Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Summoner Outfits Quest

Premium:City:EdronLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:

Potion Belt - Males

In order to receive the first addon, you will speak to Sandra who is located in Edron.

When you try to deposit a Empty Potion Flask, she will mention that she is hosting a lottery and if you find a Winning Lottery Ticket you will be awarded a Potion Belt to wear.

You can either buy the Winning Lottery Ticket from other players or win one from Sandra.

If you are looking to win a ticket from Sandra, you will need to exchange 100 Empty Potion Flasks for one Lottery Ticket.

It will usaully take several attempts of opening a Lottery Ticket until you receive a Winning Lottery Ticket.

Once you do have a Winning Lottery Ticket, turn this into Sandra to receive the addon.

Player: Hi

Sandra: Hello Player, welcome to the fluid and potion shop of Edron.

Player: Winning Lottery Ticket

Sandra: Are you here to claim a prize?

Player: Yes

Sandra: Congratulations! Here, from now on you can wear our lovely potion belt as accessory.

Cloak - Males

Speak to Myra who is located in Port Hope about an outfit.

In order to award you with the cloak, she will require the following items:

Once you have all the items, hand them over to Myra who will then tell you to speak to Zoltan for your reward.

Zoltan can be found in the Magician Academy in Edron.

Speak to him about Myra.

Player: Hi

Zoltan: Welcome Player, student of the arcane arts. I teach the fiercest spells available.

Player: Myra

Zoltan: Bah, I know. I received some sort of 'nomination' from our outpost in Port Hope. Usually it takes a little more than that for an award though. However, I honour Myra's word. I hereby grant you the right to wear a special sign of honour, acknowledged by the academy of Edron. Since you are a man, I guess you don't want girlish stuff. There you go.

Wand - Females

To start this mission, head over to Dark Cathedral and use the below path to reach the third floor.

Head down the stairs.

In order to go down the next level, you will need to pull 6 levers and enter the teleport (circled).

Once you enter the teleport, head north until you reach a cross-road and then head left and north until you find a Box to the right side of the room.

Use the Box to find Key 5050.

Now head back to the cross-roads and continue east until you see a locked door.

Use Key 5050 on the door to find Angelina.

Speak to her and she will mention a reward.

Player: Hi

Angelina: The gods must be praised that I am finally saved. I do not have many worldly possessions, but please accept a small reward, do you?

Player: Yes

Angelina: I will tell you a small secret now. My friend Lynda in Thais can create a blessed wand. Greet her from me, maybe shewill aid you.

Exit Dark Cathedral through the same way you came back in and head to Thais and speak with Lynda.

Mention Angelina to Lynda and she will be happy to fullfill Angelina's reward to you but will require the following items first:

Give Lynda all the above items and then return after 3 hours to receive the addon.

Hat - Females

In order to recieve this addon, you will need to give Zoltan Ferumbras' Hat.

This item is a very rare drop from Ferumbras Mortal Shell which is part of the Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest.

Alternatively, this can be bought from other players or be looted from Ferumbras himself when he spawns on your world.

Player: Hi

Zoltan: Welcome Player, student of the arcane arts.

Player: Proof

Zoltan: ... I cannot believe my eyes. You retrieved this hat from Ferumbras' remains? That is incredible. If you give it to me, I will grant you the right to wear this hat as addon. What do you say?

Player: Yes

Zoltan: I bow to you, Player, and hereby grant you the right to wear Ferumbras' hat as accessory. Congratulations!


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