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Cults of Tibia Quest


Required Equipment


You can start most cult missions by going directly to the cult hideout, however, it's a good idea to first visit Gerimor in Feyrist, offer your help and them ask about all cults he mentions. By doing so, you'll have all cults opened in your Quest Log and it will be easier to track your progress. You can do all the cults access and bosses in any order, but you must defeat all bosses at least once to be able to do the final mission.

With the exception of the Patron of the Arts and the final one, all other missions consist in finding the Cult hideout and gaining access to its Boss so you can defeat it. The cult bosses can be fought in teams of up to 5 players every 20 hours, and once you gain access to it you just need to enter the lever room to kill it again. The final boss The Source of Corruption can be fought by up to 10 players at the same time, also every 20 hours.


This cult is located in the Ab'Dendriel's troll cave, under the city. Go down until you find Skeleton and Ghoul . Walk north-east until you reach the Mystic Flame . Walk west and you will meet the NPC Tigo . You can talk to him but it's not mandatory for the progress.

Go into the building west of Tigo and then out by the door to the north. Follow the path and go up the hole at the end of it. Be careful because in this area you will find lots of Barkless Devotee and Barkless Fanatic . These creatures are much stronger than regular Elves and their Poison Ball spell can do quite some damage, even if you have a blocker. You will now have to pass two trials.

The Tar trial

Walk north-east until you reach the tar area. Fight your way to the end of this area until you reach a special tar tile, don't step on it yet. As you move through the tar pits, you will see the following messages:

"As you enter the tar pits, you feel the heal around you rising dramatically. Survive the heat long enough to prove worthy."

"Your body is heating up, the air around you is flickering." (twice)

"The heat is now unbearable, the blood in your body feels like lava. There's almost no strength left in you - act quickly!"

As soon as you see the last message, step on the tar tile. You should then receive this message:

"Embrace the stigma of bad fortune. The tar does not feel so hot anymore. You passed the tar trial."

Now you must run to another tar tile, located behind a sealed door. If you take too long, you will fail ("The tar covering you has cooled down and fell off for the most part. Your body us not heated up anymore.") and will have to go back to the tar area again and start over. It's recommended that you kill the creatures on the path beforehand to make this part safer. If you step on the second tar tile before the tar melts from your body, you should see these messages:

"You are now ready to prove your worth. Take heart and cross the threshold of tar."

This means you have completed the tar trial and are ready to move on.

The Sulphur trial

This trial works very similary to the tar trial. First, go to the walkable sulphur tile and wait for the four messages before stepping on it:

First message (?)

"The sulphur is burning your skin. You almost feel your body melting away in acid." (twice)

"The acid burning is now unbearable, your skin feels like a sieve. There's almost no strength left in you - act quickly!"

Once you step on the sulphur tile, you will see this message:

"Embrace the sigma of vanity. The sulphur does not burn your skin anymore. You passed the trial."

Just like before, run to the other tile. Again, it's a good idea to kill the creatures on the path before running to save time. If you are succesfull you will see this message:

"You are now ready to prove your worth. Take heart and cross the threshold of sulphur."

The purification

After passing both trials, you have to purify your body. Walk to the cold area to the water. Once again, wait for all 4 server-log messages:

"As you enter the icy cavern, you feel an unnatural frostiness. The ice cold air stings in your face. Survive and prove worthy."

"Your body temperature sinks. You can see your breath freezing in the cold." (twice)

"The icy cold is grasping to you. You can barely move anymore. "

Step on the small bridge to wash yourself:

"You are now washed and ready to purify yourself in the chamber of purification."[i/]

Now go to the purification chamber south-west and walk past the energy gate. Your character will die, but don't worry, you will not lose any experience, skills, items or blessings.

The Powerful Relic

Go back to the cult area in Ab'Dendriel. You now must absorb the power of 10 Barkless Markings' hanged on the walls around this cave. The first symbol is located right next to the Mystic Flame. The second is inside the building next to Tigo.

You will also find three symbols at the trial area. The remaining 5 symbols are west of the trials area, past the sealed door (that you should now be able to open).

Now head to the large room in this area and use the Cult Object in the center of the room (As you reach out to touch the cult object, a surge of energy bursts from the skull. You banished its power.). Finally, you have access to the boss room.

The battle against Ravennous Hunger

It's recommended that you wear a Dwarven Ring during this fight since you will be affected by Drunkenness area spells.

