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Threatened Dreams - A Dream Come True & An Unlikely Couple Quest


Threatened Dreams - The Tainted

In order to start the quest we need to visit the Feyrist queen Maelyrra . You have to complete Threatened Dreams - Troubled Animals before starting this quest.

Nightmare Intruders

We need to locate the queen of this island, Maelyrra . This map will show you where are all of the necessary NPC's located on Feyrist:

Player: Hi

Maelyrra: Nature's blessings!

Player: Mission

Maelyrra: Some annoying nightmarish creatures rove about in the tunnels underneath this island. They are threatening the members of my court and devastate the flora and fauna. They also threaten the natural balance. Would you go and fight them for me?

Player: Yes

Maelyrra: I knew you would be willing to help us. Kill two hundred of them as well as the terrible demon Kroazur who's leading them. That should bring some relief for the fae.

It seems that underneath the island there are many nightmarish creatures destroying the flora and fauna. Our task is simple: kill 200x Enfeebled Silencer or Weakened Frazzlemaw (counted together) and Kroazur . Follow the map and be ready to face those creatures once you enter the cave.

When we are done with this task, we should head back to Maelyrra ad start the conversation:

Player: Hi

Maelyrra: Nature's blessings!

Player: Mission

Maelyrra: Have you defeated the nightmare monsters?

Player: Yes

Maelyrra: Thank you! You rendered a great favour to the fae courts and Feyrist alike. Would you help us with another problem?

Player: Yes

Maelyrra: Some of our siblings are tainted by the destructive energies that threaten Feyrist. They are darker now, more aggressive, twisted ... I'm sure you already met them. ...

Maelyrra: They are living in tunnels and caves but at night they surface, even attacking their own siblings. They kidnapped some fairies, holding them prisoner in their mouldy dens. ...

Maelyrra: And as if this wasn't enough they stole an ancient and precious artefact, the moon mirror. Please seek out the tainted fae, retrieve the artefact and free the captured fairies. ...

Maelyrra: You may discover the entrance to the tainted caves somewhere in the deep forest.

This time we need to go and find the Dark Moon Mirror and free some (five of them) fairies which are being held captive.

The artifact and captive fairies can be found in caves. In order to free the fairy, we need to use the weapon on the energy field surrounding the captive. You have to look for the hidden holes, here:

After getting the Dark Moon Mirror and freeing the fairies we need to head back to the Maelyrra . Start the conversation:

Player: hi

Maelyrra: Nature's blessings!

Player: mission

Maelyrra: Have you found the moon mirror and freed the captured fairies?

Player: yes

Maelyrra: Thank you, mortal being! Please keep the mirror. I think you may need it soon, because there is another problem. Would you help us again?

Player: yes

Maelyrra: You have to find three vessels that are able to hold three different types of light: starlight, sunlight and moon rays. You have already found the moon mirror but we also need the starlight vial and the sun catcher. ...

Maelyrra: Maelyrra: Ask the mermaid Aurita for the starlight vial and the faun Taegen for the sun catcher.

Three Lights

She told us to ask Aurita for Empty Starlight Vial and Taegen for o Dark Sun Catcher . NPC's location is shown at the beginning of the quest.

Talking with Aurita and Taegen will not bring any progress now. They will not give us the items easily. First... we need to help them.

Threatened Dreams - An Unlikely Couple

Lets go to Taegen first:

Player: Hi

Taegen: Be greeted, mortal being!

Player: mission

Taegen: Yes, there is something. It's a bit embarassing, you must promise not to tell anyone else. I'm in love with Aurita. Well, that wouldn't be a reason to be ashamed, but she is a mermaid. ...

Taegen: Fauns are expected to fall in love with nymphs. Because, how could a relationship between a faun and a mermaid work, right? A mermaid lives in the ocean, swimming with the fish between coral reefs. ...

Taegen: A faun on the other hand is inhabiting the forests, dancing with fairies and, well, nymphs. But I lost my heart to the lovely Aurita, I can't help it. We would love to spend some time together, but not just sitting on the beach. ...

Taegen: I'd love to show her the deep forest I love so much. I have an idea but I can't do it alone. Would you help me?

Player: yes

Taegen: That's very kind of you, my friend! Listen: I know there is a spell to transform her fishtail into legs. It is a temporary effect, so she could return to the ocean as soon as the spell ends. Unfortunately I don't know how to cast this spell. ...

Taegen: But there is a fairy who once told me about it. Perhaps she will share her knowledge. You can find her in a small fairy village in the southwest of Feyrist.

We have just learned that he is in love with a mermaid. He wants us to learn the spell able to grant the mermaid human legs for a short time. It is possible that Dancing Fairy knows the spell. We can find her near the coast, south-west from Feyrist. Her location is presented on the map at the beginning of the quest.

Start the conversation:

Player: hi

Dancing Fairy: Nature's blessing!

Player: spell

Dancing Fairy: So, you are searching for a way to transform Aurita's fishtail into legs temporarily. As you might already have figured out you need some magic for this purpose. There is a place on Feyrist where you can find the arcane energies you need. ...

Dancing Fairy: Northeast from here you'll discover a big lake with a small island. Take a swim there and you will find a magical fountain. If you play the panpipes while standing near this fountain, you will create some magical music notes. ...

Dancing Fairy: Collect them and give them to Aurita. Each of those notes will grant her a walk on the beach with Taegen.

She told us that we have to go near the great lake with the island in the center.

There we can find a fountain Fairy Fountain . We have to play on Panpipes nearby in order to create Magical Music Notes . We need to hurry up and give them to Aurita . Magical Music Notes can disappear after some time and we will have to wait some time to create new.

