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Mysterious Ornate Chest Quest

Premium:City:Ab'DendrielLevel required:200Level recommended:300+
Creatures to kill:
Diamond Servant Replica Golden Servant Replica Iron Servant Replica An Observer Eye Reflection Of Mawhawk Reflection Of A Mage Last Planegazer Ghost of a Planegazer Reflection of Obujos


The quest begins in ab'dendriel, east of Elvith shop. There are two ways of reaching this spot.

First one: you can use the following route, from boat,

Second one: You can use ab'dendriel lift travel system, starting from the pier near the boat, and then using Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate spell to go down (Marked with red circle)

In this spot, you'll find a hole that can be opened using a shovel.

Open it and you'll find yourself inside of a cave, where we'll find a couple objects of interest:

Piece of Paper - Page from an adventurer's diary

Spoiler Alert!

Book - A book by Dolis, Planegazer and Headmaster of the Scriptorum

Spoiler Alert!

Opticording Sphere - Found inside of Crate

Mysterious Ornate Chest - Both an object and an NPC. For a while you won't be opening it, so you'll be interested only in speaking with the NPC Mysterious Ornate Chest

Once inside of the room, move the crate standing on top of the Crate with bloodstains and open it. You'll find an Opticording Sphere

Walls of testimony

Now you need to visit 5 areas in which there is a total of 8 objects that you have to interact with.


Ab'dendriel - Garsharak

First area to visit is Ab'dendriel temple - find Strangely Shaped Menhir on the east side.

In order to understand how to decipher this menhir, one has to use a binary to text converter. You must disable anti-aliasing in your game settings, set ambient light to maximum and disable light effects, then take a screenshot and on zoomed picture pay really close attention, to find that there are strings of pixels made up of one rectangle and two rectangles. One means 0, two mean 1.

The code on the menhir is following:

01000111 - G

01100001 - A

01110010 - R

01110011 - S

01101000 - H

01100001 - A

01110010 - R

01100001 - A

01101011 - K

Once you stand close to the menhir, use the opticording sphere. Our keyword is GARSHARAK

Venore - Zathroth

Second area to visit is Venore. Following map has three marks, representing three Strange Symbols tiles you must see on your screen when using Opticording Sphere

First tile - "Venore"

01010110 - V

01100101 - E

01101110 - N

01101111 - O

01110010 - R

01100101 - E

Second tile - "0c041a07"

00110000 - 0

01100011 - c

00110000 - 0

00110100 - 4

00110001 - 1

01100001 - a

00110000 - 0

00110111 - 7

Third tile - "000a220d"

00110000 - 0

00110000 - 0

00110000 - 0

01100001 - a

00110010 - 2

00110010 - 2

00110000 - 0

01100100 - d

After deciphering those three tiles, we need to combine the code from the second and third one, resulting in "0c041a07000a220d". This code has to be then divided into smaller pieces like this:

0c 04 1a 07 00 0a 22 0d, this way we obtain 8 binary values, like so:

0c - 00001100

04 - 00000100

1a - 00011010

07 - 00000111

00 - 00000000

0a - 00001010

22 - 00100010

0d - 00001101

Then, we need to apply XOR method to these values, using the values from the first tileset.

As result we obtain following text:

01011010 - Z

01100001 - A

01110100 - T

01101000 - H

01110010 - R

01101111 - O

01110100 - T

01101000 - H

Thus obtaining our second keyword - ZATHROTH

Gray island - Qj-((

Third area to visit is Gray island, here

01010001 - Q

01001010 - J

00101101 - -

00101000 - (

00101000 - (

Keyword - Qj-((

Gnomebase - Ferumbras

Fourth area is Gnomebase, mushroom gardens, here:

In this particular case we need a technique known as Caesar Cipher, which means that every letter in our code is replaced by another letter which is further down the alphabet. You'll be replacing letters with the ones that are after them in alphabetical order, resulting with RZQALTQDE -> SARBMUREF -> reading backwards: FERUMBRAS

01010010 - R -> S

01011010 - Z -> A

01010001 - Q -> R

01000001 - A -> B

01001100 - L -> M

01010100 - T -> U

01010001 - Q -> R

01000100 - D -> E

01000101 - E -> F

Horestis Tomb - Zoralurk

Fifth area is Horestis Tomb, here:

What we're looking for is another set of binary signs, which is on Hieroglyphs found on the walls of Horestis Tomb.

01011010 - Z

01001111 - O

01010010 - R

01000001 - A

01001100 - L

01010101 - U

01010010 - R

01001011 - K

Now, knowing what entities are represented by objects we found, we can return to the Mysterious Ornate Chest .

The keywords you learned are: Ferumbras, Garsharak, Qj-((, Zoralurk, Zathroth

Player: Hi

Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the first wall of testimony.

Player: Ferumbras

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Accepted.

