Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest


Head over to Eclesius who is located south of Thais.

Speak to him about a "mission."

Mission 1 - A Hat for the Sane

Required items: 1 Minotaur Leather , 2 Bat Wing

Eclesius will tell you that he wants a Dark Hat.

Head to Irmana in Venore.

Speak to her about "hats" and ask for a "Dark Hat." Giver her the leather and bat wings and she will make you a Dark Hat (Hat for Eclesius).

Now head back to Eclesius.

Player: Hi

Eclesius: Oh, welcome back, my most valued assistant! I have got some tasks for you, and maybe also a real mission or two! Uh... what was your name again?

Player: Mission

Eclesius: Well, now that you mention it, there is in fact something you could do for me apart from your usual tasks. It's all because of that fool! I can't remember who it was, but someone ruined my favourite hat which used to complete my favourite outfit. It's totally dented! Also there are some suspicious stains on it. It is out of the question for me to wear it in that state!! So I guess I need a new hat. And while we're at it, I want it to be kind of stylish. Also manly. Not pink! And, uh, not too heavy. But since you're my assistant, I'll leave all that up to you. Hehe. Unfortunately I'm not good at sewing, so you might need to find a tailor. I heard they have a large warehouse for clothing in Venore. Maybe you can find someone there who could help you with the hat. Will you take on this mission?

Player: Yes

Eclesius: How splendid! ... What was it again? Uhm... I can't remember right now, but I feel happy anyway. Just surprise me with whatever you have planned. Hehe.

Mission 2 - Walking on Clouds

Required items: Sandals, Blueberries

Eclesius will tell you that he wants a new pair of sandals.

Bring a new pair of Sandals to him (they will now become Eclesius' Sandals ).

He will then tell you to disinfect them. Head downstairs into his lab and use the sandals with the Large Cauldron.

Head back to Eclesius.

Eclesius will then want you to use a dead skunk on his sandals.

Skunks can be found to the east of his house.

Kill one and then use his sandals on it.

Now head back to Eclesius.

Your last task will be to counter the bad smell with a really good smell.

Suggest using Blueberries and he will agree.

Blueberries can be found around his house.

Pick some and use them on the sandals.

Then head back to Eclesius to complete the mission.

Mission 3 - Love's a Wicked Game

Required items: 7 mugs of Beer

Eclesius will want to turn you into a dating agent so he can create a whole new Tibian race.

Head over to Amarie who can be found on second floor of the library in Ab'Dendriel.

Speak to her with the following words; "Study, Yes, Milkbugs, Care, Dream, Book, Poetry, Yes, Yes, Love, Dating, Yes".

Amarie will give you her Favourite Book.

Now find Grodrik who can found just below the depot in Kazordoon in the tavern.

Buy 7 mugs of Beer from either Maryza or Jimbin.

Now speak to Grodrik with the following words; "Problems, Yes, Woman, Beer, Woman, Beer, Woman, Beer, Wishes, Lonely, Beer, Lonely, Wishes, Beer, Wishes, Woman, Beer, Dating, Yes".

Grodrik will give you his favourite Axe.

Now head back to Eclesius.

Eclesius will tell you that there is a Parchment (Questionnaire) in his library.

The Parchment (Questionnaire) is actually a questionnaire that you need to use on Amarie and Grodrik.

First, head back to Amarie and ask her the following questions; What's most important in a relationship for you?, What's your ideal date location?, What physical attribute should your ideal partner have?, Tell me something you love, Tell me something you dislike, What's an important character trait for you?, What's your favourite colour? and What's your greatest fear?

Now head to Grodrik and ask exactly the same questions as above.

Then head back to Eclesius to discuss the similarities you found between Amarie and Grodrik.

The answers provided by both Amarie and Grodrik differ for each player so have a read through and discover what similarities you found.

Eclesius will now give you 2 Love Potions to use on Amarie and Grodrik.

Head to Amarie and tell her that the potion is "bug milk" as she will not drink it at first.

Then head to Grodrik who will drink the Love Potion once you tell him it is "beer".

Now head back to Eclesius.

Eclesius will teleport you to an area surrounded by void.

Use the lever to the left and then the right to summon Amarie and Grodrik.

Then use the middle lever. The plan will have failed a Gozzler will spawn in the middle.

Speak to Eclesius again and he will teleport you back to his house.

