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Blood Herb Quest

Premium:City:VenoreLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Giant Spider Poison Spider Wasp Snake Skeleton

Blood Herb Quest

This quest isn't really hard and it's pretty short. The only real danger that you will be facing is the single Giant Spider spawn that protects the Dead Tree containing your reward. You will be killing it in a close space though so if you are not used to hunting Giant Spiders or you are a low level, you can bring a Fire Wall Rune to make things much easier.

First you want to start in the south-west entrance of Venore. Then head north-west towards Kazordoon, eventually you will find a hole close to the road. Use a Shovel on it and go down.
  1. You will be in a really small room. Just go down the hole located to the north

  2. Here you will see some Rotworm . Head North and you will find a rope spot, rope yourself up

  3. Now go north-east. In the end you will see some Stairs, a rope spot and a hole. Rope yourself up so you can get to Wyda's house

Orange: Your location

Blue: Where you need to go

You will be in ground level now. There is a coffin and a ladder, if you use the coffin you will obtain a silver key that opens one of the rooms in Wyda's House ( Key 5000 ).

Go up the ladder (You should see NPC Wyda ) and then walk east until until you find a ladder so you can go down again.

Here you will need to use a Machete or equivalents to make your way through the tall grass. Walk to the right and you should see a hole to go down (You will need to use a Shovel).

Walk east until the path breaks in two directions and then go north to the ramp. Be aware that as soon as go up the ramp you will see the Giant Spider. Kill it and you will find the Blood Herb inside the dead tree located to the north-east next to the water. If you want you can go back to Wyda and exchange the Blood Herb for a Witchesbroom , this isn't really recommended since the Blood Herb is used a lot for decoration so its more valuable than the Witchesbroom.


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