Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

The Travelling Trader Quest

Premium:City:SvargrondLevel required:0Level recommended:30+
Creatures to kill:
Bandit Smuggler Wild Warrior Hyaena Elephant Nomad

Note: you can start the quest only in Monday after server save. It is wise to prepare all the required items before you will start the quest. If you will forgot to make mission in one of the days, you will have to wait the whole week to continue.


First mission will be to bring to Rashid in Svargrond tavern Deer Trophy . Speak with him hi, mission, yes, yes, mission, yes. Now you have to wait till next server save.


You will need for this quest around 600oz cap to carry Heavy Package . Meet Rashid in tavern of Liberty Bay, ask him about the mission and accept it by saying twice yes. Now you will have to go to Edron, find Willard at east walls, he is owner of equipment store. Ask him about package for Rashid, he will inform you that you can get it from Snake Eye in Outland Camp. So we have to head to there, follow the map below to get to all mentioned directions. When we are to Snake Eye ask him about package for Rashid, he will now allow you to pass the quest doors, do it and grab the item from it. Now are are able to return to Rashid and report him about our mission. Now you have to wait once again for next server save.


Rashid is this time in Port Hope tavern, we have to go there. Ask him about mission and accept it by saying twice yes. We will need to get for him Scarab Cheese . Your mission here is to buy Scarab Cheese from Miraia in Darashia and bring it to him by walking. DO NOT EAT THE CHEESE when you buy it. To buy the cheese just ask NPC for scarab cheese, it will cost you 100 Gold Coin . Now follow the path on map below to bring the cheese to Rashid . When you are to him just ask for mission, yes to complete it.

Note: He will not accept it if you have send it by parcel or bought the cheese before you start mission. If you use cheese, you can always re-buy it. The cheese will last 30 minutes after it he will turn into Mouldy Cheese .

If you have successful bring the cheese and have done The Ice Delivery mission of The Explorer Society Quest you will get Just in Time .


You will meet him now in Ankrahmun Tavern, south west from ship. Talk with Rashid about your next mission. He will ask you to bring Fine Vase . You can buy it to Briasol in Ab'dendriel, it will cost you 10 Platinum Coin . Keyword to buy the vase: fine vase. Warning: Do not move the vase in your backpack!

When you bought it, head back to Ankrahmun and report Rashid about your mission, yes.


Note: For this mission you need three Iron Ore .

Rashid sits today in Darashia Tavern. You can accept the next mission from him, you will have to buy Crimson Sword (Uzgod) from Uzgod for a fine amount of money. Head to him in Kazordoon and let the negotiation begins:

Player: crimson sword

Uzgod: Me don't sell crimson sword.

Player: forge

Uzgod: You telling me to forge one?! Especially for you? You making fun of me?

Player: no

Uzgod: Well. Thinking about it, me a smith, so why not. 1000 gold for your personal crimson sword. Ok?

Player: no

Uzgod: Too expensive?! You think me work is cheap? Well, if you want cheap, I can make cheap. Hrmpf. I make cheap sword for 300 gold. Ok?

Player: no

Uzgod: Cheap but good quality? Impossible. Unless... you bring material. Three iron ores, 250 gold. Okay?

Player: yes

Uzgod: Ah, that's how me like me customers. Ok, me do this... ... another fine swing of the hammer here and there... ... here you have it!

Now go back to Rashid and report him about your successful mission.


Note: You will need for this mission Goldfish Bowl , you can neither buy it in market or get it by yourself if you are able to go underwater (Calassa). Then get the Empty Goldfish Bowl to any furniture store, head up underwater and catch a goldfish from coral.

You will find him in Edron tavern, it is located at top of Depot. Ask him about your mission and accept it by saying twice yes. When you will get the goldfish, go back to him and give him it by saying mission, yes.


It is the final mission, you need to find him on +1 floor of Depot in Carlin. Simply ask him about mission and you are done! You are not able to trade with him as well as you will receive Recognised Trader .


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