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The Lost Brother Quest

Premium:City:Port HopeLevel required:0Level recommended:200+
Creatures to kill:
Destroyer Hellspawn Massive Fire Elemental Hydra Lich Dawnfire Asura Midnight Asura Nightfiend The Flaming Orchid

To start this quest, speak to Tarun about a mission (he is located in Tiquanda).

Player: Hi

Tarun: Greetings!

Player: Mission

Tarun: My brother is missing. I fear, he went to this evil palace north of here. A place of great beauty, certainly filled with riches and luxury. But in truth it is a threshold to hell and demonesses are after his blood. He is my brother, and I am deeply ashamed to admit but I don't dare to go there. Perhaps your heart is more courageous than mine. Would you go to see this place and search for my brother?

Player: Yes

Tarun: I thank you! This is more than I could hope!

Accept the mission and then head to Asura Palace, just north of Tarun.

Throughout the entire tower you will encouter Hellspawns, Dawnfire Asuras and Midnight Asuras so it is highly reccomended to bring some strong supplies or make your way up the tower in a small team.

Start by heading up the stairs, make your way north and then down.

To the west, there will be a small green area, head down the pitfall where you will find 3 Hydras, kill them and then head back up.

Then on the same level, head west and walk on Some Cracks located below.

You will drop down a floor where 2 Liches will be, kill them and then head back up.

Now head up 3 levels, make your way west and walk on Some Cracks in the corner.

You will fall down to 2 Destroyers, kill them and then head back up.

Head up another level and then make your way east.

Walk on Some Cracks and you will fall down into a room with 2 Massive Fire Elementals.

Kill them and then walk near the Skeleton on the wall to the north and the following message will appear;
You stumble over some old bones. Something is carved into the stone wall here: 'Tarun, my brother, you were right. She's evil.'

Head up one more level and then up the stairs to the south.

Make your way west and into a small room with a Chest and Some Cracks on the floor.

Use the Chest to find 3 Small Sapphires.

Then head down the cracks and kill the 2 Nightfiends.

Head back up, go down the stairs and head to the east.

If you go up the stairs here, you will be able to find 3 Small Rubies inside the the Sarcophagus.

You should now be able to enter through the Sealed Door where The Flaming Orchid will spawn.

Kill her and then leave the tower.

Head back to Tarun to complete the mission.

You will now be able to trade with Tarun as well as gaining the Lost Palace Raider achievement.

Player: Hi

Tarun: Greetings!

Player: Mission

Tarun: So, he is dead as I feared. I warned him to go with this woman, but he gave in to temptation. My heart darkens and moans. But you have my sincere thanks. Without your help I would have stayed in the dark about his fate. Please, take this as a little recompense.


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