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Grave Danger Quest

Premium:City:ThaisLevel required:250Level recommended:350+
Creatures to kill:


Items: Vial of Potent Holy Water - can be purchased from Jack Springer after beginning the quest


Travel to Thais, here

Speak to Jack Springer . You can either follow highlighted words for a longer conversation, but with many details about lore, or you can skip it all by just saying the word "late". Remember to buy a Vial of Potent Holy Water while speaking to him.

Player: hi

Jack Springer: Welcome, Player! There is much we have to discuss.

Player: late

Jack Springer: While you travel and fight the threat where it arises, we will put all our resources into researching the ultimate plans of the legion. Perhaps I can tell you more when you report back. ...

Jack Springer: Don't forget that you'll need very potent holy water for your task. If you need some, just ask me for a trade.

Player: trade

Jack Springer: Of course, my friend.

Sanctifying lich-knights graves

Jack will send you to sanctify graves of 12 famous knights before they're raised as lich-knights, but only 3 of them can still be saved. Four of them were already rescued and are reviving King Zelos. Remaining 5 you'll have to fight. You'll start your errand from the safe graves where there is no fight.

Dark Cathedral Grave

Travel here

Enter the room and use your Vial of Potent Holy Water on the Sarcophagus

Femor Hills

Travel here,

Enter the room and walk close to the Sarcophagus. You'll be notified that the grave has already been defiled and you can no longer prevent this lich-knight from rising.


Travel to the wyvern hill, close to the Orc Fortress, here

Go downstairs and you'll be notified about this grave being defiled too.


Travel to Folda, here

You'll find out that that's another defiled grave, nothing else to do here.


Now go to Vengoth and enter a tiny tunnel just south of where you'd normally go upstairs towards the castle, here

Enter the room, walk next to the sarcophagus to find out about the last defiled grave.

Cobra Bastion

Travel to the Cobra Bastion and you'll have to find the grave in the basement, here

In order to access this area, you need to defeat Gaffir . You can read a guide about it here: Cobra Bastion

Once inside, use your Vial of Potent Holy Water on the sarcophagus


The last grave to sanctify is found under the Kilmaresh mountains. It can be accessed by following Saideh mission "Revenge of the Ogres" in Kilmaresh Quest

Use your Vial of Potent Holy Water on the sarcophagus

Guarded lich-knight graves

Now you'll have to gather a team of maximum 5 people.

Ancient Temple - Duke Krule

Travel to the Ancient Temple in Thais, here

EntranceLever room

Duke Krule is rather simple - however you should watch out when entering the room, even paladins should wear energy ring at the moment of pulling the entrance lever. Once you spread it's safe to take it off

During this fight, players will randomly be turned into water and fire elementals. During the transformation, every 3 seconds they will emit an area attack. If you're turned into the same elemental as someone else, you can stand next to them safely. If you're however the opposite, you should stay away, or you'll be hitting each other.

Area attack in fire elemental formDuke KruleArea attack in water elemental form

A good tactic to minimise risks is for knight to keep the boss in the middle, and remaining four players taking spots on each corner of the room.

Cormaya - Earl Osam

Take a boat to Cormaya and walk here,

EntranceSarcophagusLever room

Earl Osam is tricky and requires some cooperation. Good approach to killing this boss is to lure it to one of the corners and have mages stick to the wall, and if you have a paladin, have him stand closer to the middle so he focuses Frozen Soul on himself, while druids can heal him and the knight. It's important since the frozen souls can deal really high damage, of even 500-800 per turn, each.

Whatever strategy you pick - once the boss loses about 40% health it will appear in the middle and become invulnerable - Channeling Earl Osam . During this phase, four Magical Sphere will appear on each side of the room. You need to destroy them all before they reach Channeling Earl Osam . For every sphere that reaches him, he will be healed 40000 health.

Whether you destroy them or not - he will re-appear and become vulnerable again. Lure him away and continue killing.

Darashia - The knight brothers

You'll have to face two bosses now - they're located in the area where Koshei the Deathless Quest is. Walk here,

EntranceSarcophagusLever room

Sir Nictros and Sir Baeloc are tricky - At first you'll be facing only one of them. Keep him away from his minions and damage him. Once he's dropped to yellow(?) health, he'll retreat and his brother will appear in his place. Repeat the same with the other brother, but get ready to split once he hits yellow health too. In that moment the first brother will come to help and you'll fight them two at once. You cannot keep them close to each other, or else they will heal themselves.

Exact strategy and who heals who isn't known due to many changes over the test server.

