Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

What a Foolish Quest


What a Foolish Quest

Jester Outfit


A quick tip: This is a Quest that could become long and boring if you start running back and forward to get the items. Follow my steps and make the most out of your time. It's a good idea to head to Venore, go to Chephan and buy from him a Kitchen Knife and a Spoon that will be needed later on for the addons. Then head back to thais to start the quest.

First things first, find Donald McRonald and buy 24 Bunch of Wheat from him. Then go to the Millstone in the north entrance of Thais, near Grof, The Guard and turn them all into flour.

A quick tip: Set the Bunch of Wheat on a hotkey to make this process faster

Now that we have all of our items is time to go talk to Bozo and tell him = Hi - Join - Yes - Yes - Bye. Now you're part of the Fools Guild, but you haven't earn the right to use the Jester Outfit yet, Bozo has asked you to get him a Very Special flower from the White Flower Temple to make Water Skirt Flowers. (That's Flower said a lot of times isn't it?) Now it's time to head south to the temple to get the flower, make sure you have your Kitchen Knife with you and head down to the temple. Only one of the flowers is Worthy to be cut, if you try to cut the wrong one you'll receive a message saying that This flower is to pathetic.

After you cut the right one you'll get a White Flower on your backpack and the kitchen knife will disapear because it got ruined. Head back to Bozo and report your mission!

Mission 2: That Stinks!

When you get back to Bozo report your mission by saying: Hi - Mission - Yes. He'll tell you that you can ask him for another mission whenever you want, so... Go ahead an ask him for a mission, he'll give you a special flask so make sure no to lose it or you'll have to buy it again from him and it will cost you 1000gp. Now you need to fill the flask with the stink of a death Slime . Thank the Gods we don't have to go that far to find some slimes, so just follow the maps.

This way you'll find a small Slime Respawn, kill one and use the Vial on the smoke of the dead Slime to get a Vial of Slime . You must be quick, as the slime smoke will only last a few seconds. When you get it don't waste your time, head back to Bozo and report about your mission. Once again he'll tell you to ask another one when you feel ready, so get to it and let's keep going.

In this mission Bozo will ask you for a dozen of pies bought from Mirabell in Edron. Now you will need those 24oz of Flour we got at the beggining. Take the ship to Edron, and make sure to have some cap and at least an empty backpack in your inventory. Even tho Mirabell is located above the depot, our first stop will be in the Noodles Academy of Modern Magic, where you buy spells and potions (the name is too good no to use it) go up the stairs, east and then down in the first tower to find Sandra . Buy from her 18 vials of water and empty them all, you should be a little thirsty after all these jokes, so set them on a hotkey and drink up! Now with the 18 empty vials on your backpack.

Now it's time to head to Mirabell's bar. Tell her Hi - Pies - 12 pies - Yes - Flour - Yes and she will take the flour from you to make the pies. Take advantage of the situation and buy 18 mugs of wine from her also, get the liquid inside the vials and you'll get your 18 Vial of Wine . Talk again to Mirabell an tell her Hi - 12 pies - Yes to receive your order, it will cost you 240gp. Now leave Mirabell's bar with your Box (Pies) .

This part is quite tricky as you cannot take the pies on carpet or ships because they're too delicious and Edron is not interested in luring tourists to it's heart, so taking the pies out of the city is forbidden. But Who cares? we're Fools now, so we'll head south to the plantation fields then down the hole (you may need a shovel) from there you'll go down a lvl to the Rotworm tunnel, follow the map and go up one level, you'll be on Cormaya, walk south-east and go down to the steamboat, go to Kazordoon and then walk all the way to Thais to report your mission. Bozo will take the Box of Pies and you'll ask for your next mission.

Mission 4: Fool Spirits

Now Bozo will ask you to bring him 18 Vial of Wine but because we're to smart to be fooled into taking another ship to Edron, we are ready! Just tell him Mission - Yes again and he'll take the 18 vials of wine from you and give you a Crate (Wine) . Now you must walk south-west to Xodet's shop, and change the Wine Vials for the Mana Fluids of the daily delivery. Just use the Crate on Xodet's and head back to Bozo to report your mission.

