Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Venore Daily Tasks

Premium:City:VenoreLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Swamp Troll Snake Little Corym Charlatan Marsh Stalker Swampling


These tasks will take about 20 minutes (The first time will probably take a bit longer. Also it depends on your level.)

  • Level 8 (Level 15-20 for some tasks as stated in guide; all required items are used for level 8 tasks)

  • Mouldy Cheese (Optional; task can be skipped; cheese possibly can be found during other tasks, can be tricky at level 8 as you need to kill slugs, also a lot of extra effort might not be worth it, unless cheese is found during tasking)

  • Rope (or equivalent)

  • Shovel (or equivalent)

  • 125 oz. Capacity



Accepting Tasks

There is a total of 9 tasks available in the Venore swamp. First travel to Venore, here:

Here you will find Norman The Foreman . He offers 3 tasks, which can all be done at level 8. Additionally, he offers a bonus, when all 3 tasks are completed and turned in within 20 hours.

Talk to Norman The Foreman :

Hi - Maintenance - Yes - Pathfinder - Yes - Sabotage - Yes

Next you need to accept the Goblin Merchant tasks. To get to the Goblin Merchant go east from Norman The Foreman . Go down a ladder here:

Walk further east to the house of the Goblin Merchant. At the Goblin Merchant use the elevator to get upstairs. You get back the same way!

Talk to Rafzan :

Hi - Advertising - Yes - Guards - Yes - Destroy - Yes - Kill - Yes

If you brought a Mouldy Cheese say also: Perfume - Yes

Note: You need to kill Slug . Due to their ranged poison attack they can be tricky for inexperienced player at level 8, since you face two at the entrance of the cave.

If you are around level 15-20 or feel comfortable to fight Corym Charlatan , Corym Skirmisher and possibly Corym Vanguard say also: Busy - Yes

You find your quest progress in the quest log under:

  • Goblin Merchant

  • Venore Daily Tasks

Tasks on the fly

When you got all tasks, use the elevator to go back down. While doing the other tasks, keep your eyes open to place 3 Advertisement Sign (USE), scare off Adventurer until the Guardcatcher breaks (USE) and to kill 5 Marsh Stalker . See the pictures below for reference. Do these tasks on your way between the other tasks while following the rest of the guide.

Note: When using the Guardcatcher on an Adventurer , an Angry Adventurer might spawn. It is not dangerous, just kill it.


From Rafzan ’s hut walk east until you reach the next hut, here:

Go up the stairs and the follow the ladders down two times. Use the Trunkhammer on the Junk Trunk in north of the room, here:

You must destroy three of these trunks. If you don’t do the task “busy” (you are not yet level 15-20 or don’t feel comfortable killing coryms), then you will have to either wait for this trunk to respawn, or come back after you finished the other tasks. Also in this case skip the rest of this section.

Danger! If you do the following you must fight Corym Charlatan , Corym Skirmisher and possibly Corym Vanguard .

Go to the east of the room and down the hole. You will face 2 (possibly 3) Corym Charlatan . Then go down another hole further to the east.

Fight your way through the Coryms (usually 1-2 at a time) to the little water spot in the east, here:

Use the Bottle with Rat Urine on the water.

A bit to the north is another trunk, here:

You can now go back to the first trunk, depending on your speed it should respawn soon. Alternatively, you can search for another trunk in the Corym cave. To go back, rope yourself up, here:

When you have destroyed the three trunks leave the cave, here:

Venore Daily Tasks

While doing the next tasks, keep in mind to place 3 Advertisement Sign (USE), scare off Adventurer until the Guardcatcher breaks (USE) and to kill 5 Marsh Stalker .

First you can try to attempt to dig for a Leech , which is a taming item used for taming Water Buffalo Premium Water Buffalo (it can break). If you explore the swamp a bit you should run into a Water Buffalo eventually. A mount or just the money from selling the item on the market will be helpful at early levels. You can attempt the digging once a week. Although there is also another spot, you can only dig one spot per week, so it is not worth to go to the other. You need to go here:

Next find your way through the swamp to the north and find Scott The Scout , here:

Talk to him:

Hi - Yes

Walk to the south west and go up the stairs, here:

On this platform, you need to use the Can of Oil on a Saw , a wooden treadmill and a Crane . They look like this respectfully:

Note: In case you can’t find one of the machines you can also oil the same machine twice after a few seconds!

Once you oiled the three machines, leave the platform to the south and then travel to the southern platform, here:

Note: There is an overview image of the southern platform surroundings below, to better illustrate where you find everything!

Go up the ladder and again repeat oiling the three machines. When you are done go down the ladder and step one step south. You will fall into a cave with 5 Little Corym Charlatan . They are very weak, so that a level 8 can kill them. You need to kill all 5. If they are dead, you need to wait a moment.

Once you are done rope yourself back up and walk east to Frank The Plank , here:

Talk to him:

Hi - Yes

Here you can see all the important spots.

Finishing Goblin Merchant Task

If you aren’t doing the perfume task ( Mouldy Cheese task) follow the bridge north of Frank The Plank to return to Rafzan , here:

Follow the path east of the bridge to the north to get back to the Goblin Merchant’s hut. Check if you have placed all Advertisement Sign (USE), scared off Adventurer until the Guardcatcher broke (USE) and killed 5 Marsh Stalker . Additionally, if you haven’t broken enough trunks go back to the Corym cave east of the Goblin Merchant’s hut. You can skip the rest of this section.

If you are doing the perfume task and got the Mouldy Cheese with you, go to the Slug cave next, here:

Note: The order in which you collect the parts of the perfume is important, you can’t switch it to safe time.

You need to kill a Slug and use the Perfume Gatherer on it. You need to wait 10 seconds to do so.

When you are done follow the bridge north of Frank The Plank to get back to Rafzan , here:

Follow the path east of the bridge north towards the Goblin Merchant’s hut. Next you need to get black swamp gas, here:

Use the Perfume Gatherer on the gas. Almost done! Next you need to go down to the Rotworm cave, right next to the black swamp gas spot (see image above).

Follow this path:

On the way, you should encounter several Rotworm . You need to use the Perfume Gatherer on a living Rotworm .

There are two possible messages:

Darn! It didn't fart!

You gather the third part of the rat perfume!

Repeat using the Perfume Gatherer until you receive the second message. Now you can keep following the path to the end, which will lead you back close to the Goblin Merchant’s hut, here:

Finally use the Perfume Gatherer on the Mouldy Cheese and the perfume is done! (Maybe consider keeping it for valentine’s day? Yeah, better not.)

Check if you have placed all Advertisement Sign (USE), scared off Adventurer until the Guardcatcher broke (USE) and killed 5 Marsh Stalker . Also, if you haven’t broken enough trunks go back to the Corym cave east of the Goblin Merchant’s hut.

Turn in Tasks

Go up to Rafzan and say (it doesn’t do harm to say all even if you haven't done all tasks):

Hi - Advertisement - Perfume - Guards - Busy - Destroy - Kill

Now leave the hut and go west back to Norman The Foreman , here:

Before you can turn in the task you need to oil the machines on this platform a last time.

When you are done, talk to Norman The Foreman :

Hi - Maintenance - Pathfinder - Sabotage - Yes

That’s it! You are done. You can do these tasks every 20 hours, which should give you enough gold for the first few levels! And even when you are a bit higher they might still be okay every once in a while, since you walk faster and kill things faster you will be able to finish it much faster.

If this guide was useful to you, leave a like to let me know it was of use and tell your friends about it!


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