Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Dark Trails Quest


Investigate the uprising of the beggars

Find Ezebeth and ask her for a mission, assistance, strange.

Start from the depot (picture).

Now go to A Beggar . He is on the west side of the Oramond.

Dialog Hi, want, yes, palace

Gaining entrance to the Beggar King

Before going to Chavis you should Collect 5 Juicy Roots when done, find Chavis .

Dialog hi, food, root. Now go south to The Beggar King . Message him hi, mission, yes, something, traces, abandoned sewers

Gaining entrance to the abandoned sewer system

Find your way to Jacob .

Follow the route presented on the picture he is east of stairs.

Say hi, mission, yes.

He wants you to repair 20 pipes, Go back to the stairs you just came from and go down one more level,

There is plenty monster and Generator around here.

Report back when you are done to Jacob

hi, abandoned sewers, mission, yes.

Investigating the abandoned sewers

Be ready to face a lot of Demon and Grim Reaper

Follow the way presented on the picture and use Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 exani hur down on left pictures mark.

Follow the routes.

Reach the platform and then step on it.

Report back to Jacob saying hi, abandoned sewers, report.

Find Barazbaz located at magistrate building., next to Ezebeth .

hi, abandoned sewers. Go northeast to Marvin , Hi, funding, archives, 1, yes.

Back to Barazbaz say hi, abandoned sewers.

Talking with Barazbaz, Marvin and Jondrin

Note: Before this mission visit Doubleday

Do mission Probe task from Oramond Quest .

Go up one floor to Jondrin Hi, necrometer, yes,

after Necrometer is received keep it with you to the chamber

Note:this mission you need to be 4 players

Pull the lever to face The Ravager

4 Greater Canopic Jar will spawn,

let mages kill those, while elite knight are blocking The Ravager .

8 Canopic Jar will spawn.

Note: Knight keep a safe distance, if you go to far from The Ravager

will respawn, and start healing The Ravager .

Stay around 5-10sqm away, Note: It is recommended staying at the first pillar,

Jars should be at the bottom, south-east wall.

It is also good to use Wild Growth Rune Magic Wall Rune to avoid The ravager to move.

After killing the boss, head north and enter the Magic Forcefield .

Step on the switch tile located north-west. Open the box to get your item book.

Daily reward is located southeast, using Box .

Go to Barazbaz . Follow west and there is a Slime Slide ,

check if you can exit through there.

that depends on the voting. Now give him Small Notebook and go 2 floors up.

Note: for this mission you need to be a Citizen of Rathleton.

Go 2 floors up to Sholley . She will talk about Harsin.

Now go to Roswitha and Harsin. Find Quandon look at the picture (south of Roswitha ).

Enter the quest door, and go 1 floor up. There you will find a dead body.

Now go back to Sholley go 2 floors up from Flint , he who buys glooth items

There you will find Barnabas Dee . Talk with him about strange ritual.

He will need 15 Blue Pollen (picture).


Dwarven ring

When you have gathered 15 Blue Pollen go back to the Barnabas Dee and just follow his conversation.

He will teleport you into another dimension.

Walk with Murderous Ghost through everything and enter Magic Forcefield ,

Quandons spirits will talk about Death Priest Shargon .

Now go and find Terrence . Help him with war against Minotaurs to gain access to chamber/hunting place.

Ask him about Manway and Effort also called Rathleton turnip party and Sabotage. Make both missions and report back.

Death Priest's Shargon Chamber


Death Priest Shargon It is recommended to have a party with at least 5 players.

When he is dead, enter Magic Forcefield and claim your rewards. Now leave safely the same way you entered.


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