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An Ancient Feud Quest

Premium:City:DarashiaLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Werehyaena Werehyaena Shaman White Lion Werelioness Werelion


The Curse Spreads Quest

Haunch of Boar

Hydra Egg

5 Lion's Mane

Start this quest by travelling to Edron Castle, here:

Speak with Daniel Steelsoul

Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor be with you, Player

Player: curse

Daniel Steelsoul: Thank you again for your assistance, Player! The Curse of the Full Moon still exists on Edron. But thanks to your heroic deeds we can keep it within certain bounds. At least I hope so! ...

Daniel Steelsoul: Yesterday a travelling salesman told me that he spotted a feral creature in the Darama desert that looked like half man and half lion. Banor grant that this is just unfounded gossip and that the curse didn't spread further. ...

Daniel Steelsoul: Well, I guess, we will find out soon. Edron, for the time being, is a safer place now, thanks to you.

Player: lion

Daniel Steelsoul: Lately I heard rumours about the curse. That it has spread to the Darama Desert and that the lions there could also be were-creatures. Do you want to get to the bottom of it?

Player: yes

Daniel Steelsoul: Then please travel to Darashia and search for a man called Domizian. He lives in a house at the harbour. I know him for many years, he's a trustworthy friend. ...

Daniel Steelsoul: I'm sure, he can tell you more about the curse in the Darama Desert.

Now head to Darashia, here:

and talk with Domizian

Domizian: Greetings, traveller!

Player: curse

Domizian: So, Daniel Steelsoul sent you? He is a most respectable man and I'm honoured to know him. It is of advantage that you have already dealt with the were-sickness so you won't hurl yourself into this adventure unprepared. ...

Domizian: Listen, the curse has indeed spread to the Darama Desert - but not recently. It exists here since a long time but only few know about it. Here, it's not werewolves or werebears. The danger that plagues this region are the werehyaenas. ...

Domizian: Until now they were savage and smelly beasts who hunted down a travelling merchant now and then. But mostly they stayed in their subterranean lairs and lived off carrion. ...

Domizian: But a few weeks ago something changed. Suddenly they had shamans, something I never saw before. Those shamans are using bone talismans and paint their fur with runes. Runes I saw just once before ... on an artefact from Drefia. ...

Domizian: I'm afraid the werehyaenas have a kind of pact with the undead of Drefia but I don't have proof. Please go to their lairs and investigate. You will find the entrance north of the town, at a large menhir.

He will tell you about the werecurse in Darama regions and send you north of the town to find werehyaena caves. Head north-west of the town, here:

You have to find three spots now

A skull altar, here:

A bloody lake, here:

A blood stained pagoda

Once you visit those three spots, wait for nighttime and head south in the cave to talk with a skull, here:

NPC not in database: Greetings, traveller!

Player: undead

NPC not in database: Listen: The undead of Drefia are working together with the werehyaenas. I overheard a secret conversation between a werehyaena shaman and a lich right here!

Now head back to Domizian

Player: Greetings, traveller!

Player: curse

Player: So, the werehyaenas are indeed working together with Drefia's undead. That's very dangerous, to say the least. Please, if you can, find a way to stop this.

Go back to the werehyaena cave and talk with Rhargu , here:

Rhargu: Grr. Intruder!

Player: undead

Rhargu: None of your business, the undead! On the other hand .. they haven't done so much for us. Gave us some talismans for our shamans. But no food! I asked for it. They never brought it. ...

Rhargu: If you bring me the food I wish for, I could end this. Or tell you how to end it. But you have to bring me a boar haunch, those are so tasty! And a hard-boiled hydra egg. Always wanted to try one. ...

Rhargu: Also, take this cask and fill it with salted cave rats. My favourite snack! At last, bring me five lion manes. Want to decorate my cave with them, grhrr.

You will now receive an Empty Cask and will be asked to bring him five Salted Cave Rat , Hard-boiled Hydra Egg , Haunch of Boar and five Lion's Mane

Cave rats can be easily found in Thais sewers, so head there with a net and catch five of them.

Afterwards, head here:

with your Hydra Egg and use it on the pot to receive a Hard-boiled Hydra Egg

Now head to Darashia market and speak with Mugluf to buy five Salt , here:

Use the salts on caught cave rats to receive salted cave rats, which you later use on the cask.

Head back to Rhargu with all the required items

Player: undead

Rhargu: Do you have my food?