Player: Hi

Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the second wall of testimony.

Player: Garsharak

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Accepted.

Player: Hi

Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the third wall of testimony.

Player: Qj-((

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Accepted.

Player: Hi

Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the fourth wall of testimony.

Player: Zoralurk

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Accepted.

Player: Hi

Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the fifth wall of testimony.

Player: Zathroth

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Accepted.

Site XIV - Opticorder Forge

Once done, our next destination will be in Kazordoon. Make your way to the southernmost mine, here:

Then downstairs, south-east, downstairs and south-east again, until you find another room, here:

Tile puzzle

The stone tablet describes the required mechanism to enter the room.

Following picture explains it

The sun (1) with its burning grasp(2) devours(3) the nothingness(4) twice(5)

The doors will now open

Now you'll find yourself inside of what is known as Site XIV. There are a few objects of interest:

Document (Certificate) written by Farles, Ward of the Forge

Spoiler Alert!

Parchment (Writing) written by Logur, Forgemaster of the Planegazers

Spoiler Alert!

Opticorder Forge with which we'll have to both interact and speak

Strangely Shaped Block which contains the next keyword required to progress

Strangely shaped block

First thing to do, is to take a close look at the Strangely Shaped Block , the same way we did on Strangely Shaped Menhir .

We'll notice it has the same kind of cipher as the menhir from Ab'dendriel temple

01101001 - I

01110011 - S

01101111 - O

01101100 - L

01100001 - A

01110100 - T

01100101 - E

01100100 - D

01100011 - C

01110010 - R

01100001 - A

01100100 - D

01101100 - L

01100101 - E

Now speak with the Opticorder Forge

Player: Hi

Opticorder Forge: State the meaning of the walls VB and VC of testimony.

Player: Isolated Cradle

Opticorder Forge: Accepted. Forge activated.

Use the Opticorder Forge and your Opticording Sphere should now fit inside, activating it. Now using the sphere will result in following text:

The sphere shows a faint glow. You seem to recognise several words: ‘Manipulated from above, dancing on a string.

Use the Torch Bearer to the south-west to leave and return to Mysterious Ornate Chest in Ab'dendriel.

Mysterious metal egg

Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the first five walls of testimony.

Player: Marionettes

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Accepted.

Now use the chest to obtain Mysterious Metal Egg . Use the egg to open it and receive following items:

Rolled-up Parchment

Opticompass Sphere

Complete Opticording Sphere

The Otherworld

But before continuing with those items, you must visit a small room inside of the Otherworld, near the Dwarf Bridge and enter the Glowing Vortex after killing 10 monsters surrounding it.

The way there

The route is as follows:

Once you reach the point marked with 5, throw any object on the spot marked with red square and go down the hole.

Wrecked Opticorder Forge

You'll find yourself inside of a room with a wrecked opticorder forge

Use it to obtain Broken Opticording Sphere

Then use Broken Opticording Sphere on your Opticording Sphere to receive Complete Opticording Sphere .

Unknown site - Krailos

You can now leave the area and go to Krailos, where you'll need your Opticompass Sphere

Finding the site

Using the compass anywhere else than Krailos main area will result in a message saying:

The needle inside of the compass spins

Once you reach Krailos, use the Opticompass Sphere and it will guide you into the proper direction, like this:

Now look for this spot to the east of depot

And use your pick, or a multi-tool on marked spot, north of Pile of Bones

Inside the site

You'll find yourself inside of another Planegazer's Site, number of which is not known.

Now take a look at the minimap. You'll notice that there are a few black dots, some of which are longer, some of which are shorter. These represent numbers 0 and 1

Similarly to previous parts, you'll now receive:



This time, however, we won't be transforming the binary values into ASCII signs, but into decimal values.

00001011 - 11

00001111 - 15

With those two numbers we can look for the next clue. Use the Rolled-up Parchment to see following message:


This can be changed into following binary values:


Which then gives us a decimal value of 2012

Now looking at numbers 15,11,2012 you should notice they are a date, 15th November 2012. On this date an update teaser regarding Venore revamp was published. It contains a couple of pictures containing "before" and "after" states of venore, but one of them contains a very short frame, showing 25 flowers.

Now move north, to the puzzle area. This puzzle is very similiar to the puzzle found in Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest in Tafariel Seal.

Set your ambient light to 100% and keep light effects enabled. Take off all items that give light and proceed to walk on the puzzle area, until you receive this pattern on the puzzle floor. Keep in mind that there's a timer on these tiles, so you shouldn't take longer than 5-10minutes.

Once done, you'll be teleported behind a wall to the east. Should you wish to leave just use the wall to appear on the other side. From now on you don't need to do the puzzle every time you enter, you can just use the wall.

The room

On the other side you'll find a room containing:

Opticorder Analyser

Parchment (Writing) - Woe of the Planegazers

Spoiler Alert!

