Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Kilmaresh Quest



Items: Scythe , Hand Auger ,2 Piece of Crocodile Leather , 5 Crab Pincers , 3 Scorpion Tail , Small Emerald

Level: None (Recommended 300+)

Fafnar's Wrath

Eshaya's suspicions

Speak with Eshaya , here

Player: mission

Eshaya: I'm willing to admit that I need help. And the help of someone who is not from Issavi at that. But the task could be dangerous and you would become embroiled in the politics and court intrigues of Kilmaresh. Will you help me anyhow?

Player: yes

Eshaya: You are a noble soul! So listen: for many decades, over a century actually, the city of Rathleton had an Ambassador here in Issavi. ...

Eshaya: Kilmaresh and Oramond maintain important commercial relations, and for this reason Rathleton has an envoy here. In the past, the relations were good but now ...

Eshaya: I hate to admit it but I heavily suspect that the current Ambassador is a traitor and consorts with the forbidden cult of Fafnar. I have several hints and Kallimae saw it in one of her visions. ...

Eshaya: But the vision of a Kilmareshian seer is no proof they will ever accept in Rathleton. And without proof we can't banish the Ambassador, this would cause major diplomatic fallout or even a war. I can't risk that. ...

Eshaya: I need unequivocal evidence that the Ambassador conspires with the Fafnar cultists. Please go to his residence in the eastern part of the city and search for letters, journals ... anything that could prove him guilty.

Ambassador's treason

After accepting the mission walk east, here

Go upstairs and enter the Ambassador's house to the south

First, use the pile of scrolls on the table

16:21 You examine the scrolls carefully. Those are orders from Rathleton for the Ambassador. No sign of treason here.

Then head upstairs use the Burnt Scroll inside of Chimney .

16:22 Documents were burnt here recently. Only the part of one scroll still lies in front of the chimney but it's too sooted to read.

Then walk to the southern edge of the carpet, near torn piece of paper

16:22 Paper scraps lie scattered on the floor. It takes some time to put them back together. But it's only a badly written poem.

You can optionally open the Book to obtain a Silken Bookmark . Afterwards, head upstairs again and walk on the southern edge of the carpet. You will get a message saying you cannot find any proof of Ambassadors treason and your questlog should now update.

16:23 You find nothing in the Ambassador's house. If he's in fact a traitor he got rid of any evidence that could incriminate him.

16:23 Your questlog has been updated.

Pile of scrollsBurnt scrollTorn paper
Silken BookmarkNo evidence

Return to Eshaya . He will tell you that you need to obtain a Ring of Secret Thoughts from a monstrous being called Urmahlullu the Immaculate

Player: mission

Eshaya: It seems that he destroyed every visible evidence of his treason. That's very unfortunate and I see only one remaining possibility: You need to see the Ambassador's memories. ...

Eshaya: But there is only one way to achieve this: You have to find a Ring of Secret Thoughts. Legend has it that a monstrous being called Urmahlullu has such a ring. If the myths are true you can find this creature in a subterranean tomb south of Issavi.

Urmahlullu the Immaculate

You now have to travel here, and enter a tiny hut leading to Urmahlullu's lair

The fight has five stages. First, you must defeat Urmahlullu the Immaculate . There are two spots viable for trapping it. One of them is in the south-eastern part of the cave, one is in the north-eastern part, near the teleport.

Once you defeat this phase, Wildness of Urmahlullu will spawn. Keep in mind that you have around a minute to kill it, otherwise it will revert to previous form. Once killed, it will become Urmahlullu the Tamed . Next one is Wisdom of Urmahlullu . Just like Wildness form, it will rever to its previous form if not killed on time. This form is immune to death damage. The last form is called Urmahlullu The Weakened and it will drop the Ring of Secret Thoughts .

Urmahlullu the ImmaculateWildness of UrmahlulluUrmahlullu the Tamed
Wisdom of UrmahlulluUrmahlullu the WeakenedRing of Secret Thoughts

A gift for the Ambassador

After the battle, return to Eshaya

Player: mission

Eshaya: You found the Ring of Secret Thoughts! Well done! Now give it to the Ambassador as a present. He's a peacock and will accept such a precious gift for sure. As soon as he wears it, his memories will be stored in the ring.

Now you'll have to find Ambassador of Rathleton , here

and gift him the ring.

Player: present

Ambassador of Rathleton: This is a very beautiful ring. Thank you for this generous present!

Retrieving the gift

You must now figure a way to get your ring back. Fortunately, in the city of Issavi there's a sibang that specializes in theft. And that sibang is Moe , located over Ramina 's tavern, here

Player: theft

Moe: I guess I could do this, yes. But I have to impose a condition. If you bring me twenty sphinx feathers I will steal this ring for you.

You now have to gather 10 Sphinx Feather s. They're a semi-rare drop from Sphinx and possibly Feral Sphinx . Once gathered, speak with Moe again.

