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Bigfoot's Burden Quest


Joining the Gnomes

This guide explains the process of joining the gnomes. This is necessary to anyone who want to participate in the warzones, even if you buy the minor crystalline token to achieve rank IV at the gnomes. It also gives access to the gnome tasks, which can be very profitable.

Travel to Kazordoon and go to Xelvar here:

Talk to him:

Hi - Join

You will receive 4 teleport crystals. Whenever you use the teleporter towards or back from Gnome Base it will consume one teleport crystal each. You can buy additional teleport crystal either at Xelvar or inside the Gnome Base at either Gnomette (see image of gnomish crystal teleport system) or Gnomincia. Note: The teleporter inside the Gnome Base will not require teleport crystals.

Once you joined the gnomes you can use the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System (GCTS) to travel to Gnome Base from several cities and back.

Liberty Bay


Before you can do the gnome tasks, you have to go through a small series of tests – the recruitment. Go to the entrance of the Gnome Base as shown in the map above and then to Gnomerik, here:

Say: Hi – Recruitment – Yes – Test – A – Test – C – Test – B – Test – D – Test – D – Test – D – Test – B – Test – D – Test – A – Test – A – Test – C – Test – C – Test – D – Test – A – Test – A – Test – D – Result

If you fail the test, buy and drink a Mushroom Beer from Gnominus, here:

To buy a beer say: Hi – Beer – Yes

Once you are done go to Gnomespector, here:

Say: Hi – Recruit

Now just walk south through the machine. It will turn you into a skeleton.

Keep going south to Doctor Gnomedix and step on the green tile next to him, here

Wait until a green slime spawns next to you. It is weak, kill it and move on. Next you go to Gnomaticus, here:

Talk to him: Hi – Shooting

Go to the shooting range in the west, here:

You need to shoot at 5 target dummies, without hitting innocent targets by using the crystal cannon.

Now return to Gnomaticus and say: Hi – Report

Next go to Gnomewart, here:

Say: Hi – Endurance

Use the teleporter south of Gnomewart. You will be teleported into a hallway. You need to reach the end of it. However, you will be teleported back a few times, don’t mind that, just keep walking north.

Report to Gnomewart: Hi – Endurance

Finally go to Gnomelvis, here:

Say: Hi – Musical

You now need to find out the right sequence of melodies, which is for every character different. There are 4 large crystals. When using them you either get red notes or green notes. If you get green notes, you hit the right crystal. If you hit the red note you need to start over. So, you need to remember the order you have already discovered. It is possible for the same crystal to repeat.

Report to Gnomelvis: Hi – Musical

After reporting it you will get the achievement Becoming a Bigfoot .

Use the teleporter to go back to the Gnome Base, here:

That’s it! You are done. You can now start the gnome tasks.


The Gnomes have a rank system based on reputation. Whenever you do tasks or hand in Minor Crystalline Token you will receive reputation points. You can see your reputation in the quest view under Bigfoot’s Burden - Gnome Reputation.

The ranks are as follows:

Rank PointsTasks Achievement
No Rank 0 Keeper, Spark -
Rank 1 30 Extermination, Digging Gnome Little Helper
Rank 2 120 Repair, Matchmaker Gnome Friend
Rank 3 480 Spore, Grindstone Gnomelike
Rank 4 1440 Warzones Honorary Gnome

Depending on your rank you will receive different amounts of tasks. As mentioned above your rank will rise naturally by doing the tasks (5 or 10 pts. depending on task). Finishing tasks will reward you with Minor Crystalline Token . These tokens can also raise your reputation (5 pts. each token) and are additionally necessary to enter warzones (until you receive special warzone boss items that will let you enter warzones for free). However, if you want to make profit or go warzones later, it is recommended to not use the token to gain reputation. The exception for this is when you can get more or equal amounts of Minor Crystalline Token from the tasks you get on the next rank. Example: You need 30 points to rank up to rank 1. So, you can either do the first 2 tasks 3 times and then task 3 and 4 on day 3 and gain 40 reputation and 8 tokens on the first 3 days, or you do the first 2 tasks on day 1, on day 2 you do the first 2 tasks turn in 2 token to receive another 10 pts and then finish task 3 and 4 as well. Finally on day 3 do the first 4 tasks again to gain a total of 60 pts. and 8 tokens. Here you sacrificed 2 tokens, but the two new tasks gave you 2 token back on day 2. On rank 2 and 3 you get 4 extra token each. So, if you finished your tasks for the day and you need 20 or less points to rank up, then you will not miss out on token, if you use token to rank up given you finish the new tasks that day.

