Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Order of the Falcon

Premium:City:EdronLevel required:250Level recommended:300+
Creatures to kill:
Falcon Knight Grand Commander Soeren Preceptor Lazare Grand Chaplain Gaunder Grand Canon Dominus Dazed Leaf Golem Grand Master Oberon Falcon Paladin


Remember to take Bucket with you, you will need it to fill Chalk Residues .

Our journey begins in Edron, please follow to the mark showed on map.

Follow the path upstairs till you will get to the place shown on picture, use the ground to get Bucket Filled With Chalk and levitate near of stone up.

Info: You have to be there between :45 and :15 in real time. Example: You can use the teleport between 12:45 and 13:15.

ChalkLevitate here

Follow the way to the top of the castle. From the chest you will get Page from a Mystic Book .

Your job now is to kill bosses to gain access to different part of brotherhood house as well as collect items from chests, furniture and corpses.

Items which you will need:

Here the table of bosses and their locations, please kill them in the same order as shown in Table, they spawns as regular creatures, approx. every 5 minutes. You will notice that you have correctly killed boss by a message in your Loot channel "Your deeds have been noticed":

Follow the path shown below to kill all the bosses in correct order.

Note: If you have done The New Frontier Quest you are able to gain access to shortcut between Zao Steppe and Falcon castle. On map we showed you the place with boat, using it will grand you access to fast travel between Farmine and Falcon Caste.

Main boss tactic

Grand Master Oberon

The tactic is hard because you have to use a chat in between fight. In moment when main boss reach red health he will summon Falcon Knight and Falcon Paladin to aid him, as well as he will regain full health. He will then use on of the messages below. Your job is to write on local chat a answer so that he will be once again able to get hit. He won't be kill able until you answer correctly.

Boss MessageReply
The world will suffer for its idle laziness!Are you ever going to fight or do you prefer talking!
People fall at my feet when they see me coming!Even before they smell your breath?
I will remove you from this plane of existence!Too bad you barely exist at all!
Dragons will soon rule this world, I am their herald!Excuse me but I still do not get the message!
I lead the most honourable and formidable following of knights!Then why are we fighting alone right now?
You appear like a worm among men!How appropriate, you look like something worms already got the better of!
This will be the end of mortal men!Then let me show you the concept of mortality before it!
The true virtues of chivalry are my belief!Dare strike up a Minnesang and you will receive your last accolade!

After you kill the boss, you will loot The Spatial Warp Almanac and can continue to do The Secret Library Quest .

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