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Cobra Bastion

Premium:City:AnkrahmunLevel required:0Level recommended:300+
Creatures to kill:
Cobra Vizier Cobra Scout Cobra Assassin Scarlett Etzel Guard Captain Quaid Gaffir Custodian Ugly Monster


Level - 250(if solo - recommended at least 300-350)

Items: Cheesy Figurine

Quests: none, it is however recommended to start Grave Dangers quest by speaking to Jack Springer in Thais. Bring your Vial of Potent Holy Water in that case.


To begin this quest, travel to Ankrahmun and walk through the desert north-east, east of where Nightmare Isles appear on the Darama Desert.

Go upstairs and use the rope hanging down the bridge towards the tiny boat.

You'll appear on the island where the Cobra Bastion is located.

Now you need to get inside of the mountain. Don't walk up the first staircase you find. Either go east and then south, until you find rocky stairs leading to the fortress, or walk by the western shore south and then walk east to reach said staircase.

While here, pick up the flask with oil. Should there be a wooden barrier at the northern entrance to the castle, it will set the wood on fire and unlock one of treasure chests from the side quest.



Now go upstairs twice. Head north east, through the kitchen and open the Book to obtain your first Parchment (Writing) . containing first chess move: d2-d4, Ng8-f6

and upstairs again and you should find yourself near the library room, here

Walk north, to the vault room. Open the skeleton in the middle to obtain Key 0303 and a Parchment (Writing) . From this parchment you'll need following part: Nb1-c3

If locked, use the key to open the room to the east and open the Book to obtain another parchment, from which the necessary part is: e2-e4, d7-d6.

Proceed south, unlocking the rooms with key 0303 if necessary, and enter Gaffir s room through the fiery barrier.

There's a chance that upon the death of Gaffir an Ugly Monster will spawn. Either let it run around to spawn food and possibly some valuables, kill it or ignore it.

After defeating him, move his body over Fire Bowl while standing on the carpet. You'll be teleported into a secret room containing fourth necessary parchment with the last chess move Nb8-d7

Now you unlocked the dungeon. Go back to the ground floor and head a bit west, to find stairs leading down the mountain.

The Custodian

Follow this route to find the Custodian

Once defeated, you can optionally enter the fire barrier to the east and escort the cart with gold. As of its current state(Test server) the rewards don't seem to be worth the hassle, since it's just a small diamond and there's no achievement either.

Guard Captain Quaid

Whether you skipped the cart with gold part or not, go back the floor where Gaffir was. Go one floor up and through the smoke barrier, to face Guard Captain Quaid .

Defeat him to unlock the southern doors and proceed further.

The Chess puzzle

Walk upstairs and make your way through the bathroom and swimming pool. If you need to safely get your mana up, you can jump in the pool near Fitzgerald.

Once ready, go south and climb up the wooden ladder. Head west, then north and inside of the tower

Walk upstairs, then east and inside the room with ladder leading upstairs

Walk over the bridge until you can use Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate spell down on the other side (Don't enter the tower at the end of the bridge)

Once down, run a bit north to find a rope, then use it.

You'll find yourself near a chess board. Enter the room, put a cheesy figurine on the spot of the missing Queen and move the chess pieces according to previously found moves on parchments

d2-d4, Ng8-f6


e2-e4, d7-d6


The order doesn't matter, the chess board should look like this:

A Roaring Lion will spawn and you'll be granted access to the room with Scarlett Etzel

Pick up the cheesy figurine if you want to help out someone else later and don't have another one, otherwise it'll disappear when the room gets restarted.

The glowing doors will now be unlocked

Boss fight - Scarlett Etzel

Proceed through the unlocked glowing doors, and walk back downstairs three times, then south through the kitchen and downstairs once again. You will now be able to open the doors leading to Scarlett Etzel .

Important note: In order to damage Scarlett, you must use Galthen's Chestplate , found on the stand in the northern part of the room. She will then become stunned and you'll be able to attack her for a couple seconds. It is recommended to use maximum three turns of damage like waves, exoris or UE's, then switch to targetted attack and shooting runes at her since once she leaves this state you will automatically stop attacking her.

WARNING: ONCE SCARLETT'S STUNNED PHASE IS OVER SHE WILL USE A POWERFUL AOE ATTACK THAT IS ABLE TO HIT UP TO 8000 EARTH DAMAGE. DON'T STAND CLOSE TO HER. Distances on screenshots in this guide were based on test server distances so first use energy shield to make sure yourself nothing was changed, if using this guide right after test server

In order to help yourself with the fight, set up mirrors like this and put the armor nearby

Once Scarlett stands between them, use the armor and walk away. When you're at distance, shoot a single spell at her. She will use a powerful attack and the mirrors will reflect the damage on her.

Wait for the armor respawn and repeat this step. It is recommended to go through at least one stage of the fight without using the mirror help, to gain participation points to be eligible for rare drops.

Once killed your questlog will be updated and for current knowledge, the quest is completed. Congratulations!

Side Quests

Side Quest: Finding Scarlett treasures

Locations of 10(9?) chests with Scarletts treasures


Ground floor

First floor

Second floor

Third floor

Fourth floor

Fifth floor

Sixth floor missing map

Chest number 1Chest number 2Chest number 3
Chest number 4Chest number 5Chest number 6
Chest number 7Chest number 8Chest number 9
Chest 10

Sarcophagus(Grave Danger quest)

In order to complete this part of Grave Dangers quest, use the Vial of Potent Holy Water on the sarcophagus in the southern room in the dungeon.

Cobra amulet

UNKNOWN PART: Empty Ritual Flask , The Cobra Amulet


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