Mission 5: The Dwarf Beard

Bozo is planning a Fine Prank but obviously he's gonna need your help, So... Let's help Bozo. First he'll ask you to go to the Triangle Tower, west of Thais to find a Magical Watch. Is recomended to bring some Avalanches to clean the respawn quickly and maybe a Stealth ring to avoid Demon Skeleton , you'll face some Stalker , Ghoul and a few Skeleton in the tower, so be ready!!.

Leave Thais to the north-east, passing Mount Sternum and the Bridge, now head south to the tower. And go up 3 floor killing everything on the way. You'll find a door with a chest, open it and you'll get the Watch .

A Quick Solution: You may find that you cannot enter the Tower, but don't loose it yet. Go north-east following the river and then south-west following the river. You'll find some red rocks and a very suspicios blank spot next to them, that's really a switch, so use it and a wall will open. Now go back to the tower and get the watch

Go back to Bozo and report your mission. He'll tell you that the watch can be used to travel in time but that it will only work twice. And that you have to go to the Emperor Kruzak bedroom on Kazordoon, travel in time and cut his beard while he sleeps.

Go to Kazordoon from Thais and head to the depot, go west and up in the stairs, go up 3 floor like you're going to the potion shop and then up once more. Now follow the hall to the westh and then south, go up. Now go north-east till you get to the Emperor's room. Now use the watch standing next to the bed, as shown in the image and you'll travel in time. In the future, you'll find a bag with a book and a kitchen knife in the chest inside the room, get them and use the knife on the Sleeping Emperor to get the beard, a Dwarf Guard will spawn, kill it an use the watch again to go back in time. Head back to Thais and Report your mission.

A Quick Solution: You may find the emperor's room door closed and you'll need the Key 3800 to open the door. In that case go to the north-west corner of the room you're in, and move the Statue to reveal the entrance to a Secret Passage. Walk the hallway to the end and you'll find two chests. The one in the right will give you the Key.

When you have reported your mission Bozo will be Willing to tell you how to get your Jester Outfit. Now just tell him: Hi - Jester Outfit and He'll ask you for the 4 pieces of cloth. Say: Yes to everything and you'll get your Outfit.

Jester Staff Addon

Go to Bozo in the Thaian Castle and ask him for a mission, make sure you already have your items on the Backpack to save time. He'll ask you for 4 Minotaur Leather and 1 Spider Silk to make a Whoopee Cushion . Give him the items by saying again: Mission - Yes - yes - mission and he'll give you the cushion. Now we need to go to Carlin, so Haste Formula: utani hur 60 Mana Level: 14 Price: 600 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Haste those Boots of Haste and go to the ship. Once in Carlin go north-west to Queen Eloise 's Castle and use the Cushion on the Large Throne . Go back to bozo and report about your mission.

Bozo will ask you to go again to Carlin, this time to steal the favorite toy of the Queen Eloise 's pet Kitty . Once in the Queen throne room, go down the stairs in the south of the room and through the sealed door, in the north-west corner you'll find a basket, use it and a Toy Mouse will appear with Kitty, take the mouse and leave the room. go to the ship and take it to Venore where you'll continue your mission.

Now that you have the mouse is time to use it, go to the bank at the east of the city and find Carina . Talk to her like this: Hi - Mouse - Yes to make her scream and you'll lose the mouse. Now go back to Thais and report about your mission.

Take advantage of your location!:Go to Chephan and buy from him a Kitchen Knife and a Spoon that you'll need. Then head back to thais to ask for your next mission. If you're following this Guide from the start, skip this and just keep going.

In this mission Bozo will ask you to collect some Easily Inflammable Sulphur that you can get by using a Spoon in a Lava Hole (Inactive) .

Once you have delivered both the sulphur and the leaves, bozo will use them to make a Cigar and send you to deliver it. Take the boat to Liberty Bay and go to the building north-east of the Potion Shop. In the second floor you will find Theodore Loveless . Talk to him saying Hi - Cigar - Yes and the cigar will explode in his face. Report to Bozo and he will give you a Jester Staff to "spice up" your Outfit.

A quick tip: The lava hole shown in this guide is the closest to Bozo, just north of Thais in the Ancient Temple, still it is placed really close to a single Fire Devil spawn and if you are a low leveled adventurer we recommend to be careful or just use one of the two that you can find in the Fibula Tunnel.

