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The White Raven Monastery Quest

Premium:City:CarlinLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
  • access to Isle of the Kings
Creatures to kill:
Giant Spider Stalker Ghost Demon Skeleton Skeleton Ghoul Mummy

In order to gain access to the Isle of the Kings, you will first need to find a Family Brooch for Dalbrect.

Head to the Ghostlands which is located in Carlin.

Go down the hole located below and head south until you see a rope spot.

Rope yourself up the hole and then go to a house located south-east.

Within this cave you will find various undead creatures but there will be nothing stronger than a Demon Skeleton.

Go up the ramp and use the wooden coffin to find a Family Brooch.

Now head to Dalbrect who is located just north of the entrance to the Ghostlands in a ship and speak to him about a brooch.

Player: Hi

Dalbrect: Be greeted, traveller Player. Welcome to my hut.

Player: Brooch

Dalbrect: What? You want me to examine a brooch?

Player: Yes

Dalbrect: Can it be? I recognise my family's arms! You have found a treasure indeed! I am poor, and all I can offer you is my friendship, but... please... give that brooch to me?

Player: Yes

Dalbrect: Thank you! I shall consider you my friend from now on! Just let me know if you need something!

You will now have access to travel to the Isle of the Kings via ship.

Head to the island and walk north to find Costello and speak with him about his lost brother.

Player: Hi

Costello: Welcome, Player! Feel free to tell me what brings you here.

Player: Fugio

Costello: To be honest, I fear the omens of my dreams might be true. Perhaps Fugio is unable to see the danger down there. Perhaps ... are you willing to investigate this matter?

Player: Yes

Costello: Thank you very much! From now on you may open the doors to the catacombs.

Costello would like you to find his brother.

Take the ship back to Carlin and head back to the Ghostlands.

Instead of heading south-east like before, head directly south and down into the cave and down a few levels.

You may require help from another player on this next step if you are a lower level as you will need to flip two levers in a short amount of time.

If you are doing this as a team:

  • one player should follow the white path

  • one player should follow the orange path

And then both should meet where "X" is marked.

Whoever has the highest level out the team should follow the white path as this is the longest route.

Head down south-east and follow the path until you reach a hole to go down.

Go down and then head north to some stairs.

Go up and then in the centre, head down.

There will be a few creatures such two Bonelords here but just by-pass them and flip the lever.

Now haste back to where "X" is on the map.

Simultaneously, the second player should follow the orange path and keep heading down the cave until you find a Giant Spider and a lever.

Flip the lever, use haste and head down the hole.

Keep following the path of the hole and you will enter up back on the floor marked "X".

If both players correctly pulled the lever in time, there will be no walls blocking the path and you can quickly make your way past them.

If you have been unsuccessful, two magic walls will re-appear and block the path which will mean you will need to flip both switches again.

Once you have made it past the walls, head down the hole.


Walk north and you will come across a room which will have various undead creatures such as Demon Skeletons, Stalkers and Ghouls.

Kill the monsters and then in the north part of the room will be a dead human.

Use the human to find a Monk's Diary.

Now head south out of the room and back up the hole.

Go through the teleport and head back to Costello.

Give him the diary and you will be rewarded with a Blessed Ankh.

Player: Hi

Costello: Welcome, Player! Feel free to tell me what brings you here.

Player: Diary

Costello: Do you want me to inspect a diary?

Player: Yes

Costello: Strewth! This is brother Fugio's handwriting and what I read here is horrible indeed! You have done our order a great favour by bringing this diary to me! Take this blessed ankh. May it always protect you, even in your darkest hours.


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