Use the Book next to the Red Cushioned Chair to receive the Woe of the Planegazers

Then use the Opticorder Analyser

Now if you record all the frames of the tiny wooden pins jumping up and down you'll receive another string of binary values. There are total 16 frames, each containing 4 digits, giving us a total of 64 values.

01010000 - P

01001100 - L

01001110 - N

01010011 - S

01010100 - T

01010010 - R

01000100 - D

01010010 - R

Halls of Hope - Observer Eye

Knowing this, we can move on to the next part of the quest - the Observer Eye. For this part you'll need a partner. Bring Complete Opticording Sphere and any melee weapon capable of destroying furniture.

Getting there

Go to the Forgotten Knowledge Quest area, and take the Energy Portal . This requires you to deliver 50 Marsh Stalker Feather s to Albinius .

Go to this spot and speak to Mysterious Device

You will be teleported into another room in the dungeon

Head west, and decide what room you'll cover and have your partner go to the other one.

You have 5 minutes inside of the rooms.

Step on the control platform if taking the east room,

stand next to the water if taking the west room.


Now the person who navigates has to step in proper direction, to move the person standing in the western room, in order to lead them through the maze. The platforms sink from time to time so you need to be careful. Should you fail, your partner will appear to the west and you'll have to navigate them again.

Once your partner reaches the platform with the lever, don't do anything. It is recommended for both of you to wear an Energy Ring or use Magic Shield Formula: utamo vita 50 Mana Level: 14 Price: 450 gp. Cooldown: 14s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Magic Shield . An Observer Eye can deal up to 5000 energy damage. Once you wear energy ring and/or energy damage reducing gear pull the lever. You'll appear in a room with An Observer Eye

The Observer Eye

In order to pass this room safely you can do three things:

Strategy A) If you have more than 5000-6000 mana+hp total, wear energy damage reducing gear and an energy ring, then just run north sticking to the walls

Strategy B) Use magic walls to prevent the eye from attacking you and keep shooting them and moving north. Once youre behind the eye, standing at the closest sqm to the wall, you're safe

Strategy C) Have a person move towards the wall they're closer to. The eye should then look into that direction. The person on the opposite side of the room should then run north.

Regardless of which strategy you pick - you should now be at the northern wall. Use a melee weapon on the wall to destroy it and access the Opticorder Analyser

Use it in order to sever the nerve connecting the Eye to the Analyser.

Now the eye will turn green and become vulnerable, but it can still deal damage. Keep in mind there's also a 10-15 minutes timer inside of this room. If you're a knight, let your partner do the job. If you're both knights, find a mage/paladin and have them help you, it's nearly impossible to kill the eye as two knights.

No not summon anything, nor get close to the eye. Its attack is a lightning chain that jumps off one person on another, works the same for summons.

It is recommended to fight the eye standing in this spot

Once the eye is defeated open the body and pick up Lit Lightsphere .

There is no currently known use for this item, but keep it since you can only obtain one of these per character

Planegazer's HQ

Getting there

Travel to the Warzone 4 area, here:

And use the two pillars in order to be transported into the entrance to the Planegazers Headquarters.

Outside the headquarters

You will appear at the entrance to the headquarters, where a planegazer called Luis was keeping the gateway safe.

Here you'll find three objects of interest:

Blue Spectacles - used to follow the way of Planegazers, to unlock the entrance to the headquarters

Parchment (Writing) - Diary of Luis, gatekeeper of the Planegazers

Spoiler Alert!

Opticorder Forge - used to create a gate to the headquarters

Head south-east, and open a Box to obtain Blue Spectacles . Open the Book to find Diary of Luis.

You'll now have to find five ghosts in known sites of Planegazers.

Headquarters' ghost

Leave the room and walk a bit to the west, then use your Blue Spectacles . You'll notice a blue ghost, here

Oramond Forge ghost

Make your way through Rathleton sewers, and go down a drain, here

Inside of this room you'll find a couple of interesting objects, but at this point of the quest they don't bring any value. Their purpose was to hint the community at how to decipher the Strangely Shaped Block . The book you'll find inside of the room explains that the walls VA and VD weren't useful (the walls that we don't see from game perspective) but the walls VB and VC were important and the key is on them

Use the Blue Spectacles and head to the next site.

Krailos Ghost

Head to Krailos, to the room you already visited, here

Enter the room with the Opticorder Analyser and use the Blue Spectacles

Ab'dendriel Ghost

Return to Ab'dendriel, where Mysterious Ornate Chest was found, here

As usual, use the Blue Spectacles and move to the next site.

Kazordoon Ghost

Travel to site XIV, here

Use the Blue Spectacles and return to the Planegazer's HQ.

The Last Planegazer - Dolis

Now you'll be able to use the Opticorder Forge to create a portal, leading inside of the headquarters.