Inside the boss room you will first encounter Leiden at the center and the Wine Cask to the north. Leiden will have around half his full health, but you cannot damage him directly, and if you try to he will heal instead. To kill him, go to the north of the room and attack the Wine Cask. It will summon Liquor Spirits, which when attacked, casts area spells that can damage Leiden. Therefore, you must keep the Liquor Spirit close to Leiden but only damage the Spirit. The Spirit will evaporate a few seconds after being summoned, and you will have to resume attacking the Wine Cask so it summons more Spirits. Beware that the damage caused by Leiden and its two Barkless Fanatic summons is quite high, so be careful.

Once you Defeat Leiden, Ravennous Hunger will spawn. The Liquor Spirits have the opposite effect on him (they heal the boss), so you should move away from the Wine Cask now. Deal with Ravennous Hunger as regular strong creature (he is immune to Death Damage).

After killing the boss, report back to Gerimor for your reward.


Go to the Outlaw Camp and go down the stairs. Walk east and enter the water vortex (you don't need diving equipment). Walk south to find NPC Noozer . Talk to him and he will ask you if you want to pass, tell him yes.

Go down the hole to the south, then up again to reach the area with Misguided Thief and Misguided Bully . Your first task will be to obtain a Rubbish Amulet from them. Since this item is a semi-rare drop, this might take some time.

Once you loot the amulet, equip it and you should see this message: "The amulet burns your skin. It hungers for energy right now, gather a large amount of energy as fast as possible to charge it." You'll need to charge it by killing 10 Misguided creatures. Once it's charged it will change into a Glowing Rubbish Amulet and you will have 5 minutes to use it on a living Misguided ("You paralyze the bully and the amulet reveals the true face of the creature behind the possession of this misguided creature."), and reveal its true form (a Misguided Shadow will spawn). If you are in the building area, the map will change and all the gold on the ground will disappear, the illusion of wealth is gone! Kill the Misguided Shadow to complete the first exorcism. After using the amulet it will lose all its charges ("The amulet you are wearing suddenly feels quite cool and emits a strange light.") and become a regular Rubbish Amulet again. You need to repeat this process 4 times in order to complete the required 5 exorcisms.

Note that once you start charging the Rubbish Amulet you have to do it quickly or it will fall from your neck and lose all charges ("The amulet fell off. You took too long to recharge it. Whatever power it accumulated is now lost."). Make sure you pay attention to avoid losing your amulet! Also, the exorcism point goes towards the player that deals most damage to the Misguided Shadow, which means that if you are in a team you can have shooters charging their amulets and then only split the Misguided Shadows so everyone can get 5 exorcisms.

After finishing 5 exorcisms you can go past the energy barrier at the ended of the Misguided cave, to the south, and access the lever room to the boss fight.

The battle against The Souldespoiler

Enter the boss room and you will find The Sinister Hermit (Yellow, invulnerable) and several Inactive Geyser . Of all Inactive Geyser , one will always be active (a SPLASH! message will apear on screen when a Geyser gets active). Lure The Sinister Hermit to the active geyser so it can turn into The Sinister Hermit in blue colour, which is vulnerable. Attack it while the geyser is active (10-15 seconds), and then move on to the next active geyser. Note that every time The Sinister Hermit changes forms two Vermin Swarm will spawn, so you should kill them to avoid getting swarmed.

Once The Sinister Hermit is dead, The Souldespoiler will spawn. Initially it will be close to invulnerable, but as the time passes Freed Soul will spawn, making The Souldespoiler weaker. Keep attacking the boss, by the time three Freed Soul have spawned it will be very weak and easy to kill.

Report back to Gerimor for your reward.

Patron of the Arts (Prosperity)

Go meet Gareth in Thais, in the Exhibition hall (west of Knights Guild). Become a patron by paying 10,000 Gold Coin . Confirm your choice with yes. After asking Garteh for a mission, head south west into the room with the hyaena statues and the quest door. After reading the ransom note on the ground turn in the mission with Gareth. He will send you to Iwar in Kazordoon.

Use the codeword has the cat got your tongue and Iwar will offer you to pay 10 thousand gold to get the picture back. Confirm with yes.

Go back to Gareth in Thais and tell him about your mission. He will send you to Angelo in the darashian minotaur pyramid to get a magnifier. Head to the lowest floor of the pyramid and go to the south west room, where you will find a hole. Follow the path north and you will find Angelo. Ask him about a magnifier and he is glad to let you take one from his crate.

