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Dangerous Depths Quest

Premium:City:GnomebaseLevel required:0Level recommended:200+
Creatures to kill:
Deepworm Lava Lurker Diremaw The Baron from Below The Count of the Core The Duke of the Depths
This is an absolute disaster! The heat! The heat is almost unbearable, we cannot take it anymore! Those ignorant cowards! They do not even think about the consequences! The heat level is rising! You must send help! We cannot hold it off! If we fail, Kazordoon will burn!

Getting there:

The fastest way to reach the area is to go to Gnomebase teleportation hub and take southern, Kazordoon teleport. Then walk a bit south in the room where Xelvar is and enter the crystal teleport.

In order to begin the quest you have to go to one of following NPCs:


Lardoc Bashsmite

Klom Stonecutter

Each of them will give you a set of different tasks. There are seven tasks in total.


Be extremely careful when walking over lava in the dungeon - each step on lava will deal around 1500 damage so it's very easy to die if you don't pay attention! do NOT mapclick in that dungeon. Mages are recommended to use magic shield spell or an energy ring.

Gnomus Tasks (Gnomes reputation, warzone IV)

Speak with Gnomus , and ask for Ordnance, Charting and Measurements, agree to each task by saying "yes" after asking for them.


Gnomus will ask you to rescue Lost Gnomes and Magma Crawlers from the eastern dungeon. In order to do that, head to the spot marked on this map,

and walk around the orange square to get questlog update.

Once you're in the spot bring magma crawlers and gnomes to the beginning of the cave, behind the barricade

In order for next gnomes&crawlers to count, you need to go back to the marked spot and get a questlog update again

Reward: Surprise Jar , 1 respect point in Bigfoot's Brigade


Gnomus will inform you about six landmarks that need to be charted, marked as A,B,C,D,E,F on the following map:

Old Gate - AThe Gaze - B
Lost Ruin - COutpost - D
Bastion - EBroken Tower - F

Reward: Surprise Jar , Surprise Jar , 2 respect points in Bigfoot's Brigade


Gnomus will tell you to pick up a Gnome Trignometre from Old Machine behind him, and send you to probe five spots - A,B,C,D and E in the eastern area. To probe a spot, use the Gnome Trignometre in the surrounding of probing spot

Once you're done with Measurements go back to Gnomus and report the task by saying Hi, Measurements, Yes

Reward: Surprise Jar , 1 respect point in Bigfoot's Brigade

Klom Stonecutters' Tasks (Gnomes reputation, warzone V)

Speak with Klom Stonecutter , and ask for Subterranean and Home, agree to each task by saying "yes" after asking for them.


Klom Stonecutter will order you to kill 50 monsters dwelling in the undergrounds, it doesn't matter which part of the dungeon you kill them in.

Monsters counting for this task:



After you're done, return to Klom Stonecutter and report the mission by saying Hi, Subterranean, Yes.

Reward: Surprise Jar , 1 respect point in Dwarves faction


Klom Stonecutter will tell you to destroy homes of Lost Exiles, and kill 20 of them. If possible bring those who surrender for questioning(Bonus points). Head to the southern dungeon and look for Makeshift Homes,

and destroy them, once you destroy them you can kill Lost Exiles and they'll count for your quest progress.

Once destroyed the Makeshift home, open the remains and there will be a chance for a Dwarf Prisoner to spawn.

Bring him to the entrance then. Repeat 3x for bonus points.

Reward: Surprise Jar , 2 respect points in Dwarves faction

Lardoc Bashsmite's Tasks (Gnomes reputation, warzone VI)

Speak with Lardoc Bashsmite , and ask for Diremaws and Growth, agree to each task by saying "yes" after asking for them.


Lardoc Bashsmite will order you to neutralise corpses of Diremaw . You can do it by using Gnomish Pesticides on corpses of Diremaw .

Grab Gnomish Pesticides from the chest east to him and proceed with the mission.

Sometimes neutralising corpses will cause a Diremaw to spawn.

Reward: Surprise Jar , 1 respect point in Scouts' faction.


Lardoc Bashsmite will send you to blow up five rooms in order to prevent fungus from overgrowing.

1. Pull the lever, barrel will appear

2. Drag the barrel to one of five rooms

3. Once in the room use the barrel and wait for explosion while standing nearby

4. Repeat previous steps until all rooms are done

Reward: Surprise Jar , 1 respect point in Scouts' faction.


Once you did enough tasks, which means you obtained 14/14 respect points in certain factions you may enter new areas.

To enter the warzone caves you need to enter an energy portal for each warzone, they are located near their corresponding warzone teleports. Inside you need to destroy three lava pumps in order to gain access to warzone teleports.

Exclamation marks are warzone entrances, crosses are lava portals.

Warzone IVWarzone VWarzone VI

Warzone IV

First PumpSecond PumpThird Pump

Location of pumps

Once the pumps are destroyed, head to south-western part of the warzone cave.

Boss: The Baron from Below

Warzone V

First PumpSecond PumpThird Pump

Location of pumps

Boss: The Count of the Core

Warzone VI

First PumpSecond PumpThird Pump

Location of pumps

Boss: [We do not have this monster]

What to do inside

After destroying three pumps you can leave the area and enter the warzone. You only have a limited time there, so don't go in unprepared.

Once inside the warzone area, look for Harvestable Crystals . Using them will provide you either Crystal Rubbish or Heavy Crystal Fragment . The latter you will need to open boss portal.

Picking up Heavy Crystal Fragment

Once you have enough(Around 27-35) head towards south western part of the warzone IV area. You will find Crystal Geode and stalagmites. Use the crystals on the geode, and a teleport will appear in the spot of the stalagmite. Enter quickly because the portal doesn't remain for long.

Boss Battles:

The Baron from Below

The battle with this boss seems pretty straight forward.

Watch out for Lava Hole (Active) , they seem to charge in clockwise order and explode dealing around 1000 fire damage. You need to damage the boss enough, and it will teleport to the middle of the room.

Hungry Baron eating Organic Matter

Now an Organic Matter will spawn and the boss will change to Hungry Baron from the Below, then it will begin to heal itself by eating the Organic Matter. You only have ten seconds to kill the Organic Matter, or it will heal the boss completely and will despawn.

Once killed it will burst into four [rot elemental like monsters no idea about name] and then you have to kill them.

Repeat(?) Unknown further tactic since no team has killed it yet

The Count of the Core

The battle with this boss is tricky and you need good cooperation and communication to succeed.

The Duke of the Depths

This boss seems to be the simplest one tactic-wise.

Start attacking the boss. After a while it will turn into Fire Empowered Duke and it won't be taking any damage. 5 Fiery Hearts will appear.

Destroy the Fiery Hearts as fast as possible and you will be able to damage Duke again. Should you fail at killing Fiery Hearts, they will become Fiery blood and will be a big annoyance,

but also killable, so don't worry too much in case of failure, but be prepared for harder battle if that happens.

Repeat your actions until Duke is dead, then proceed through the teleport. You will end up in a room with a pump. Destroy it to toggle quest progress and leave the area.

Room after the bossDestroying the pump
By Cidragon on 10 Nov 2017, 17:39 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

So all the new content is for people 150+?

By Gwiazda Ekranu on 12 Nov 2017, 00:44 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

In the Deeper Gnome Hub yes, other new content is Corym quest for lower levels and Grimvale quest for mid levels.

on 05 Jan 2018, 07:58


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