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Black Knight Quest

Premium:City:VenoreLevel required:50Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Scorpion Slime Black Knight Bonelord Wyvern Skeleton

This quest takes place in Venore. Go to the north-west entrance and go down the Stairs. Then walk north through a little bridge heading towards Amazon Camp (You will face some Bug and Bear ) until you find a destroyed building in the middle of a the swamp.

If you don't have Key 5010 walk a few steps to the west until you see a dead tree between a rock and the building. Use it to get the needed Key.

Now walk into the building until you reach the north wall and you should see some stairs, go down to continue the quest.

  • Here you will encounter a Slime (In the room to the left, can be avoided) and a few Bats. Walk to the south and open the door with the key that you obtained from the dead tree (Key 5010). Go down the ladder.

  • You will be in a small room, go down the ladder located north east.

  • Walk east until the path splits in two directions, go south and in the end you will find a hole to go down.

  • Head south-east and you will see spot to rope yourself up.

  • Now you will be in a room with some Skeleton . Walk south and go down the hole.

  • On this floor there is a couple of Bonelord . Go east and then follow the cave north where you will find some stairs to go down.

Note: After image 2 you can basically pick any path that you want (Doesn't really matter what hole you go down or where you rope youself up, they will all bring you to same place at the end) but I decided to make it this way so it isn't so confusing.

Immediately after you go down you will see a closed gate, you won't be able to pass if you are under level 50. Here you will face 2 Bonelord , a Skeleton and a Wyvern . You can either kill them or go directly to the teleport located in the end of the room to the north. Only enter when you are ready.

The teleport will bring you to the last room. You will see 2 Bonelord , Scorpion and the Black Knight . You can kill the creatures in the order you want but it is recommended that you first kill the bonelords and Scorpions so you don't take as much damage and so you can avoid mana drain. Also, as soon as you enter the room the Black Knight might not be on your screen targeting you so you can take advantage of that and "hug" the north wall while you kill the other monsters first.

Be aware that the Black Knight can combo pretty hard for lower levels. He walks over poison, energy and fire fields so don't even try that strategy. He is inmune to earth/ice and strong to fire/energy which makes him a hard creature for Mages. He is weak to Holy though so if you are a premmium paladin, use Divine Missile Formula: exori san 20 Mana Holy is element of spell Level: 40 Price: 1800 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 8.1 Divine Missile .

Once you have killed all the monsters, walk south-east and south-west so you can claim your rewards.

You will notice that there is a dead tree in each corner, your items will be to the south (the trees located to the north are empty). The tree to the west contains the Crown Shield and the tree to the east contains the Crown Armor .

The doors to the south are part of the Secret service quest.

To get out of the cave simply walk through the teleport, this will take you back to the room with the wyvern. Enjoy your reward!


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