Back in the exhibition room, go to the pictures straight west from Gareth. Use your magnifier on the corner of the pillar with the paintings to discover that this is the fake picture. Talk to Garteh about your mission. He will ask you to get a new artifact from Angelo.

When you ask Angelo about a new artifact he is however, not trusting you. Therefore you have to report your failure to Gareth. Upon telling him about your mission, he gives you access to the lowest floor of the building.

West of the -2 floor you will find the NPC Denominator behind two quest doors, use the north one. Go downstairs, and then all the way west where you will find a lever. Use it to move the 3 stones to the east. The position of the Stones will be different for every player, and because of that only one player can do this mission at a time. Each stone represents one number according to the number of tiles it moved. For example, suppose the stones, represented by the X, are in this position:




In this case, your numbers would be 3, 1 and 2. Memorize your numbers because you will need them to answer the questions from the NPC.

Now go back to the Denominator and talk to him, tell him you are ready for his questions and say yes. The questions he asks vary from player to player and also at every try, but they aren't very hard. These are some of the known questions he asks, along with the answer according to the example above:

  • What is the sum of the first and the second digits? Answer: 3 + 1 = 4.

  • What is the sum of the first and the third digits? Answer: 3 + 2 = 5.

  • What is the sum of the second and the third digits? Answer: 1 + 2 = 3.

  • Is the number divisible by 3? Answer: 312/3 = 104, so yes.

  • Is the number divisible by 5? Answer: It doesn't end with 0 nor 5, so no.

  • Is the number prime? Answer: 312 is not a prime, so no.

  • What is the number? Answer: Just tell your number without spaces and symbols, 312.

You have to answer 5 questions in a row without making any mistakes. If you miss one, you have to start over. If it takes too long for you to get the answers right the lever downstairs will be reset and you will have to go get a new number.

After getting all answers right, this mission is over since there is no boss fight. On your way out of the museum, watch out for Animated creatures that spawn after pushing the lever, specially the Animated Guzzlemaw which is similar to a regular Guzzlemaw . Report back to Gerimor to get 50,000 Experience.

The Orc Idol

Go to the Edron Orc Cave and enter the Orc Cult cave. Fight your way through the Cultish Orcs, but keep at least one Orc Cult Priest alive. Go all the way north until find a barrier. In order to go past it, you must be transformed into the shape of a regular Orc by the Orc Cult Priest. Sorcerers and Druids can use the spell Creature Illusion Formula: utevo res ina "creature" 100 Mana Level: 23 Price: 1000 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Creature Illusion . After going through the barrier, go down the hole, then south until you find another barrier which required you to be transformed into an Orc Warlord , so make sure you also keep one Orc Cult Priest alive. Go down again, then south-east to find the last barrier, for which you need to be an Orc Shaman . Again, Sorcerers and Druids can use Creature Illusion. After this barrier is the teleport to the lever room to access the boss.

Note: After going through the barriers transformed into the correct orc for the first time, you will be granted permission to go trhough it automatically the next time, so you don't have to wait for the Priest's transformation again.

The battle against The Voidborn

After the pulling the lever, your team will be teleported to a room containing 4 Security Golem , a Containment Machine and The Armored Voidborn . For now, the boss will be protected by the energy wall between the blue Large Crystal and you don't have to worry about it. Kill the 4 Security Golem and then destroy the Containment Machine . When you do so, the energy barriers will disappear and the crystals will turn into Containment Crystals.

Do not try to attack The Armored Voidborn by yourself, it's strong to all types of damage and you'll barely scratch it. In order to kill it, you must attack the Containment Crystals, which will in turn use an area spell that can damage The Armored Voidborn . Do not let the Crystal die!. Have at least one Druid using Mass Healing Formula: exura gran mas res 150 Mana Level: 36 Price: 2200 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 1s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Mass Healing close to the crystal being targeted to heal it (unlike regular creatures, the Containment Crystals can be healed by players) or attack another crystal. While doing so, Voidshards will spawn in the room. It's recommended that you kill them so you don't have to deal with too many at the same time. Do this until you kill The Armored Voidborn . In case you destroy one crystal, move on to the next, but be careful, if you destroy all 4 crystals you won't be able to finish the boss.

After killing The Armored Voidborn it will become The Unarmored Voidborn . This boss is weak to every type of damage (you will lots of hits of more than 2000 HP), but it has a lot of health so it will take some time to kill it. Once you kill The Unarmored Voidborn you're done. Go back to Feyrist and report your success to Gerimor to receive 25,000 Experience.

