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The Thieves Guild Quest


Mission 1

For this quest you will need:

10 Tusk and enough money to travel.

To start this quest, you must travel to the city of Thais and talk to the Dorian , who is the representative of the Thieves’ Guild,. You can find it in to the west of Gamel , under the docks, east of boat.

Speak with him:

Hi -Then- Thieves

For this mission Dorian will ask you to collect 10 Tusk , you can bring the tusks before to save time and advance to the next mission.

Mission 2: Burglary

For this mission you will need Lock Picks, you can buy with Dorian

After buying some Lock Picks, travel to Carlin and look for the Sarina , on Central Plaza, south of the depot, as you can see in the map below:

Use the vines on the side of her house to climb upstairs, in the room, you will find a Sturdy Chest , use the Lock Pick to open the chest and steal the Valuable Vase , click on the window to leave the room, returns with Dorian and report your mission.

Mission 3: Invitation

In this mission Dorian asks you to earn an invitation to his guild the King's ball.

Search for Oswald , you can find him east of the temple of Thais, tell the word Invitation he will give an invitation but you will have to pay 1000 Gold Coin .

Report Back the misión with Dorian .

Mission 4: Bridge Robbery

In this mission you have to travel to Outlaw Camp and talk to the Snake Eye , say the word "Documents", after this he will send you to find Ahmet in the city of Ankrahmun, north of the depot, on the second floor.

Say “Documents” to Ahmet , he will forge the Deed of Ownership for you for a fee of 1000 Gold Coin .

Now travel to Carlin to find Percybald , he is in on Theater Avenue, east of the temple.

Say the word " Disguise", he will ask you to go for a copy of the script , which you will find in the prop room at the theater.

When you get it, go back to Percybald and say the word " Test" in this step must be careful because Percybald will repeat some dialogues of the script and you have to repeat the following dialogue , be careful not to make mistakes, because it is tedious. When you finished, he will give you a Disguise Kit, which you will use later, and you will obtain the achievement Amateur Actor .

Travel to Venore and find Nurik under the depot on the eastern side -1,

It's time to use the disguise kit, say hello to Nurik and then "dwarven bridge", he will trade you the Deed of Ownership for the The Famous Mina Losa Painting . Go back and Report to Dorian .

Mission 5: Enforcing Debts

Now you need to go to Tiquanda smuglers’ cave,northwest of Port Hope, follow the next maps:

Walk until you find a quest door, take the Stolen Golden Goblet and returns with Dorian to report the mission.

Mission 6: Fishnapping

This mission can be accomplished in two ways.

1 way: Travel to Liberty Bay, and find Chantalle , on the jewel shop, ask her for "key" , now go to Herbert , you can find him on the depot, say Hi -Letter -Gold -Yes. He exchange you the letter for 1000 Red Tunic

Now go to Venore, and find Carina , on the Jewerly shop, she will sell you a Precious Necklace for 5000 Gold Coin . Its time to back to Liberty Bay With Chantalle , say " Key" and she will give you the key.

Now that you have the key, go upstairs of the jewerly shop of Chantalle 's and use the key on the door , now you're inside of the room with a Goldfish Bowl , use the bowl and now you have the Fishnapped Goldfish on your backpack.

With Dorian Go back and report the mission.

Mission 7: Blackmail

Travel to venore, to the guard's barracks, follow the next map:

Go two floors up and 'use' the Chest of Drawers (Quest) in the room. Once you do it you will get the Compromising Letter .

report back to Dorian

Mission 8: Message

For this mission, Dorian gives you a note.

Now travel to Dark Cathedral, second floor, and switch all six levers in the circle and then go through the Teleport in the middle of the Floor.

When yoy pass the teleport walk north and 'use' the note between the demon trophies on the wall. The white circle is where you must place the warning.

Go back with Dorian and report the mission.

Now you can enter to the room next to him and take your reward, you will receive the achievement Master Thief .


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