The brothersSir Nictros

Ghostlands - Lord Azaram

Lord Azaram is located underneath ghostlands, in the cave where a Fire Devil spawns, here

EntranceSarcophagusLever room

Have the knight tank the boss and damage it. Try to lure Condensed Sin on the knight or paladin. After a couple seconds it will turn into Azaram's Soul . Then wait until tainted soul splinters start to spawn and kill them. Then lure Azaram's Soul over the purple fire that appears instead of their bodies in order to respawn Azaram. Repeat until killed.

Edron - Count Vlarkorth

Walk to the tiny mountain near the Old Fortress, here

EntranceSarcophagusLever room

Similarly to the brothers from Darashia, during this fight you'll have to keep the Soulless Minion away from the boss. At some point of the battle, a couple of grey minions resembling vocations of each team member will spawn.

Keep them away from Soulless Minion and from the boss. Stop attacking it and focus on killing the dark minions. Once killed they will drop their "good" remains

Dark Druid - Good Remains of a Druid

Dark Knight - Good Remains of a Knight

Dark Sorcerer - Good Remains of a Sorcerer

Dark Paladin - Good Remains of a Paladin

Players of corresponding vocations need to use those remains on the boss in order to destroy his shield. Return to attacking the boss. The minions should spawn 2-3 times every fight. Repeat the process until the boss is killed.

King Zelos

Once you're done with all the graves, return to Jack Springer. Inform him about finishing your mission and he'll tell you about the biggest threat - King Zelos being summoned by four Lich-knights that escaped their graves.

Accept his mission, gather a team of 10 players and travel to the Isle of the Kings, here

EntranceSarcophagusLever room

This fight consists of four parts - you must complete the first stage under 15 minutes. Otherwise it will be too late and the King will take reduced damage and will heal alot, making him impossible to be killed.

Following strategy and order was used on test server to successfully defeat King Zelos and his Knights, however things may change and be easier/different when the update goes live.

North-western corner - Nargol the Impaler

This boss proved to be most difficult due to the required damage in a restricted amount of time.

Trap the boss in the middle of the room, like on the screenshot,

Once he dies, a Regenerating Mass will appear in the middle of the room. Kill it as fast as possible. You only have a minute to deal enough damage.

Now, depending if there were any changes made to The Red Knight, you might want to stick to the following strategy: The strongest knight and druid run south to face The Red Knight. The rest of the team moves east to Magnor Mournbringer. Once the Red Knight is dead, the duo that killed him joins the rest of the team.

South-west corner - The Red Knight

In Test server state this boss was the weakest, but still very deadly.

wear a Helmet of the Deep or Depth Galea

The idea is following: Keep the boss near Vampiric slimes when you kill them. This way, if he stands directly next to them he will take around 20000-25000 drowning damage. Keep luring them and killing them until the boss dies. Once finished, move to the next boss.

The Red KnightDamaging the boss

North-eastern corner - Magnor Mournbringer

Keep the boss trapped somewhere, preferably near a teleport. After killing it watch out, four Shard of Magnor will spawn. They have a shared pool of hp so try to hit them all at once. Do not use earth damage as it heals them.

South-western corner - Reward the bloody

Rewar the Bloody has two forms. During the red one he will be invulnerable. He will take that form whenever a Fetter is alive.

Keep the boss trapped as presented on the following screenshot and have everyone stay close. Whenever fetters spawn, spam gfbs to kill them. You can have a knight on the other side to make fetters run into the team for easier targeting. Repeat killing them and attacking the boss.

The final fight - King Zelos

Once all of the four knights are dead you can move to the middle of the arena. Be careful though - once you enter the centre room you can no longer leave it.

To the north you'll see a green Vortex . At a certain point of the fight, it will turn red into Vortex . If someone from the team gets hexed, they can step into this teleport to remove hex from themselves, but it's not recommended since it will spawn an unleashed hex and will make King Zelos heal for about 15000. It's better to step away from boss for 30 seconds until the hex goes away on its own.

As for the fight itself - keep the boss somewhere on the side/corner of the room. It's extremely easy to die here even on a level 1000, even on manashield since the boss has an attack that ignores manashield. The earlier mentioned hex will halve your maximum hp, your damage and received healing. It appears that the hex is inflicted when getting hit by his beam. The best way to kill the boss during the test server was to keep him away by one knight, and if the boss hexed him by accident, another knight switched places. The rest of the team stood away diagonally and shot GFBS at the boss. Keep attacking until the boss dies.

Report back to Jack Springer to finish the quest and to receive the Tomb Assassin Outfit


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