Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

The Curse Spreads Quest

Premium:City:EdronLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Werewolf Elder Bonelord Vampire Kongra Merlkin Sibang Werebadger Werebear Wereboar Clomp Ogre Brute Ogre Savage Ogre Shaman Werefox Shadowpelt Black Vixen Bloodback Darkfang Sharpclaw


Begin the quest by saying hi,news,spreading,yes, to Maeryn on Grimvale.

Talking with Maeryn

Aiding with curse

Talk to Daniel Steelsoul and agree to help him - Curse. He will send you to seek help in Magic Academy. Unfortunately every NPC there will send you to other ones, eventually leading to Milos . He's located on top floor of north-western tower. Speak with him and he will tell you to find his old notes.

The notes are located in three spots: Two floors of library and room with Puffels

Once you obtained all notes: Hastily Scribbled Note , Piece of Parchment , Piece of Parchment , Piece of Parchment , go back to Milos and say "curse" to him. This is very important, without that you won't be able to proceed with the quest.

He will give you Crimson Nightshade Blossoms and Stone Tablet with Ley Lines .

Before focusing on these, travel to Venore and head to Corym Mines from Hidden Threats Quest .

Inside the mines, look for Silver Nugget and Gold Nugget . Use a Pick on each of them to obtain Silver Nuggets and Gold Nuggets .

Now go back to Ivory Towers and use your newly obtained nuggets on wooden treadmill in the same tower as Milos is. You will obtain silver Silver Dust and gold Gold Dust dust.

Now go to the island on the western part of Edron. In order to get there go downstairs in the edron flats building, then down the drain, and follow the path until you end up on surface with orcs, then walk south-east until you find a warning sign about were-creatures.

Stars are for future mission, they mark boss teleports.

Brown cross marks black portal, also for future mission.

Blue flag icon marks Shadow Bite Berries spot.

Now that you have gold dust Gold Dust , silver dust Silver Dust , crimson nightshade Crimson Nightshade Blossoms and shadow bite berries Shadow Bite Berries you can prepare the cure. For that go to Sinclair 's room in Ivory Towers and use ingredients on the apparatus near northern wall.

Go back to Daniel Steelsoul , give him the cure Nightshade Distillate and he will send you to Cormaya to meet Yoem . He will tell you about an issue on Cormaya and will ask you to investigate. Before you do so, you need to perform a ritual in Grimvale. Go to lowest floor of Grimvale and find a room with 5 levers. Pull the levers to move white tiles in order presented in top right of following screen.

When done, pull any lever again and it will click, then you may go back to Cormaya.

Walk here

and go downstairs until you reach a blue flame, go through and make your way to the south-west part of dungeon(marked as green arrow on following map)

Similarly to earlier map, stars mark were-bosses that are needed for last mission

You will find yourself in a room with pouring water and a few were-creature statues

Now go back to Yoem , he'll send you to Milos .

Report to him and he will give you a golden symbol of Suon Golden Symbol of Suon and send you to use the symbol near three totems around Tibia.

The locations are following: Vengoth, Banuta, Krailos


Once done, go back to the Last Sanctum (Cormaya Dungeon) and check the room with statues

It should look like this

Report back to Yoem , then to Daniel Steelsoul .

The Were-bosses

Daniel Steelsoul will send you on your last mission - kill the were-creature leaders.

Their locations are on following maps, marked as stars:

Sharpclaw Darkfang Bloodback
Black Vixen Shadowpelt

After killing the bosses go back to Daniel Steelsoul . He will reward you with a Foxtail Amulet .

Quest complete!


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