The Minor Crystalline Token can be very profitable depending on the world you play on. Prices usually range from 4k-8k per token and you can get up to 12 token per day once you are rank 3. So, you profit 48k-96k per day. Depending on your level and knowledge of the tasks you can finish them rather quickly. However, when you start out it might feel very slow and might be tough on lower levels. If you do this only for profit don’t risk a death for it.

The rest of the guide will assume you have access to all tasks. Since many tasks can be done together in one sweep. If you can’t accept all the tasks yet, just ignore the information regarding other tasks. It all works the same, even if you don’t have all the tasks yet. Also, it is assumed, that you know how to get to the gnome base, since you should have finished the gnome recruitment.

Accepting Tasks

You accept the first 4 tasks (Keeper, Spark, Extermination, Digging) from Commander Stone , here:

The 4 advanced tasks (Repair, Matchmaker, Spore, Grindstone) you accept from Gnomeral , you need to go through the teleport and then go here:

You accept the task by just saying the name as stated in the table above (i.e. for Keeper say: Hi – Keeper). Alternatively, you can also say "Report" to see all available task. In Tibia 11 or Flash Client you can then also click on the highlighted words, to quickly accept all tasks.


Task Group 1 – Keeper, Spark, Matchmaker

You will face Crystalcrusher , Wyvern and Earth Elemental . If you are below level 150 or this is your first trip, you should bring a Dwarven Ring (to counter Wyvern drunkness) and Fire Bomb Rune in case of emergencies. Be careful the Crystalcrusher hit hard and run rather fast.

For these tasks, you need to go to the Crystal Grounds, here:

When entering this teleporter, be careful. People can make a trap at the entrance although it’s not done often. There really isn’t a good way to check, other than being prepared (Physical Resistance and Mana Shield).


On this task, you need to repair 5 Damaged Crystal using the Gnomish Repair Crystal . When the Large Crystal turn to Damaged Crystal you have only a limited time until they revert to their normal form. You find the crystals all over the crystal grounds, so just keep your eyes open while doing the other tasks. If you also do matchmaker it is best to walk the matchmaker route, you will finish the other tasks on your way usually. Otherwise just walk as you please.


This task requires you to use the Gnomish Extraction Crystal on 7 dead Crystalcrusher (as if you were skinning them) to gather sparks. It takes a few seconds until you can use the crystal.


For this task, you first have to open the Gnomish Crystal Package to obtain a Lonely Crystal . Now you must find Large Crystal (RED) and use the Lonely Crystal on them until it matches (heart animation on Red Large Crystal) and disappears from your inventory. The correct red large crystal is always random so you just have to walk to all of them until you find the right one. (See tip below how to find out which is the correct red large crystal)

The best route to all Red Large Crystals:

At the end of the first path you will find stairs down to the second level of the crystal grounds. Be careful on the last two Red Large Crystal location on the second floor as there are a lot of monsters.

Note: There is a trick to determine which Red Large Crystal you need to go to in the standalone clients. Put a hotkey on the Lonely Crystal . In the config file of your tibia folder (tibia.cfg or clientoptions.json) you can now search for the hotkey you have assigned. (search for the right character and then the correct hotkey in the example I searched for 3 because I keybinded it to key 3)

In Tibia 11 it would look somewhat like this:

"actionsetting": {

"useObject": 15805,

"useType": "SelectUseTarget"


"keysequence": "3"

The objectId (useObject) in this statement gives you a clue on which Red Large Crystal you need to go to.

The list shows the Ids in the order you find the crystals on the path above:

15804 – 15803 – 15801 – 15805 – 15806 – 15807 – 15808

You can also use Lonely Crystal of other players, if you find one on the ground or buy a new Gnomish Crystal Package from Gnomally for 1000gp (not recommended) in order to get a crystal where you don’t have to go so deep into the crystal grounds. You find Gnomally here:

(Say: Hi – Items – Yes)

Another strategy is to manually write the hotkeys into your config file, while the client is not running (add this to the key bindings of your character, note make sure the “keysequence” isn’t used for anything else. Just put them on a combination you will never use like Shift+Alt+F1):

Spoiler Alert!

When testing a crystal, just click the hotkey in the right order and then click on the ground next to you. If it says “Using the last lonely crystal” you know which to which Red Large Crystal you must go. If it is the first hotkey it will be the first Large Red Crystal. If it is the second hotkey it will be the second Large Red Crystal and so on.

