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The First Dragon Quest


Draconic Incitements

Go to Yalahar's Magician Quarter in the northeast of the city and walk the main way till the end, go up the stairs, then down, then up twice and you'll find Tamoril .

Talk to him like this: Hi - First Dragon - Rumours - Descendants - Dragonic Incitements - Find - Yes - Yes and your quest log will update.

You need fulfilled 4 tasks before you can continue with this mission. Tamoril will tell that the 4 ancestors of the most common dragons's species originates by the first dragon:

So we'll need to prove ourselves worthy by fulfilling these Incitements.

Note: You can perform tasks and battles in any order.

(Check Spoiler for Full Conversation)

Spoiler Alert!

The Descendants


Tazhadur was the first born, He saw no advantage in choosing any special aspect or element. So he became the ancestor of all common Dragon . He's hidden behind the Green Gem Teleporter located in the Dragon Lair of Darashia.

The Test of Power

To be able of facing him you'll need to slain 200 Dragon . Neither Dragon Lord , Frost Dragon or any kind of Hatchlings will count.

Once you've managed to kill the 200 dragons go to the Dragon Lair of Darashia and go down to the second hunting floor and then to the center of the lair where you'll fid another stair, go down, here you'll face 4 Dragon Lord and find the Large Glowing Emerald , step on it and you'll be teleported to Tazhadur's lair where you'll have 10 minutes to defeat him.

Tips for the Battle: He doesn't do nasty combos but he's fast and will walk over any field you could try to use. Mages and Paladins should just try to outrun him as his physical attacks are quite strong and shoot him. As Knight treat him as an stronger dragon lord.

From him you'll loot the Tooth of Tazhadur which you'll need to fulfill this quest.


She was the second born, lofty and imperious. She declared herself and Empress and lived collecting treasures over the centuries. She's the ancestress of all Dragon Lord and Mother of Tamoril . She lives behind the red gem teleporter in the Dragon Peaks of Zao.

The Treasure

Now is time to get greedy, we'll have to find and open at least 5 out of 20 Dragon Chest that are scattered all over the world. Here's a list of all chests location:

Once you've managed to get at least 5 out of the 20 you'll be able of using the Large Glowing Ruby located here and face Kalyassa. You'll have 10 minute to defeat her.

Note: If you get to open all 20 chests you'll receive the achievement: Treasure Hunter .

Tips for the Battle: She's probable the hardest of the four because of her nasty combos, she will summon up to 2 Dragon Lord that won't retreat even if you lower their hp so is not recomended to waste supplies on them and just focus on Kalyassa herself. Outrunning her is quite easy as she's not that fast but be careful with the combined firewaves of the DL's and hers when running. Firewalker boots are a smart idea as she can set on fire large portions of the terrain and once she summons the Dls you'll mostly be running over fire all the time. For Mages any fire resistance is recommended to avoid the waste, magic shield is a smart idea confident in battle. Paladins should run her and shoot keeping their HP up as she can easily combo up to 2300 with the summons. For Knight it might be a hard battle but it is recommended to trap yourself with the dls facing you and Kalyassa in diagonal to avoid her strong fire wave.

From her you'll loot the Horn of Kalyassa which is needed to complete the quest.


She was the third born also called the Frozen because she chose to inhabit the icy wastes in the north of Tibia, and became the Ancestress of all Frost Dragon . She can be found behind the Blue Gem Teleporter in Okolnir

The Thirst of Knowledge

This is an easier task, all you need to do is go to Okolnir and get here where you'll find the Large Glowing Sapphire and the Gelidrazah's Thirst . He will ask you 3 questions that you need to answer correctly to prove yourself worthy of using the teleporter.

There are three questions. Talk to him like this Hi - Yes - Yes and then answer to him like this.

First: What is the name of the princess who fell in love with a Thaian nobleman during the regency of pharaoh Uthemath?

You: Tahmehe

Second: Who is the author of the book 'The Language of the Wolves'?

You: Ishara

Third: Which ancient Tibian race reportedly travelled the sky in cloud ships?

You Svir

Now you'll be granted the Access to the teleporter, remember that you'll only have 10 minutes to defeat her.

Tips for the Battle: She might count as the easiest of the bunch. A skilled lvl 50 mage can easily take her down by using energy fields and Sudden Death Rune Formula: adori gran mort 985 Mana Death is element of spell Rune type: Area Level: 45 Price: 3000 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Sudden Death Rune aswell as exura to clean the paralysis. Paladins could also use energy fields and shoot the ammo of choice. Knights should just treat her like a stronger frost dragon. She does paralyze a lot and her wave attacks are not that strong, but even running in diagonal won't save you from damage due to her ice beam attack.

From her you'll loot the Scale of Gelidrazah which is needed to complete the quest.


He was the last son of the First Dragon, according to Tamoril he used to be a dragon of air and storm but chose the undeath and turn himself into an Undead Dragon. And so his descendants are undead monstrosities too. Ever since the Undead Dragon regret the mistake of their ancestor and are driven by a desire of the life they don't have.

The Desire of Life

To earn the right of using the Purple Gem Teleporter and reach him, you'll need to imbue yourself with energy of life from 3 spots around the world. These places are:

The Circle of Trees - North of Carlin Here

You enter the circle of trees and flowers. By visiting this sacred site you're infused with the power of nature and plants.

The Sun Tower - South of Ab'dendriel Here

You enter the suntower of Ab'Dendriel. By visiting this sacred site you're infused with the power of the life-giving sun.