Player: feathers

Moe: Thank you! They look so pretty, I'm very pleased. Agreed, now I will steal the ring from the Ambassador of Rathleton. Just be patient, I have to wait for a good moment.

Now you have to wait one hour for Moe to steal the ring

Player: theft

Moe: You're arriving at the right time. I have the ring you asked for. It was not too difficult. I just had to wait until the Ambassador left his residence and then I climbed in through the window. Here it is.

You'll receive Ring of Secret Thoughts . Take it to The Librarian , here

Mind travel

Player: ring

The Librarian: To extract memories from the ring, you have to enter a trance-like state with the help of a hallucinogen. Like this you can see all memories that are stored in the ring. Ask Faloriel for a respective potion. ...

The Librarian: Drink it while wearing the ring in the Temple of Bastesh and say: ,Sa Katesa Tarsani na'. If the legends are true you will be able to take memories with you in the form of memory shards.

Head to the market, here,

and speak to Faloriel to purchase Flask of Hallucinogen for 1000 gold.

Player: hallucinogen

Faloriel: So, the Librarian sent you. Well, yes, I have a vial of the hallucinogen you need. I'll give it to you for 1000 gold. Do you agree?

Player: yes

Faloriel: Great. Here, take it.

Now with the ring and hallucinogen, head south-west, to the temple of Bastesh, here

And use the hallucinogen on yourself, while wearing the ring.

You will be transported into the mind of the Ambassador.

Be careful. Once you appear inside, you might get swarmed with Earworms, which are dangerous and quick.

Your mission here is to obtain memory fragments from Earworm . They're semi-rare, but you need three of them. Each player doing this mission has to have one of each crystal, so if you're there with a team you'll take longer to loot for everyone.

Blue Memory Shard

Green Memory Shard

Violet Memory Shard

Don't walk on Energy Field since they can make your memory fragments disappear.

Once you obtain three of them, find a memory enlightener on the west side of the brain, here

and use the memory fragments on it,

Purple fragmentGreen fragmentBlue fragment

Keep the fragments with yourself and return to Eshaya

Player: mission

Eshaya: This is the proof we need! Very well done! You have to report this to our Empress. She will grant you an audience now.

Now you're granted the audience of The Empress .

Walk south of where Ambassador was found earlier, here

Player: Hi

The Empress: I see. There is enough and adequate evidence that the Ambassador of Rathleton is indeed an arch traitor. So, Eshaya was right. Well done, mortal being. You have proven your loyalty and bravery, therefore allow me to ask you one more favour. ...

The Empress: The Cult of Fafnar is a serious problem for Issavi. The cultists are roaming the sewers and catacombs beneath the city now and again but this time they are really up to something. ...

The Empress: As a member of the Sapphire Blade found out, they are planning to cause a major earthquake, that could severely damage or even destroy Issavi. You may wonder how. ...

The Empress: Well, they want to activate five Fafnar statues which they have already enchanted. They are hidden in the catacombs underneath the city. Please go down and search for the statues. ...

The Empress: Then use this sceptre to bless them in the name of Suon and Bastesh. This will destroy the disastrous enchantment and Issavi will be safe again.

You will receive a Sceptre of Sun and Sea to bless five statues of fafnar in the catacombs under the city. In order to access them though, you need to find four masks:

Ivory Mask

Silver Mask

Gryphon Mask

Mirror Mask

Locations of these masks can be found on four types of Secret Instruction . Three of those can be dropped by cultists around the city, one of them has to be found in Floating Green Flask . While the ones that can be looted can be avoided, it's safer to pick up the fourth one just for the sake of integrity and in case of potential bugs.

Four masks

First mask - Ivory Mask

19:09 You see a secret instruction.

It weighs 0.20 oz.

The ivory mask is under the ankh mosaic in the library. Put the missing emerald in the tile to open the hidden compartment. This mask will open the ivory-adorned doors.

Walk into the palace, here,

and use a Small Emerald on the ankh mosaic found in the middle of all mosaics

Second mask - Gryphon Mask

22:59 You see a secret instruction.

It weighs 0.20 oz.

You can find the gryphon mask high in the mountains. It will open the gryphon-guarded door.

Travel to the mountains, from the western side, here

Third mask - Silver Mask

19:41 You see a secret instruction.

It weighs 0.20 oz.

The silver mask is hidden in the ruins of Nuur.

It will open the silver-veined doors.

Swim to an island to the south-west, here

and use the Palm to the south.

Fourth mask - Mirror Mask

19:41 You see a secret instruction.

It weighs 0.20 oz.

The mirror mask is hidden in a tomb near the northern oasis.

It will open the mirror-behung door.

Find a small hut, similiar to the one you've entered to find Urmahlullu, here

Go inside and open the Sarcophagus .

