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An Interest In Botany Quest

Premium:City:FarmineLevel required:50Level recommended:0+
  • 3000 experience points
Creatures to kill:
Wailing Widow Lancer Beetle Sandcrawler Gnarlhound Hyaena

An Interest in Botany Quest

First of all you'll need to have completed at least mission 5 from The New Frontier Quest. Head to Farmine and go to the potion shop, talk to Rabaz and ask him for a mission. He'll tell you to find some samples for him and collect them in his Botany Almanach . To get it, go through the door on the west wall of the shop, use the chest in that room and you'll receive the book. Check spoiler for full conversation

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2.-You won't receive any item when you take the samples, please check yhat you get the correct orange message when you use the Knife on the Plants.

A quick advice:

Mages: The monsters you'll face here are weak to fire so it is a good idea to bring some Great Fireball Rune Formula: adori mas flam 530 Mana Fire is element of spell Rune type: Area Level: 30 Price: 1200 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Great Fireball Rune

Knights and Paladins should try not to get traped by the Lancer Beetles as they go invisible and you could end up surrounded by them.

First Sample: Giant Dreadcoil

With the Almanach and our Obsidian Knife on the backpack it is time Leave Farmine through the Elevator and follow the path through the mountain until you reach the Zao Steppe. Go to the marked spot and down the stairs, you'll face some Lancer Beetle on the cave, you'll have to go down twice, then walk south, go up and south till you reach the second spot. Once there use the Obsidian Knife on the Giant Dreadcoil to obtain the sample.

Second Sample: Giant Verminous

From the Lancer Beetle Cave entrance walk east to the marked spot and go down. Here you'll face some Lancer Beetle and a few Wailing Widow . Walk North to the marked spot and you'll find the Giant Verminous, use your Knife on it and you'll get the second sample. You might find some Spider Web blocking your way, just use a melee weapon or a fire bug on them to break it and keep going.

Now with both samples gathered it is time to go back to Rabaz and report about our Mission. Go back to the mountain and find your way back to Farmine. Once you're back in his store talk to him like this Hi - Mission - Yes and you'll receive your reward. Check spoiler for full conversation

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