Task Group 2 – Extermination, Digging, Spore

You will face Wiggler , Wyvern , Massive Earth Elemental , Mutated Rat and Giant Spider . If you are below level 150 or this is your first trip, you should bring a dwarven ring (to counter Wyvern drunkness) and Fire Bomb Rune in case of emergencies. Be careful the Wiggler hit hard and run rather fast. You have received a Little Pig for the Digging task. This pig only lasts 1 hour and will then vanish. Make sure that you still have your pig when you are doing this task. If it vanished you can buy a new one from Gnomally , here:

(Say: Hi – Items – Yes)

To do the tasks, you first need to go to the Truffels Garden, here:


For this task, you only need to kill 10 Wiggler . You will face quite a few during the other tasks so just finish them off.


Inside the Truffles Garden you have to find several Mold Floor . You need to lure a Mushroom Sniffer onto the Mold Floor . When the Mushroom Sniffer stands on the Mold Floor , there is a chance for it to turn to Some Truffles or to Churned Ground . If you find truffle, use the Little Pig on it. The pig needs to eat 3 truffles. The truffles will vanish after a few seconds on their own.

The Churned Ground will revert to Mold Floor after a little while. So you can also wait at the first Mold Floor , in order to skip fighting the monsters. If you do the Spore task, you will find plenty of Wiggler there to finish the Extermination task. If you want the digging task to be done faster there is a spot with a lot of Mold Floor here:


This task is special. You can prepare it in advance for other days, with the same time cost as doing it for one day. To do so you first need to find additional Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Red) until you have 3 or 4 (if you are a very fast clicker you can do 4 otherwise 3). You can often find them laying on the ground at Gnomeral or you can buy them at Gnomally , here:

(Say: Hi – Items – Yes)

When you have collected the additional Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Red) , you need to go to the Mushroom Gardens. You find the entrance on the floor with Gnomeral , here:

A bit to the north you find stairs down to the monsters:

Inside the Mushroom Garden you will find Puffball Mushroom . When using them, spores will appear. You will need to collect the spores of the right color by using the Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Red) on the spores. If you look at your Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Red) it will display what color it needs. To finish the Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Red) , you will have to find the spores in this order: Red – Green – Blue – Yellow. This order is always the same. Usually all the spore gatherer you find will be at first stage (red). When you find the color you are looking for quickly use all your Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Red) on it. If you are very fast you can get the spore up to 4 times before it disappears. Be careful though, if you use the container on anything else but the correct spore (even the puffball mushroom without spore), your gatherer will reset and you need to start over. Here you find Puffball Mushroom :

Task Group 3 – Repair

For this task, you need to go to the Golem Workshop, here:

In the Golem Workshop, you will face Enraged Crystal Golem and Damaged Crystal Golem . They are not nearly as strong as Wiggler or Crystalcrusher , but there are quite a lot of them. However, you should mostly be able to run them. If you feel insecure, you can also kill them. They will walk through anything, so you can’t use bombs against them. You need to use the Bell that you got on 4 Damaged Crystal Golem , which will run away from you. If you are on Tibia 11 or Flash Client you can sort your battle list ascending by name to easily find the Damaged Crystal Golem .

Task Group 4 – Grindstone

In this task, you will face Vulcongra , Massive Fire Elemental and Dragon Lord . The Vulcongra have a strong beam and the Massive Fire Elemental have strong melee hits.

Go to the Hot Spot here:

You need to search for Whetstones in the lava. Grab them quickly before they sink into the lava. You have a small chance to grab a Whetstone . When you got one you are done. However, the chance is somewhat low, so that this task can take some time, especially if you have trouble killing the monsters. If that is the case, it is best to just camp a smaller area. There is one spot with two Whetstones besides each other. Also, there are 2 smaller areas with 3 Whetstones .

Report Tasks

In order to turn in the tasks, you need to report to Commander Stone and Gnomeral again.

Say: Hi – Report – "Task Name"

You need to say “Report” before every task.

You will receive up to 12 Minor Crystalline Token and up to 8 Gnomish Supply Package . The Gnomish Supply Package can contain several things which can be of value. Besides things you probably know where to sell, it can contain a Red Teleport Crystal , which should be equal in value to 10 Minor Crystalline Token or a Pet Pig (which is worth 1.5k, however you can only sell it after you have defeated 20 warzone bosses. So, you might stock them for the future.)

That’s it! You are done. You can either sell the Minor Crystalline Token for profit or keep them. Once you have reached rank 4 with the gnomes, you can enter the warzones. This requires a big team however. If you do find a team you can get very good equipment there. They are also a lot of profit! Keep in mind however that you need a Red Teleport Crystal (which costs 10 Minor Crystalline Token ) every time you want to enter a warzone, until you get the specific boss item. Since the boss only drops one of these items every time you kill it, it might take a considerable amount of time until you get it, depending on how many other people in your team need it. So if you plan on doing warzones, you should stack up enough Minor Crystalline Token .