Head back to the mermaid and start the conversation:

Player: hi

Aurita: Greetings, traveller!

Player: mission

Aurita: These notes contain a spell which will transform my fishtail into legs? Anyhow, they look very promising. Please talk to Taegen now, he may have another request.

The mermaid is grateful for the spell and asks us to talk with Taegen . He might have a task for us.

Player: hi

Taegen: Be greeted, mortal being!

Player: mission

Taegen: We are so happy. Now Aurita can take a walk on the beach. But I still can't visit her secret underwater grotto. To achieve this, we need something else: a very rare plant called raven herb. ...

Taegen: If eaten it allows an air breathing creature to breathe underwater for a while. Please find this plant for me. But know that you'll only find it at night.

Faun is happy that the mermaid can walk on the island, however he would like to visit underwater world of his beloved one. There is a rumour that after eating Raven Herb you are able to breathe underwater for some time. We need to find it and it can be done only during NIGHT.

During the night we need to click on Raven Herb Bush in order to obtain the plant.

Having the plant we should go back to Taegen and start the conversation:

Player: hi

Taegen: Be greeted, mortal being!

Player: mission

Taegen: Have you found the raven herb?

Player: yes

Taegen: Thank you, friend! Now I can visit Aurita in her underwater grotto!

Player: sun catcher

Taegen: Thank you again, mortal being. Do you have enough gems for me, so I can craft a sun catcher for you?

Player: yes

Taegen: Alright, I will craft a sun catcher for you.

In order to receive Dark Sun Catcher we also need to have a pair (2x) of: Small Enchanted Emerald , Small Enchanted Amethyst , Small Enchanted Ruby , Small Enchanted Sapphire .

Now lets talk to Aurita :

Player: hi

Aurita: Greetings, traveller!

Player: starlight vial

Aurita: Thank you, friend! Please take the starlight vial and use it to help Feyrist.

We will receive Empty Starlight Vial .

Having all three items: Empty Starlight Vial , Dark Sun Catcher , Dark Moon Mirror we have to go to Maelyrra .

Player: hi

Maelyrra: Nature's blessings!

Player: mission

Maelyrra: Have you already found the starlight vial and the sun catcher?

Player: yes

Maelyrra: Very good, mortal being! Now you have to catch the respective light and store it in the corresponding vessel. You can gather moon rays by night but this will only work on one special sacred glade on Feyrist. ...

Maelyrra: You can find this glade in the deep forest, east of our village. The starlight must also be gathered by night. There is a rock plateau high in the mountains at the border to Roshamuul where you can catch the starlight in the vial. ...

Maelyrra: You will recognise the place by the elemental energy shrine there. You have to gather the sunlight by day, of course. There is a beach in the north of Feyrist, shaped like a snake's head. There you may gather Suon's light with the sun catcher.

Our task is to catch particular lights into the vessels.

During the day we have to go north to the beach. We use Dark Sun Catcher there. If we do it right - we will catch the sun rays and the item will transform into Shining Sun Catcher .

During night we need to use Empty Starlight Vial near the energy shrine located south from Feyrist. When we catch the star light our item will transform into Gleaming Starlight Vial .

Also during night we need to find the glade east from Feyrist and use Dark Moon Mirror near the fountain. We will catch the moon light and our item will transform into Lit Moon Mirror .

After catching all lights we need to report to Maelyrra :

Player: hi

Maelyrra: Nature's blessings!

Player: mission

Maelyrra: Could you already gather the three lights?

Player: yes

Maelyrra: That's wonderful! Now you will be able to repair the magical barrier. You have to strengthen the arcane sources that power this mystic shield. There are three different arcane sources: the moon sculptures, the dream bird trees and the sun mosaics. ...

Maelyrra: There are five of each of them and you have to find them all to repair the barrier. Spread the gathered moon rays on the moon sculptures. Pour out the starlight over the dream bird trees and let the sunlight shine on the mosaics. ...

Maelyrra: If you charge all fifteen arcane sources with the respective light, Feyrist's protection will be ensured again.

It seems we are able to fix the protective barrier around Feyrist. We have to strengthen 3 powering sources, whicha are maintaining the 'defense system'.

Those sources are: 5 sun mosaics, 5 dream bird trees and 5 moon sculptures.

During the day we should use Shining Sun Catcher on the center of the 5 sun mosaics . Sun mosaics map location:

During the night we should use Lit Moon Mirror on 5 moon sculptures Moon Sculpture .

Also during the night we should use Gleaming Starlight Vial on 5 dream bird trees Dream Bird Tree .

Warning! Be aware of the Tibia time in order to finish this mission properly. We have to count the sources alone because the quest log will not provide such information.

After using the 5th (last from the group) source we will see the information that it was the last one to power and our item will lose the glare.

When we are done strengthening the sources we should go back to Maelyrra . Start the conversation:

Maelyrra: Nature's blessings!

Player: mission

Maelyrra: Have you repaired the magical barrier? Is Feyrist safe?

Player: yes

Maelyrra: Thank you, mortal being! The fae will be forever grateful. Take this blossom bag as a little thank-you gift. Such blossoms grow on our trees just once in a decade, so they are quite rare.

The queen is delighted that we have protected the island and she will give us Blossom Bag .

In our backpack we have Empty Starlight Vial , Dark Sun Catcher , Dark Moon Mirror .

When we power those items again as before we will receive nice, protective items. Those can be equipped in ammunition slot.

So again:

During the day we should use Dark Sun Catcher on the beach, north from Feyrist, and we will obtain Sun Catcher .

During the night we should use Dark Moon Mirror on the glade near the fountain, and we will obtain Moon Mirror .

Also during the night we should use Empty Starlight Vial near the energy shrine and we will obtain Starlight Vial .



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