Inside the headquarters

Inside, you'll find four books and three NPCs.

Book - The travelling Savant

Spoiler Alert!

Parchment (Yellow) - notes of Cannos

Spoiler Alert!

Book - Research notes of Dolis

Spoiler Alert!

Book - Another part of Research notes of Dolis

Spoiler Alert!
Travelling SavantDolis research notes #1Dolis research notes #2Cannos notes

Vocal Keys

You must now collect three vocal keys which are obtained by solving riddles presented by:



Glimpse of Allusion

Start with Yielothax , here

The riddle here is in the amount of letters in the words said by Yielothax. It says someone was asked "eight" and the answer was "five". Word "Eight" has five letters, hence the answer "five". "Sixteen" question follows the same scheme, and the answer is "seven". Therefore the answer to "Seven" is "five"





Player: FIVE


Yielothax: I AM DISAPPOINTED. ...


Now head north-east, here

and speak with WOX . The sentence he says in deepling language can be translated to "The surface come in peace. We let him stay. What are you?"

You're a visitor so the answer is "buhel"

The answer from WOX will be "Surface dweller death bringer"

An example of deciphering the deepling language can be seen on the following screenshot:


WOX: J-T 8OCLT'' J^BXT CW )|>|)- J°. CL J- JC( XC (T° 8O'''' -'' ''^°

Player: buhel


The last vocal key is granted by The Glimpse of Allusion, here

The solution to his riddle can be found in the book called "The Travelling Savant" which is located inside of the planegazers' HQ.


Glimpse of Allusion: There's a device in Roshamuul, the dreamcatcher, I receive... fragments of dreams from it. I am looking for something. If you help me, I will help you in return. ...

Glimpse of Allusion: A wise man resides in Edron. Before he dedicated his life to science, he travelled the world. I received vivid fragments of his dreams. ...

Glimpse of Allusion: I need to know where his third journey lead him, which artefact he obtained there and why he was able to do so. Are you prepared?

Player: Yes

Glimpse of Allusion: Where did he travel to on his third journey?

Player: Fiehonja

Glimpse of Allusion: I see. What die he aquire there?

Player: Tin Key

Glimpse of Allusion: A key, I understand. How did he aquire it?

Player: Food Crate

Glimpse of Allusion: You have travelled far and are knowledgeable. You helped me more than you could possibly imagine. The psychic lock of the energy gate on this floor can now be breached. I wish you well in your quest.


You'll now have to prepare a team of five players.

Once you obtain all the keys you'll be able to access the teleport, here

You'll appear inside of a lever room, right before the chamber where Dolis is standing

Pull the lever and you'll appear inside of a room where four reflections can be found:

Reflection Of A Mage

Reflection Of Mawhawk

Reflection of Obujos

Last Planegazer

Once you defeat them all, Last Planegazer will drop The Cube

Missing piece of the cube

Travel to Edron and look for the gravestone of Galthen, here

Enter the small hole near the gravestone and you'll find the Sarcophagus where Galthen lies. Use the sarcophagus to obtain The Missing Piece of the Cube

This is where current knowledge of the mystery ends. There's an animation of Cube being completed when being present around Cobra Bastion while someone is fighting Scarlett Etzel . Thanks to her Cobra Amulet she is able to look through peoples hearts and she sees the player as a Planegazer and speaks directly to them, like this:

As seen on the screenshot, she will only call the players who defeated Dolis a Planegazer.

Mysterious ornate chest unsolved dialog

Another unknown piece is something that the Mysterious Ornate Chest says when greeted with "PLNSTRDR" word.

Player: hi

Mysterious Ornate Chest: State the meaning of the first five walls of testimony.

Player: plnstrdr

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Entry edited, investigation restricted. [last access: Farles] ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: [a] (it) ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Creature [thing], undetermined ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Sites: I (unknown), II (restricted), III (restricted), IV (unknown), V (restricted), VI (restricted), VI (restricted, duplicate data detected), VIII (restricted), XIV (unknown) ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: ENTRY RESTRICTED ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: ENTRY RESTRICTED ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Prospect: significant ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: ENTRY RESTRICTED ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Specimen 14: [DA, DB, DC, DD]: (restricted) [CA, CB, CC, CD]: (unknown), [VA, VB, VC, VD] (restricted) ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Specimen 15: [AA, AB, AC, AD]: (restricted) ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: Specimen 16: [AA, AB, AC, AD]: (unknown) ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: ENTRY RESTRICTED ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: ENTRY DELETED ...

Mysterious Ornate Chest: ENTRY RESTRICTED

The conversation does not end after this, suggesting that there's a keyword to be said, which however currently remains uknown. The chest also used to mention site VI twice, both times as restricted, but as of 01.05.2018(possibly earlier, first noticed at this date) it says "Duplicate data detected".


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