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Cartography 101 Quest






Speak to Rotem Valos in the Adventurer's Guild and ask him for a map.

He will tell you that the Adventurer's Guild needs help marking a few spots on their map. There are a total of 18 spots to mark.

Some areas can only be accessed when the specific Mini World Change is active. So keep an eye out on the world board for Chakoya Iceberg and Hive Outpost Mini World Change.

Player: hi

Rotem Valos: Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild, my friend.

Player: map

Rotem Valos: There are a lot of dark corners in this world. Not nearly have we uncovered even half of them. We need help in charting the world - interested?

Player: yes

Rotem Valos: Alright, here is a map of Tibia including some areas we have marked only vaguely. It can be folded and shows various locations above and below sea level. ...

Rotem Valos: I will also give you a list of interesting spots and landmarks we have not covered. If you venture there in your travels - please try to draw them on your map as good as you can. The more adventurers to help us, the more detailed our maps will become!


Dryad Gardens

Take the boat from Edron to Cormaya. Walk to the south-west where there is a stony pond. Click it and you will end up in a cave called Dryad Gardens.

Make your way east, to the central mountain. Climb the top where a single earth elemental is lurking. Beware of leaf golems, wilting leaf golems, haunted treelings, forest furies and elder forest furies.

Mark your map when you're at the top.

Lair of the Treeling Witch

Take the boat from Edron to Cormaya. Walk to the north-eastern part of the island where the Lair of the Treeling Witch is located. Watch out for swamplings, leaf golems and wilting leaf golems.

The spot that needs to be marked is the big room to the north-west with a campfire. There's also a witch next to it.


Edron Vampire Crypt

Head to the Vampire Crypt in Edron. It's just south of Edron Dragon Lair.

Descend through the crypt and use your map next to the blood pools on -4.

Be cautious of vampires, vampire brides and vampire viscounts.

Take the exit in the room to the right.


Speak to Cornell north of Stonehome and ask him to sail you to Grimvale.

Use your map as soon as you arrive.

Old Fortress

Go past the wyverns and use your map on the surface next to the entrance.

Green Claw Swamp

Tainted Caves

From the south side of Dwarven Bridge, walk north-east. You will see tainted souls and a hole in the middle of a puddle of muddy water.

Go down the hole and mark your map in the middle of the cave. Beware of tainted souls, toads and gloom wolves.


Forbidden Sanctuary

Go north-east from Ankrahmun. The entrance to the Forbidden Sanctuary is hidden. Dig behind the tree to the right a few times and a hole will appear.

Watch out for cobras, novices of the cult, lizard sentinels, lizard templars, lizard snakecharmers and acolytes of the cult.

Go to the second floor (-2) and use your map anywhere.

Mother of Scarabs Lair

Walk towards Ankrahmun from Darashia and head to the east after the mountain pass. Follow the coast and you will see a hole in the centre of a bunch of palms, cacti and other plants.

Go down the hole, but beware of mummies, larvae, scarabs and bonebeasts. There are ancient scarabs on floors -4 and -5.

When you are on floor -5, walk to the north-west room with the single necromancer and use your map next to the altar.


Kha'zeel Dragon Lairs

Find your way to Kha'zeel Dragon Lair just north-east of Asura Palace. Be cautious of dragons, dragon hatchlings, dragon lord hatchlings and dragon lords.

Walk through the mountain and find the room with three dragon lords.

This is the spot we mark.

Kha'zeel Scarab Lair

Walk towards Ankrahmun from Darashia and go to the west after the mountain pass. The cave is between the mountains.

Go down the hole, but beware of larvae and scarabs. There are ancient scarabs on -3.

Use your map as soon as you reach floor -3.

Liberty Bay

Corym Black Market

Go down the sewer gate in the poverty-stricken area of Liberty Bay.

Beware of corym charlatans, corym skirmishers and corym vanguards.

Descend through the dungeon and mark on floor -4.

Hive Outpost

Go to the Adventurer's Guild and take a look at the world board. Make sure the Hive Outpost Mini World Change is active, otherwise it's not possible to access this place.

Hive Outpost is located on the west coast of Vandura Island.

Step inside the Hive Outpost and use your map on the surface. It's possible that you might face a few swarmers.

Quara Grotto

Quara Grotto is located on the south-west coast of Vandura Island.

Go down the stairs and use your map on -1.


Asura Palace

Walk just outside of Asura Palace and mark it.

Chakoya Iceberg

Go to the Adventurer's Guild and take a look at the world board. Make sure the Chakoya Iceberg Mini World Change is active, otherwise it's not possible to access this place.

Walk as far north as possible from Port Hope where you will see an iceberg. This place is filled with different chakoyas and also polar bears.

Go up the stairs and walk to the east where you will see an igloo. Walk into the igloo and you will be teleported inside the iceberg.

Walk to the west and go down the hole.

Now take the west path, walk all the way around and go down another hole.

Use your map in the big room with the igloo and frozen human on floor -2.

Medusa Tower

The entrance is a hole just north-west of Medusa Tower. Go up to the surface inside of the tower and mark your map.

Beware of stone golems, gargoyles, clay guardians and inside the tower there are omnivoras.

Spider Caves

The entrance is just south of Medusa Tower. Beware of poison spiders, tarantulas and possibly a giant spider.

Use your map next to the muddy water and lizard statue on the second floor.

Water Elemental Dungeon

Head to the very south coast of Tiquanda where you will find the new Water Elemental and Quara Dungeon.

Watch out for quara hydromancer scouts, quara pincer scouts, quara mantassin scouts and water elementals.

Go down the hole and use your map on -1.


After marking all 18 places on your map, you will receive the achievement Cartography 101.


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