his trip was at least 18 days shorter than the trip of Hestus, who was one year younger than him - was killed by a dragon. There was another adventurer of 41 years old wich journey last longer than the journey of the man who died during his adventure.

Now we need to find the last book, wich is in the fire devil pit close to the exit of the desert dungeon. But first we need to look for our next key. Follow this map to find it:

Grab the Key 4001 and walk to the fire devil pit, wich is close to the desert dungeon exit.

Be prepared to face Slime , Fire Devil .

Once you get there, go down using Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate and open the room with the Key 4001 . Open the chest containing the last book of Netlios.

Important information of the book:

  • From the book "Dangers of Adventures 6":Elaeus and the man, whos journey ended after 66 days, both were attacked by monsters. Both were jounger than Gadinius and the man who only barely escaped from the attacks of a mother-bear. Heso, another adventurer, never saw a bear in his whole life.

Now we have enough information to answer Adrenius questions.

Conclusion table:

Name Age Reason Lenght
Anaso 41 years attacked by mother-bear 117 days
Elaeus 39 years attacked by dragon 100 days
Gadinius 42 years stepped in fire 83 days
Heso, 40 years attacked by troll 66 days
Hestus 38 years drank poison 134 days

We are ready to go with Adrenius . He is located on a temple outside the desert. To reach him from inside the desert dungeon just use the exit teleport here:

(From the fire devil pit)

Now follow the transcripts, you will need 500 gold coins:

Player: Hi

Adrenius: Hello, Cadsy! What can I do for you?

Player: Netlios

Adrenius: That fool! His book is nothing but a hoax! At least I believe that. Or did you find an answer to my questions?

Player: yes

Adrenius: By the way, I'd like a donation for my temple. Are 500 gold pieces ok?

Player: yes

Adrenius: Thank you very much. Now, name me the first person in alphabetical order, his age, his fate, and how long he was on his journeys!

Player: anaso, 41, attacked by mother-bear, 117 days

Adrenius: Hmmm, maybe. What can you tell me about the second 'adventurer'?

Player: elaeus, 39, attacked by dragon, 100 days

Adrenius: Yes, that might be true. What did you find out about the third man?

Player: gadinius, 42, stepped in fire, 83 days

Adrenius: Correct again! Hmmmm... I doubt you know anything about the fourth person!

Player: heso, 40, attacked by troll, 66 days

Adrenius: Yes! Really, how did you figure that out? I bet you don't know anything about the last adventurer!

Player: hestus, 38, drank poison, 134 days

Adrenius: That's right! Why didn't I see it? It's obvious, Netlios was right, and his stories are great! Wait, I'll give you something!

Finally we can go on after all this mistery. In your backpack you will find Key 4023 , as a reward from Adrenius. The next objective is to find the door that opens with this key.

Teleporters Room

Exploring back in the desert you will find a the door we are looking for.To get there follow this map from the entrance of the dungeon:

In this part you will find yourself in a room with 4 different teleports. Each teleport is assigned to a specific vocation, and it will lead to 4 rooms one per vocation. Each room has a sign that you can read and it will give you a hint on what to sacrifice in the quest room.

To get back to the entrance just go down the hole of the room you were assigned, then walk north and go up. Now follow the path to the south west until you find a hole to go down, you will face and s. Now go all the way down until you reach the entrance again.

With this information we can go on and complete the quest thath we all know.

Final Reward

For this part you need a full team. A sorcerer, a knight, a druid and a paladin. Also an apple, a Crossbow , a Sword and a Spellbook . Follow the maps from the entrance:

Pass through the expertise door and you will encounter yourself in the sacrifice room. Place the items and the team in this way:

The paladin now must pull the lever and everyone will be teleported to the reward room. There you will find two chests, containing:


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