Blessing the statues

You must now find five Statue of Fafnar around the city catacombs and bless them with your Sceptre of Sun and Sea

Locations of the statues are on following map:

First statueSecond statueThird statue
Fourth statueFifth statue

Once finished, return to The Empress . She will gift you with a Sun Medal , which can later be combined with three other pieces into The Regalia of Suon .

Midnight Rituals

Before starting this mission, buy a Hand Auger from any NPC in any city where tools are sold. For example Shiantis in Venore.

Speak to Kallimae , here

She will need your help with a couple of tasks. She'll have you visit four people - Yonan , Narsai , Tefrit and Shimun .

Each of them will give you a list of ingredients which you'll have to gather for them.


You'll find Narsai south of the marketplace, here

You see Narsai's List

It weighs 0.30 oz.

needed ingredients: ten bottles of cactus milk, two pieces of crocodile leather and five jars of palm honey.

Vial of Cactus Milk - use a Hand Auger on Flowering Cactus . There are two types of said cacti, both of them work.

Piece of Crocodile Leather - dropped by Crocodile

Jar of Honey - use Empty Honey Glass on Honey Palm . Honey glass is dropped by cultists under the city

Flowering cactus (small)Flowering cactus (big)Honey palm


Before going to Tefrit, open a Box in a small house south of the Issavi Boat, here

Then go find a small hut, north-west of the city, here

Go downstairs and open a sarcophagus just to the right to obtain Ritual Scissors

You'll find Tefrit in the southern part of the mountains, here

You see Tefrit's List

It weighs 0.30 oz.

needed ingredients: five crab pincers, twenty pieces of honey palm bark, twenty-five shreds of spiderweb clouds and fifteen wild desert roses.

Crab Pincers - dropped by Crab

Honey Palm Bark - obtained by using a Bark Peeler on a Honey Palm

Spiderweb Clouds Shreds - obtained by using Ritual Scissors on spiderwebs found around the of Kilmaresh Steppe

Wild Desert Rose - obtained by using Ritual Scissors on desert rose bush.

Wild desert rose bushLarge spider web


You'll find Yonan at the marketplace, to the east, here

He'll give you a Pick

You see Yonan's List

It weighs 0.30 oz.

needed ingredients: three scorpion tails, twelve veldt flowers and ten nuggets of tagralt ore.

Scorpion Tail - dropped by Scorpion

Veldt Flowers - obtained by using Ritual Scissors on Veldt Flowers

Tagralt Nugged - obtained by using Pick on Veined Stone (3 nuggets per 5 minutes)

Veined stoneVeldt flowers


You'll find Shimun at the river Nykri delta, here

You see Shimun's List

It weighs 0.30 oz.

needed ingredients: one lizard heart, twelve snake maws and five vials of ink.

Lizard Heart - dropped by all types of Goannas on Kilmaresh Steppe

Snake Maw - obtained by using Ritual Scissors on Snake Maw

Vial of Ink - obtained by using a Vial on a dead Biting Book . Two biting books can be found on the lowest floor of Issavi Library.

Snake mawBiting books

Once you bring all required items to all NPCs, return to Kallimae

She will now allow you to participate in an ancient ritual - The Midnight Pilgrimage

Midnight Pilgrimage

Your goal is to witness four sacred objects.

The Owl on a tree

The owl can be found on the northern shore of Kilmaresh, near a Suons shrine, here

Basin filled with blood

The basin is found in the Sphinx tunnels, north-west of the city, where you previously found Ritual Scissors , this time one floor deeper

Sun-marked Goanna

You have to find a Sun-marked Goanna which will drop a Goanna Hide with Sun Symbol . You can find the Goanna on the southern shore of Kilmaresh, here

A bleeding tree

The bleeding tree can be found near the mountain, from the side of Green Belt, here

Once you visit all the spots, report back to Kallimae . She'll reward you with another piece of The Regalia of Suon - Blue and Golden Cordon

The Boards that Mean the World

Speak with a medusa called Alyxo on the northern side of the city, here

She will order you to kill three demons that inhabit Kilmaresh - Bragrumol , Mozradek and Xogixath .


Start with this Mozradek - it's the closest boss to Alyxo, because it's just a couple squares to the east, here

Walk downstairs and north-west, until you find another way downstairs. Be careful, Mozradek is right down the hole.


Next boss is a hellflayer-like demon, Bragrumol . He's located on the western shore of Kilmaresh, under a small hut, like the one you've been visiting when looking for scissors and Urmahlullu, here


Xogixath can be found in a small hut on the northern shore, here

Return to Alyxo and report your success. She'll order you with next mission - killing cultists, finding a present and finding a stolen lyre

Killing cultists

You must kill a total of 300 Fafnar cultists, among which are Burning Gladiator and Priestess of the Wild Sun . They can be fought anywhere on Kilmaresh and will count towards the mission.