You can do these tasks every 20 hours.

Warzone I: You need to be prepared to face Humongous Fungus Humorless Fungus Stone Devourer and Armadile in the way to reach the portal that will allow you to enter the boss Deathstrike .

As a requirement, you must have a Red Teleport Crystal for enter

As a recommendation, you must consider that this boss is strong. You will need a team of at least 15 people, and should be mostly level 200 +

You need to use a Green Crystal Stalagmite to open the portal, but when I use the Crystal, invasions of Humongous Fungus and Humorless Fungus will appear. So you need to kill, or the strategy is to group all in the same SQM and spam magic walls arround you until the portal opens.

You can see it in the screenshots.

After defeating the boss, you can get as a reward by opening the chest: 2 Major Crystalline Token , 1 Gill Necklace , 1 Mucus Plug , 7 Green Crystal Shard and 3 Crystal Coin

You can also get randomly The Legs of Deathstrike The Torso of Deathstrike Head of Deathstrike

After using the rewards chest, you will earn the achievement Final Strike

Opening it 50 times gives you the achievement Death on Strike .

If you get a Deathstrike's Snippet delivering it to Gnomission you will have free access forever.

Warzone II: You need to be prepared to face Weeper , Lava Golem , Infected Weeper , Lost Berserker and Magma Crawler in the way to reach the portal that will allow you to enter the boss Gnomevil .

As a requirement, you must have a Red Teleport Crystal for enter.

For open the portal some knights or some players needs trap an Infected Weeper up the crystal wall. Infected Weeper will begin summon some Parasite , you must kill the Parasite in front of the crystal wall so that the wall decreases more and more, Until it sums completely (4 Parasite ) and your team can enter the teleport and face the boss

After defeating the boss, you can get as a reward by opening the chest: 1 Prismatic Necklace , 2 Major Crystalline Token , 1 Mucus Plug , 10 Blue Crystal Shard , 4 Crystal Coin

You can also get randomly Head of Gnomevil , Legs of Gnomevil , Torso of Gnomevil . And if you are very lucky, you can get a Miniature House .

After using the rewards chest, you will earn the achievement Gnomebane's Bane .

Opening it 50 times gives you the achievement Fall of the Fallen .

If you get a Gnomevil's Hat delivering it to Gnomission you will have free access forever.

Spoiler Alert!

Warzone III: You need to be prepared to face Ironblight , Cliff Strider , Orewalker , Lost Berserker and possibly Minion of Versperoth in the way to reach the portal that will allow you to enter the boss Abyssador .

You need to kill Versperoth for get access.

As a requirement, you must have a Red Teleport Crystal for enter.

As a recommendation, you must consider that this boss is strong. You will need a team of at least 20 people, and should be mostly level 200 +

After defeating the boss, you can get as a reward by opening the chest: 1 Prismatic Ring , 2 Major Crystalline Token , 1 Mucus Plug , 10 Violet Crystal Shard , 5 Crystal Coin

You can also get randomly Head of Abyssador , Torso of Abyssador or Tail Of Abyssador .

After using the rewards chest, you will earn the achievement Dungeon Cleaner and Death from Below .

Opening it 50 times gives you the achievement Diplomatic Immunity .

If you get a Abyssador's Lash delivering it to Gnomission you will have free access forever.

Spoiler Alert!

By valiryas on 11 Sep 2018, 22:09 - 11.87

Tips for warzone 1: When reaching the area where you have to fight against the fungus hordes, currently most servers use a different tactic. Low lvl players will stack up on the SQM south of where the tp will appear, then high lvl players will stand next to them blocking a great spawn area. This is the safest way to do this part and the server warzone team will kill every horde in seconds. If you are brave enough, find a spot where you are not stacked and use AoD runes (such gfb, avalanches or thunderstorm runes) to hit the most amount of fungus possible. This will add up to your bestiary and if you do warzones daily you will complete the task in some weeks

Shurdasquad Gahne
By Shurdasquad Gahne on 17 Oct 2017, 13:43 - 11.48

Nice way to obtain cash since obtain 12 minor crystalline tokens every 20h on dailys.

By Guardian on 14 Oct 2017, 22:23 - 11.48

In the quest spoiler it is said that you can do the quest as a free account player. However, you do need a premium account to be able to access the quest area.

By Uman on 14 Oct 2017, 22:59 - 11.48

Correct! Ty!

on 17 Oct 2017, 21:35
on 17 Oct 2017, 21:35


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