Mission 4 - Books of Many Colours

Required items: None

Eclesius will want you to tell him the colour of each book in his library.

The correct answer to provide to him is as follows; light blue, light green, brown, red, dark blue, and dark green.

Player: Hi

Eclesius: Oh, welcome back, my most valued assistant! I have got some tasks for you, and maybe also a real mission or two! Uh... what was your name again?

Player: Mission

Eclesius: I thought that your legs could use a little break after having done all that travelling. So let's do something for your brain instead. See how much I care for my assistants? An almost altruistic task which will even make you a little smarter - maybe. I'm sure you've seen all those books lying around in my library. Your job is to tell me the colour of each book, one after another. I'll ask you for the colours. If you need hints, you can also ask me and I'll give you a random hint. Don't blame me if I repeat myself! There are six different hints in total. Once you are ready and have a vague idea of the answers, ask me about your mission.

Player: Mission

Eclesius: There are the following colours: red, brown, light blue, dark blue, light green and dark green. So, what colour is the 'Great Encyclopedia of the Magiverse'?

Player: Light Blue

Eclesius: I see. And what colour is 'Necromancing at its Most Romantic'?

Player: Light Green

Eclesius: I see. And what colour is the 'Collection of Counterspells against Counterspells'?

Player: Brown

Eclesius: I see. And what colour is 'Interesting Trivia about Grass Growth'?

Player: Red

Eclesius: I see. And what colour is 'Mathemagics for Dummies and Forgetful People'?

Player: Dark Blue

Eclesius: I see. And what colour is 'How to Transmute Gold into Lead and Other Useful Conversions'?

Player: Dark Green

Eclesius: I see. That concludes my questioning. I guess now you'd like to know whether you succeeded in the mission?

Player: Yes

Eclesius: You answered all the questions correctly- bravo - as far as I can remember my books. Congratulations! Well, since I actually did something for your intelligence, the reward is symbolic. But it's the thought that counts! Teehee.

Mission 5 - A Drink to Remember

Required items: None

Ask Eclesius about your next mission.

He will mention that he told someone a formula for a potion in Frodo's tavern the night before.

Head over to Xodet who is located in the potions shop in Thais.

Speak to him with the following words; "eclesius, potion, formula, eclesius, chit chat, magician, eclesius".

Now report back to Eclesius.

Eclesius will now ask you find to Xodet's First Wand.

The wand can be found in the basement to Xodet's shop.

Head down the below sewer, walk east and then head north up into a narrow path surrounded by rubble until you reach a sealed door.

Head through the door and use the chest in the right hand corner of the room underneath a crate.

Go back to Xodet with the wand and he will tell you the formula.

Now head back to Eclesius to complete the mission.

Mission 6 - The Unhappy Frog

Required items: 1 Silver Amulet , 1 Green Tapestry , 1 Blank Rune , 1 Dirty Fur , 1 Dagger

Speak to Eclesius about your next and final mission.

He will explain the story behind A Confused Frog that lives in his cellar.

He will ask you to retrive a dress from Queen Eloise who is located in Carlin.

Speak to her about a "dress" and she will send you to Bunny Bonecrusher who is located two floors up in a locked room of the castle.

Greet her with "hail general" in order for her to achknowledge you.

Speak to her about an "old rag" and she will give you a Bundle of Rags.

Now head back to Eclesius and speak to him about your mission.

He will tell you to use the costume and head down into the cellar.

Head down and use the costume outside of the Frog's enclosure.

Greet him with "ribbit" and then attempt to "kiss" him twice.

Eclesius's plan will not have worked so go up and talk to him again to discover his second plan.

Bring him the Silver Amulet , Green Tapestry , Blank Rune , Dirty Fur and Dagger .

He will then give you a new spell to use on the frog.

Head down again and greet the frog with "ribbit" followed by "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe - ribbit, ribbit head to toe!".

The frog will now be able to understand the human language.

Report back to Eclesius.

Now found another Frog located below.

Greet the Frog with "ribbit," followed by "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe - I stay here and you will go!".

The spell will be a sucess!

Head back to Eclesius to complete the quest.

Hannes Tandborste
By Hannes Tandborste on 19 Dec 2017, 17:37 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

I dont have premium so how do i get green tapestry?!?! Green Tapestry

By Uman on 21 Dec 2017, 09:06 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

You can always try to buy it in Auction House or ask someone to buy it at English Channel.


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