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Commander Stone Tasks

Premium:City:GnomebaseLevel required:80Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Earth Elemental Massive Earth Elemental Wyvern Crystalcrusher Mushroom Sniffer Wiggler

Accepting Tasks

You accept tasks from Commander Stone , here:


  • If you are below level 150 or this is your first trip, you should bring a Dwarven Ring (to counter Wyvern drunkness) and Fire Bomb Rune in case of emergencies.

  • Be careful the Crystalcrusher hit hard and run rather fast.

  • Make sure that you still have your pig when you are doing this task. If it vanished you can buy a new one from Gnomally , here:

    (Say: Hi – Items – Yes)

For Keeper, Spark tasks, you need to go to the Crystal Grounds, here:

When entering this teleporter, be careful. People can make a trap at the entrance although it’s not done often. There really isn’t a good way to check, other than being prepared (Physical Resistance and Mana Shield).


On this task, you need to repair 5 Damaged Crystal using the Gnomish Repair Crystal . When the Large Crystal turn to Damaged Crystal you have only a limited time until they revert to their normal form. You find the crystals all over the crystal grounds, so just keep your eyes open while doing the other tasks. If you also do matchmaker it is best to walk the matchmaker route, you will finish the other tasks on your way usually. Otherwise just walk as you please.


This task requires you to use the Gnomish Extraction Crystal on 7 dead Crystalcrusher (as if you were skinning them) to gather sparks. It takes a few seconds until you can use the crystal.

For Extermination, Digging task, you need to go to the Truffels Garden, here:


For this task, you only need to kill 10 Wiggler . You will face quite a few during the other tasks so just finish them off.


Inside the Truffles Garden you have to find several Mold Floor . You need to lure a Mushroom Sniffer onto the Mold Floor . When the Mushroom Sniffer stands on the Mold Floor , there is a chance for it to turn to Some Truffles or to Churned Ground . If you find truffle, use the Little Pig on it. The pig needs to eat 3 truffles. The truffles will vanish after a few seconds on their own.

The Churned Ground will revert to Mold Floor after a little while. So you can also wait at the first Mold Floor , in order to skip fighting the monsters. If you do the Spore task, you will find plenty of Wiggler there to finish the Extermination task. If you want the digging task to be done faster there is a spot with a lot of Mold Floor here:


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