The Secret of the Sandy Cave (Life)

Go to the last floor of the Dark Pyramid, then down the hole. Walk north then west to find Angelo . Ask him about results and then tell him he should be worried about his workers, who are lost in the sandy cave. Say yes to accept his mission of looking for his workers.

Now you have to investigate the sandy caves. You'll find one Giant Spider and several Bonebeast and Putrid Mummy during your missions. The Putrid Mummies are much stronger than a regular Mummy but you can still easily outrun then, since they are slow. Follow the cave all the way to the south-east, and rope yourself one flor up. Go north and go up again. Now go east to find a teleport. Enter the teleport and walk east to find the Oasis. Your questlog should receive an update and then you cant exit the Oasis through the teleport south of it. Go back to Angelo .

Intrigued by the Oasis, once you ask you to investigate it and will give you a Tool for Analyzing Fluids . Go back to the Oasis and use the tool to collect some water on its western side.

Go back to Angelo and report your mission.

After analyzing the water sample you brought to him, Angelo will ask you to apply a counteragent to the water and will give you a tube with Pink Fluid . Again, go to the Oasis and use the Pink Fluid on the same spot you took a water sample. The water will change to a green dirty form (in fact, you get teleported to a similar room north of the clean Oasis). In this room you will find the lever to access the boss room, but you don't need to do it now and can come back later with the necessary team and supplies.

The battle against The Sandking

Note¹: Do NOT attack the Sand Vortex . They are immortal and will reflect all damaged back to you, which can be fatal when using large area spells.

Note²: If The Sandking steps on Sand Brood and Enraged Sand Brood corpses, it will heal for 7,500 hitpoints. In order to avoid that, move the corpses near the walls of the room or Disintegrate Rune them.

The fight against The Sandking happens in 3 stages:

Stage 1:

The Sandking will spawn in the center of the room. Attack it with all your firepower until it disappears. When this happens, Sand Vortex and Sand Brood will spawn in the room. You have to kill a certain number of Sand Brood in order to make The Sandking appear again. This will have to be done a few times until The Sandking reaches around 50% of his total hitpoints and you move to stage 2.

Stage 2:

The Sandking will now triplicate itself and you'll have to deal with 3 bosses. They all share the same hitpoints, however, so it doesn't matter which one you attack. During this stage Enraged Sand Brood will start spawning, make sure you don't forget to deal with their corpses. When you kill the bosses you'll move to the final and third stage of the fight.

Stage 3:

This is the final stage. The Sandking will now be much weaker and slower. Just attack it until it's dead.

After killing the boss, report back to Gerimor for your reward.

The Strenghtening of the Minotaurs

Go to Mintwallin's entrance and then follow the path east where you will find a teleport. Walk east again to find Jamesfrancis .

Ask him about a mission and he will tell you to kill 50 Minotaur Cults to help in his fight. Go through the door and kill the Minotaur Cult Follower , Minotaur Cult Prophet and Minotaur Cult Zealot , but be careful because they are a lot stronger than regular Minotaurs. After killing all 50, report back to Jamesfrancis.

Now you have access to The False God . Go back into the Minotaurs area, the teleport is located on the -2 floor.

The battle against The False God

After going into the teleport in the Minotaur area, enter the west teleport to go into the lever room. The east teleport will take you back to Jamesfrancis and you'll have to go through the Minotaur Cults again. You can battle The False God with a team of up to 5 players.

After pushing the lever go to the north-west corner of the boss room. The Idol Statues will come to life in the shape of a Minotaur Idol . They are quite strong, so you should focus on killing them first otherwise they will pile up and become a real problem. They will come to life in order, from west to east on the north side, then from east to west on the south.

Once you start damaging The False God, Sphere of Wrath will begin to spawn in the room. Be very careful with them as they hit very hard and are indestructible! Their spawn seem to be triggered by the boss' health, and a total of 4 Spheres will have spawned before you kill it. It might be a good strategy to avoid attacking The False God until all Minotaur Idols have been killed. Once there is more then one Sphere, it is recommended that the team runs around the room to avoid their damage. They move very slowly and only have one Berserk Formula: exori 115 Mana Physical is element of spell Level: 35 Price: 2500 gp. Cooldown: 4s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 8.0 (Svargrond) Berserk -like attack, so a well coordinated team can avoid most of their damage, while still focusing all firepower on the boss.