Once done, return to Alyxo and report by saying "fafnar cultists"

Stolen lyre

You must find a stolen Ivory Lyre . Find Moe and ask him about 'lyre'. According to him, it is located two floors down, behind glowing doors, here

Return to Alyxo and report this mission by saying "lyre"

Gift for Narsai

You must obtain a Small Tortoise . It can either be fished with a Net or looted from Goannas.

Return to Alyxo and report this mission by saying "present"

Alyxo will reward you with a Sunray Emblem

Revenge of the Ogres

Travel to the Green Belt, and enter the waterfall, here

You'll need a Scythe if Reed will be blocking the way

Then, jump into the water, here

and swim north, inside the waterfall. Speak to Saideh

Saideh: Hello, my name is Saideh. Once this was the entry to the crypt of our heroes. One of the graves belongs to our beloved hero Dayyan. Nowadays it is not a good idea to visit this place. ...

Saideh: Unfortunately hordes of ogres have hogged it. A brave adventurer could change this situation.

Player: situation

Saideh: I would like you to visit the grave of our beloved hero Dayyan. His remains have to be reburied, because a horde of ogres controls this place. Do you want to start this holy mission?

Player: yes

Saideh: Well, I appreciate that. Good luck!

Under the mountaing

He'll ask you to rebury the remains of Dayyan, a Kilmareshian Hero. Pass through the glowing doors, and go downstairs, here

Then walk to the western side of the cave, here

Open the Box to obtain a wooden cage key.

Now go south-east, to a giant cage with Clomps, here

and use the key on the glowing doors to unlock them

Now go downstairs and north-west, here, where you'll find the first puzzle:

The Vocation Riddle

This is the simplest riddle - enter the portal that corresponds with your vocation.

Bone Club - Knight

Snakebite Rod - Druid

Crossbow - Paladin

Wand of Inferno - Sorcerer

The Basin Riddle

In this room you have to choose a teleport based on the amount of basins lit at current moment.

Going from the left, if:

0 basins are lit - take the first teleport.

1 basin is lit - take the second teleport.

2 basins are lit - take the third teleport.

3 basins are lit - take the fourth teleport.

In the presented screenshot, you'd take the third teleport from the left.

The Mummy riddle

Now pay attention to the mummies south of you. If they stand on black tiles, the correct teleport will be the one is the one with corresponding number. In the presented screenshot it'd be first and second teleports from the left.

The Path riddle

The key to this riddle is presented on the following picture, along with an example of solution

A good approach to this riddle is to look at the first tile to the left, and step on the same type of tile in the first line of the riddle. Then wait for the puzzle to change. Then quickly look at the remaining three tiles, and in the order from left to right, step on those tiles through next lines of the puzzle.

Scorpion grave

Once done, open the glowing doors to the west, and click on the left side of the scorpion grave to the north


The tile riddle

The next riddle requires a bit of focus and a bit of luck. You need to quickly estimate the amounts of tiles overall in the two areas on the right and left. In total there are 64 tiles. The proper teleport will be the one, which is represented by the most tiles on the two presented areas. In this screenshot example it would be first teleport from the north, the white one.

Once teleported walk south for the final riddle.

The maze riddle

Start this riddle by entering through the doors that don't have red sparks, to the north east. The route is following:

If you somehow mess up, you can walk to the west and pull the lever to reset this puzzle and start again.

Grave Dangers Sidequest

If you started Grave Dangers quest you will be able to go downstairs and through glowing doors to the north, to find the Grave mentioned in your questlog in Kilmaresh area

Once you're done with the scorpion grave and the riddles you can leave the area. Fastest way is to take the teleport near the last puzzle and then failing vocation puzzle. This way you'll appear on the surface with a little distance to report to Saideh . He will then reward you with a Golden Bijou

A wounded shark

Travel to the temple of Bastesh and speak to Ninev , here

Player: wounded shark

Ninev: This poor shark is seriously injured. It seems it was attacked by a sea serpent. Those dangerous creatures seldom stray into the coastal waters around Kilmaresh but sometimes it happens. ...

Ninev: This shark was lucky enough to escape alive but now it's in need of help. Unfortunately I don't have the needed medicine here in the temple. Would you keep an eye open and look for it while hurling yourself into adventures?

Player: yes

Ninev: You're a kind soul, Bastesh may bless you. What I need is a healing salve that resists salt water. Perhaps you can find some of it out there.

Now walk here and use the pile of ashes,

You'll obtain a Box with Balm

Now find a sheep. A couple of them can be found near Shimun , here

By using Ritual Scissors on Sheep you'll obtain Greasy Wool . Combine it with Box with Balm to get Box with Waterproof Balm . Return to Ninev and report your mission. You'll be rewarded with a Golden Sea Horse Figurine .


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