Once you have the Easily Inflammable Sulphur just go back to bozo and ask him for the next step of your mission. Now he will send you to the Tiquanda Jungle to find a Jungle Dweller Bush and cut some leaves from it. There are various places in the Jungle where you can find this plant but the closest one is just north of Port Hope's Depot. When you have found the bush, use your Kitchen Knife on it to cut the leaves and you'll get Some Special Leaves .

Go back to Bozo and let's continue your mission.

Jester Hat Addon

Mission 9: A Fool's Bargain

Just ask Bozo for your next mission. Now it is time to go back to the triangle tower the same way we went in mission 5, this time to fill a Special Flask (Fools Guild) with blood from a Stalker . Go to the Tower, to the third floor and you'll find the stalkers. Kill one and quickly use the vial on his body, now return to bozo and let's continue.

Bozo will give you another vial but this time to fill it with ink from a Quara Constrictor or a Quara Constrictor Scout . The quickest way is going to Yalahar Sunken Quarter to the Quara's spawn, remember to bring your Helmet of the Deep . Go down the Water Vortex and then down the ladder. You'll find 3 Quara Constrictor Scout here, so just kill one and use your vial on it.

A quick tip: The quara constrictor and their scout cousins are not inmune to invisibilty. So if you're a low leveled adventurer, just bring a Stealth Ring and kill them safely.

Once you've filled the vial, go back to bozo to continue. He will use the vials to make a special ink and give you a Magical Inkwell filled with vanishing ink and then ask you to order 2000 steel shields from Sam so go pay him a visit an talk to him like this: Hi - 2000 steel shields - yes - yes. And you'll get a Contract use the vanishing ink on it and talk again to Sam Contract - yes. Now just go back to Bozo and report your mission.

Mission 10: A Sweet Surprise

In this mission Bozo will give you 10 cookies and ask you to deliver them all over the world to differnet Npc's by saying Hi - Cookie - Yes. Some conditions apply for this mission, first you'll need to be at least lvl 40 and have completed Djinn War Quest, have Access to Meriana part of The Shattered Isles Quest and the Barbarian Tests. Also is recommended to be sure you're really well prepared with runes, pots and some help if possible.

Here's a list of things to consider:

1.- In Mintwallin, when you speak to Markwin he will spawn a few minotaurs and you will need to kill them before you can continue the conversation.

2.- In Orc fortress one you will face a huge amount of orcs along the way, but when you reach the stairs to go down to the last floor be CAREFUL as you will face some Orc Leader , Orc Warlord and a Dragon just down the stairs. Once in the throne room passing the lvl 40 door you will face a lot of orcs too, you can lure them slowly and kill them but, when you say hi to the Orc King he will spawn all kind of orcs around you. And when you give him the cookie he will spawn orcs once again so, is a smart idea to ask a friend to help you here.

3.- If you choose the green side on the Djinn war you will need to take the cookie to Yaman. If you have chosen the blue side, take it to Nah'bob.

Simon the Beggar Simon The Beggar

Markwin Markwin

Wyda Wyda

Lorbas Lorbas

The Orc King The Orc King

Avar Tar Avar tar

Ariella Ariella

Hairycles Hairycles

Hjaern Hjaern

Yaman Nah'Bob

Nah'Bob Yaman

Mission 11: The Final Foolishness

This mission is an easy one compared from the previous one. Bring 5 White Piece of Cloth to Bozo and ask him for your mission, you will receive Bale of White Cloth and bozo will ask you to get it a little dirty; so it's time to travel to Darama. As shown in the map and use the Bale on the stone. It will change into an Bale of Yellowed Cloth , Go back to bozo and talk him about your mission. He will take the cloth and give you a Mummy Disguise . Now go back to darashia to the palace where the Training Statues are. On the seccond floor of the building you'll find Kazzan .

Now is time, use your disguise and you'll turn into a mummy. And talk to him saying Hi and you'll scare him. Now just go back to bozo and report about your mission. You will receive the achievements: Fool at Heart and Perfect Fool . And Bozo will give you a Jester Hat to complete your outfit.


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