Player: yes

Rhargu: Give me! And take this. A special torch, made of sandalwood. Burn down the bone shrine at the dragon skeleton with this torch. That will destroy the connection with the undead. ...

Rhargu: And I have a little reward for you. Take this cask. It's funny but smelly. You can have it.

Head back to Domizian

Domizian: Greetings, traveller!

Player: destroy

Domizian: I guess you need something holy or at least blessed to destroy this evil site. The werelions know a ritual that allows you to bless fire in general. It should work with this torch, too. ...

Domizian: But you can do that only at a special altar in our sanctum. Go to the Lion's Rock in the north-west of Darashia. Descend to the area where the most noble lions are guarding a secret entrance. ...

Domizian: There is a door, you can only open if you know the right phrase. It is: 'The sun guides our hearts. The moon guards our dreams'. Down there you will find a room with a mosaic, showing a sun and a moon. ...

Domizian: There is an altar where you can bless the torch. You have to find a lion mane flower and chop the petals up small. Then sprinkle the chopped petals into the flame while standing at the altar. ...

Domizian: Thus, the fire will be blessed and should be able to burn down the evil bone shrine.

Head to The Lion’s Rock, north-west of Darashia, here:

Before you descend down to the Inner Sanctum, head upstairs and pick up a lion’s mane flower.

Now head here:

and walk on the altar, near the book, here

Use your multitool to shred the lion’s mane flower, then use the pieces on your torch to obtain a sparkling torch.

Head back to the pile of skulls in werehyaena cave

Use your torch on the shrine to burn it down

Now head back to Domizian

Domizian: Greetings, traveller!

Player: curse

Domizian: You destroyed the pact between the werehyaenas and the undead! You did Darashia a great favour, that's for sure. But there are still so many of them, they could be a real threat to the caravans that try to reach the city. ...

Domizian: Please, kill three hundred of those ferocious werehyaenas and their shamans.

Head back to the werehyaena cave and kill a total of three hundred of them.

Once finished, return to Domizian

Domizian: Greetings, traveller!

Player: curse

Domizian: Yes, there are less of them now! What a relief for Darashia. Well, I guess, now I can trust you enough to tell you a little secret about myself. I'm actually a werelion. Don't be scared, though. ...

Domizian: There's something special to the werelions: We can control the curse and don't attack people like mindless beasts. This is the reason why I can live here in the city and talk to you in such a civilzed way. ...

Domizian: Well, the werehyaenas were a danger to Darashia but they also caused a very personal problem for me. Look, I assumed that they are up to something and that this something could be the undead in Drefia. ...

Domizian: I warned our king, Heliodor, about it but he didn't believe me. I insisted and got short-tempered - which is never a good idea in the presence of your king. He exiled me as punishment for my impudence. ...

Domizian: This is the reason why I live here in Darashia. This city has its conveniences but I would like to return to my pride. Please find Heliodor and tell him about the werehyaenas' pact with the undead. ...

Domizian: Take this ring, it will allow you to enter the lower part of the sanctum. Wear it while you touch one of the lion columns in the centre of the sanctum's upper floor. Then you will reach the lower part.

You will receive a lions ring and will be asked to report to Heliodor, leader of werelions.

Wear it and head here,

and use the lion pillar to teleport to the lower level of the sanctum

Now head north east to a room with four teleporting tiles, here:

Now you'll have to defeat four minibosses and pick up unique creature products each of them drops:

EntranceKatex Blood TongueLoot picture
EntranceYirkas Blue ScalesLoot picture
EntranceUtua Stone StingLoot picture
EntranceSrezz Yellow EyesLoot picture

Once defeated, head here, and use the stone warrior statue:

Now walk on the tiles in the middle of the room to get teleported to the King's chambers

Talk to the king


Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings!

Player: curse

Daniel Steelsoul: Alas, this is a very interesting story you are telling me! Thank you, human, for acquainting me! I will consider to pardon Domizian but I have to take my time to think it through. ...

Daniel Steelsoul: But now, please leave this place. You did us a certain favour but for all that, humans are not welcome here.

Return to Domizian and report your success to him

Domizian: Greetings, traveller!

Player: curse

Domizian: You found Heliodor and told him about the werehyaenas? He will consider to pardon me? I don't know how I could thank you! Take this as a small compensation for your efforts!

Quest Complete!


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