The Oasis of the Nomads - North of Ankrahmun Here

You enter the beautiful oasis. By visiting this sacred site you're infused with the power of water bringing life to the desert.

When you've managed to infuse yourself with the energy of all three spots go to Edron's Vampire Crypt. In floor -4 you'll find the Large Glowing Amethyst here. Step on it to face Zorvorax, remember that you only have 10 minutes to defeat him.

i]Tips for the Battle: Even if he doesn't do nasty combos he heals very very fast which makes it hard to take him down in the time window given. Paladins should just use energy fields and outrun him, divine attacks are good against him and you'll probably have it easier when fighting him. Knights should just stand diagonal and deal all their damage. Sorcerers can just use energy attacks and take him down, probably using energy or fire walls to run him. Druids will have a very hard time against him due to his immunity to earth and resistance to ice. Using exori vis and dropping energy bombs under you is a smart idea to make him run over the fields as you attack him, fire devils or fire elementals are also a good idea if you feel your damage is short.

From him you'll loot the Bones of Zorvorax which are needed to complete the quest.

The Ancestral Lair

Now it is time to gather a team, up to 15 adventurers can get into the final room.

Go to Ankrahmun and leave the city to the north west till you reach this spot, use levitate, walk north and then levitate twice. You'll meet some Energy Elemental and Massive Energy Elemental on the way. Walk north till you find a stairs and you should end up here. To gain entrance through the gate we need to sacrifice all four items obtained from the Descendants of the First Dragon. So use the Tooth of Tazhadur , the Horn of Kalyassa , the Scale of Gelidrazah and the Bones of Zorvorax on the sqm in front of the gate, flames will appear and the items will be consumed. Now you're able of entering the Lair by using the same spot where you sacrificed the items.

Once you've entered the lair you'll have to go down 4 floors. On the first floor you'll face some Dragon , walk south-east and then north-east till you get to the stairs, go down and you'll be on a floor plagued with Dragon Lord , walk south through the zig zag cave until you reach the stairs. Down in the third floor you'll face some Ice Dragon go south-east and follow the cave to the east and then north till you find the stairs. On the fourth floor you'll face Haunted Dragon that are alike the undead ones, just follow the cave killing them or use some energy walls so they don't follow you, at the end of the cave you'll find the Mystic Flame enter it and you'll get to a room with teleporter to the south and Kizar . Go through the teleporter and you'll finally be in the room with the lever.

The Army of The Dragon

The Fallen Challengers

Once in the level room there are 15 spots in the center of the room, make your team step on them, you won't need all of the places taken but it is recommended. Make sure you're well prepared and pull the lever. You'll be transported in groups of 3 to different room where you'll face a Fallen Challenger , just kill it and use the Mystic Flame they left behind to enter the final room.

The Unbeatable Dragons

In the next room you'll meet 5 Unbeatable Dragon and a lot of spawning Dragon Warden . Here the strategy is simple, the main blocker holds the five dragons while the main druid throws sios at him, the rest of the team should focus on killing the Dragon Wardens even if they spawn back again after a few seconds.

West of the room there's a grasy terrain with a single Dry flower that looks like a Heaven Blossom. East of the room is a small lake, where Spirit of Fertility will spawn. A second knight or whoever targeted by the spirit needs to make him step on the dry flower, the spirit will dissapear and a Angry Plant will spawn, kill it and it will become a Flower Bowl . Now a second knight should take one of the Unbeatable Dragons and make it step over the flower. The following message will appear An allergic reaction weakens the dragon! and it will turn into a Somewhat Beatable Dragon , focus your gunpower on him and repeat untill all five Unbeatable Dragons are well... beaten.

The Dragon Essences

Once the last Unbeatable Dragon is killed the Dragon Essence will spawn, around 8 of them. They seem to have TONS OF HP. And somehow they do, the trick is that they share that hp, like a hive, which means all damage you deal to one is dealt to the others aswell. They do Deal A LOT of damage and is recomended that you avoid running like crazy when they turn on you and try to take them to a knight.

Here's a quick advice mages should use aoe, like Thunderstorm runes. Why? Because an sd might take down up to 600 hp from a single dragon, but a thunderstorm that hit all of the 8 will deal around 150 damage each which means 1200 damage in total.

It might take a moment as they also heal a lot but is not imposible to take them down. Take in consideration that Dragon Warden never stop spawning and thus you might want to take them down, focusing on the essences is smarter.

The First Dragon

Now it is time to face the First Son of Garsharak. When you've killed the Essences The First Dragon will spawn and you should medicinally start attacking him, he has a LOT of hp and it hits quite hard too, the wardens will be adding difficulty so it is smart for a secondary knight to hold up to 4 of the wardens while the main blocker holds the Boss. Even a 250 knight could be oneshooted to the combined combo of the First Dragon an two wardens, so be careful.

Keep in mind a few things, even if you kill the wardens they will respawn. The boss will teleport himself randomly to another spot in the room, so keep your eye on him as he might teleport behind you and gift you with a quick trip to the temple.

Just Keep Attacking him until he dies.

The Reward

Once you kill him you'll be immediately teleported to another room with The First Dragon . Talk to him like this:Hi - Reward and you'll receive the Festive Outfit. Make sure to open all three chests in the room, from them you'll receive a Porcelain Mask , 3 Colourful Feathers , up to 3 Gold Token and probably more.

You can reenter the room every 20 hours and battle him again. You'll need 3 masks for the First Addon of the Outfit which can be gotten once every 5 days and 20 colourful feathers for the second addon, you'll get 3 of these every time you complete the quest.

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