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The Elemental Spheres Quest


Note: You will need 4 players each of level 80 and different vocations.

Each of them need a 20x enchanted gems to get to their realms (they are used each time you enter the realm):

To begin your mission you have to talk with Arkulius , he is on top of the last (south east) Ivory tower in Edron Academy. Speak with him about Alverus, shrines, sphere, mission, yes. Now you started the quest!

Note: Before you enter to the realm, take as much resources as possible, when you will leave the place, you will have to use gems again!

Enter to the other realm

Go to the middle tower and walk to basement, at the lowest level you will find Mysterious Machine , turn it off and start to use your 20 gems (proper for your vocation). After you will add all 20 of them, active the machine, it will instantly teleport you there. This has to be done by one person in a time!


Things you have to do in your realm

  • You have to kill enough monsters to loot 8 soils

  • When you have all soils move to the altars of lords as shown on map, you have to lure one lesser creaturewith you. Kill him and use soils in correct places. After it you have two minutes before soils will burn down, move the dead body of creature to middle of circle. The boss will spawn. Kill him and take all items out of him. Note: you can kill the boss as much times as the soils will allowed you for, just simply move the dead body of the boss in circle once again to summon him,

    if the soils has not burned out.

  • When you collected the items, go back to Arkulius and report him about your mission. Hi, mission.

    Gear to use in realms


    All imbuement for Intricate Venom and Mana Leech.

    As knights do not really have any good gear which would protect them against energy, it is best to take the gear to your already are used to.

    All imbuement for Intricate Quara Scale and Mana Leech.

    As paladins do not really have any good gear which would protect them against energy, it is best to take the gear to your already are used to.

    Vampire Shield with Intricate Dragon Hide (8%)

    Wand of Starstorm with Mana leech & Basic Epiphany

    If you do not have Dragon Robe use Magma Coat instead.

    Vampire Shield with Intricate Snake Skin (8%)

    Northwind Rod with Mana leech & Basic Epiphany

    If you do not have Greenwood Coat use Terra Mantle instead.



    Last mission

    Now you will have to kill Lord of the Elements , it is good if everyone will have their own Obsidian Knife as you will have to skin him. Each player has to bring with them item of their vocations:

    Head once again to the middle tower of Edron Academy, at the lowest level of it there is a place very similar to The Desert Dungeon Quest . Each vocation has to stand in proper place:

    • Knight - Energy

    • Paladin - Ice

    • Sorcerer - Fire

    • Druid - Earth

    You need to have the item with you!

    Now pull the Lever and you will be teleported to the other room. Now walk to the corners on where you stand and use your item on machines, then back to the place (in your corners) where the Lever are. When you all pull them at the same time, boss will spawn. You have now ten minutes to kill him before it will teleport you out. After the kill you have 10 seconds to loot the body after it, you will only be able to skin it. Now use your Obsidian Knife to receive Neutral Matter . Head then with it back to Arkulius to trade it for the item.

    From now on you are able to trade yours Neutral Matter with npc for money.

Shurdasquad Gahne
By Shurdasquad Gahne on 17 Oct 2017, 13:40 - 11.48

One of each vocation do a single quest and then you meet up for the last boss.


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