After defeating the The False God, go to Jamesfrancis and say hi to report your success. You can go then go to Feyrist and report your findings to Gerimor to receive 25,000 experience points.

Zathroth Remnants (Humans)

This cult is located under the Carlin Graveyard. Before going there you should pick up Key 3520 if you don't have it already, inside a chest. Then go to the graveyard and use the Fragile Torch Bearer south-west of the stairs, near the Coal Basin (You hear a loud grinding sound not very far from you. Something very heavy seems to have moved.). Walk south-west past the Wooden Coffin and unlock the doors using the Key 3520 if necessary.

Enter the narrow corridor to the south, right after going past the second door. Walk this path to find a Gate of Deathstruction that leads into the Forbidden Temple. Be careful when you go in the portal since you will be immediately targeted by over 10 creatures. If you are not a Knight, make sure you start moving right after going through the gate to avoid being surrounded.

Your task here is obtain 10 Remains of a Decaying Soul (green) and 10 Remains of a Withering Soul (blue), which appear when you kill Cult Believer , Cult Enforcer and Cult Scholar . You have 20 seconds to collect (by stepping on) them before they vanish. The green souls are necessary to go past the energy barrier before the stairs to the second floor, and the blue souls to access the third floor. Once you have access to the third floor, go to the other Gate of Deathstruction to access the boss lever room.

Note: When you leave the temple, the stone wall will be blocking the exit. You can open it from the inside by using the Fragile Torch Bearer right by the wall.

The battle against Essence of Malice

Inside the boss room you will first find 5 Pillars protecting 5 different mini-bosses, each one with a special area of effect ability. The Pillars are arranged on the vertices of a pentagon and their respective mini-bosses can only be targeted when the Pillar has zero hitpoints (they don't die). It's recommended that you walk near the walls where you will only be targeted by one or two pillars, avoiding the center of the room. The Pillars and Bosses are:

You must destroy the Pillars in order to make the respective mini-boss vulnerable and then kill it (they will turn into a Destroyed Pillar). Their health will decrease quickly at first but then much slower once it's on red HP. You can kill them in any order, but a good strategy is starting with the Pillar of Summoning so you won't have to deal with an excessive number of Dread Minion . From there on, destroy the pillars and kill the mini-bosses one by one, remembering to avoid the center of the room. Note that the mini-bosses can be healed by players, so Druids should avoid using Mass Healing Formula: exura gran mas res 150 Mana Level: 36 Price: 2200 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 1s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Mass Healing unless it's extremely necessary.

After you are done with the 5 mini bosses, Essence of Malice will spawn. Attack it using your regular weapons and spells (but don't use Death damage since it's immune to it).

Report back to Gerimor for your reward.

The Corruptor Of Souls

After reporting all missions to Gerimor , he will grant you access to the tree behind him and from now on, you can enter in the teleport inside the tree, where you can find the lever room. You can fight the final boss in a team of 10 players and each 20 hours.

The room:

Once you are inside the boss room, you will see the boss The Remorseless Corruptor , a Zarcorix of Yalahar , some Stolen Soul and some Soul Reaper . The boss is inmune at this point and the first thing you have to do is to keep the Zarcorix of Yalahar away from the rest of the monsters. Like with Sand Vortex , this yalahari Zarcorix of Yalahar will deflect any damage it takes, so avoid area spells. The Stolen Soul are inmune and they can only be killed with a specific wave of the boss (so try to get hem closer each other). There is a teleport to the south, which is the exit.

There are 2 stairs in the north part of the room which lead you to small rooms. In each of these, Dark Soul will appear from time to time, a group of 2 people should go to each room and the rest of the team should stay downstairs (it's highly recommended to bring 2 Knight's and one of them will exeta the yalahari and the other Knight exeta the final boss, standing far each other). Once a Dark Soul is killed, a blue thing Lost Time will appear, throw them downstairs as soon as possible. The people who is facing the boss should use this blue things on the boss in order to make it weaker while killing the summons. Once you have used some blue things on it, the boss will become The Corruptor of Souls which can be hit. After you kill this The Corruptor of Souls , The Source of Corruption will appear in the middle of the room and the yalahari will disappear.

Now all the team can stay downstairs in order to kill the final boss. Just attack him until it dies. Once you have killed the final boss, you are done in here. Go to the teleport which is to the south and report him to Gerimor , he will give you 50,000 experience points, a Mystery Box , the achievement Corruption Contained and one of the following crowns depending of your vocation:

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7 Farmable bosses every 20h.

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