Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

The Ice Islands Quest

Premium:City:SvargrondLevel required:0Level recommended:130+
  • Norseman Premium Norseman
  • ability to trade with Hjaern
  • access to Formorgar Mines and Helheim, Krimhorn, Nibelor, Tyrsung
  • possibility to ride dog sleds
Creatures to kill:
Destroyer Nightmare Plaguesmith Behemoth Frost Troll Barbarian Bloodwalker Barbarian Brutetamer Barbarian Headsplitter Barbarian Skullhunter Bandit Hunter Smuggler Pirate Buccaneer Pirate Cutthroat Acolyte of the Cult Adept of the Cult Enlightened of the Cult Novice of the Cult Bonelord Braindeath Elder Bonelord Polar Bear Winter Wolf Cave Rat Bonebeast Mammoth Demon Skeleton Lost Soul Skeleton Crypt Shambler Ghoul Mummy Demon Penguin

You need to have completed the Barbarian Test in order to undertake this quest.

Befriending the Musher

Accept a mission from Iskan , and find A Starving Dog . Ensure you have a piece of Meat with you. Get the dogs attention by saying his name, Sniffler, and feed him by saying Meat. Report your success to Iskan .


Now that you’ve proven yourself to Iskan , it’s time to venture beyond the comforts of Svargrond. Ensure you have a Pick with you and ask Iskan for a passage to Nibelor.

1 – Breaking the Ice

Go to the shaman Hjaern , and ask him for a mission. He will ask you to break the ice between Nibelor and the island of Grimlund located to the east. Multiple Chakoyas will spawn each time you pick a crack in the ice. Once you have picked all three locations, return to Hjaern and report your success.

2 – Ecological Terrorism

Find Siflind , upstairs from Hjaern , and ask her for a mission. She will ask you to gather ants in Port Hope to wreak havoc on the pirates of Tyrsung. Once the mission has been accepted, Buddel will grant you passage to Tyrsung.

Make your way into Tiquanda with a jug and gather some ants from an ant hill.

With a jug full of ants, it’s time to terrorize some pirates. Ask Buddel for a passage to Tyrsung and fight your way to the southern shores. Go to the bottom deck of the pirate boat and let the ants loose on the western mast.

Report your success to Siflind .

3 – Artful Sabotage

Request another mission from Siflind . She will ask you to paint the baby seals of Tyrsung. Make your way back to Tyrsung and find a [We do not have this monster] on the west coast to paint. The seal can be painted every 30 seconds. Report your success to Siflind once paint has been used three times.

4 – Berserk Brewery

This mission requires handing in 5 Bat Wing , 4 Bear Paw , 3 Bonelord Eye , 2 Fish Fin , and 1 Green Dragon Scale to Siflind .

5 – Cure the Dogs

There is a 5 minute cooldown on using the kitchen knife, spoon, and waterskin required to obtain the medicine ingredients.

Start the mission by asking Nilsor about medicine, and buy Nilsor's Waterskin from Nilsor . He will send you to Hjaern once you have delivered all of the items required for the medicine.

Vial of Geyser Water is obtained by using Nilsor's Waterskin on an Inactive Geyser. These can be found in Nibelor Ice Cave and Okolnir.

Go to Buddel and ask him for a passasge to Okolnir. Just south of Buddel on Okolnir you will find several geysers. Use the middle one.

Frostbite Herb can be found in many locations across the Ice Islands. Use a Kitchen Knife on the Frostbite Herb.

Fine Sulphur is gathered by using a Spoon on an inactive lava hole. These are found in many different places, the simplest being in the tunnel between Thais and Fibula.

Son Adorer Cacti are found spread out across Ankrahmun. Use a Kitchen Knife to obtain a Part of Sun Adorer Cactus.

You will find several Giant Glimmercap Mushrooms east of Port Hope, along the south bank of the river. Use a Spoon on one to collect Spores.

Purple Kiss Blossoms are found near the Giant Glimmercap Mushrooms. Use a Kitchen Knife to harvest a Purple Kiss Blossom.

The Secrets of Helheim

Request a mission from Hjaern . He will ask you to uncover the secrets of Helheim. Go to Buddel and ask for a passage to Helheim and make your way to the bottom of the dungeon. Find the skeleton in the small house and report back to Hjaern .

The Contact

Request a mission from Lurik , then make your way to Buddel and ask for a passage to the raider camp. Locate Nor in the southern parts of the raider camp and ask him for a Memory Crystal. Return to Lurik with the Memory Crystal and give him five minutes to gather his thoughts.

Formogar Mines

The road to Formogar Mines is a long one, there is a shortcut available through the Ice Portal of the Forgotten Knowledge Quest.

Acquire the first mission from Lurik and make your way into the Formogar Mines.

1 – The Mission

Locate A Restless Soul and find a paper inside the skeleton just north of the ghost.

2 – Ghostwhisperer

Ask Hjaern about is apprentice, Tylaf. You will now be able to communicate with ghosts.

3 – The Secret

Make your way back to Formogar Mines and ask Tylaf about his story. Now go to Hjaern and talk to him about your mission.

4 – Retaliation

Hjaern will ask you to mark four obelisks with a Frost Charm . You will have to face Nightmares , Destroyers , Plaguesmiths , Lost Souls , Behemoths and Demons in this final mission.

Use either the lifts or the ramps and make your way to level -5 in the mines. Then proceed with caution as you locate and mark the obelisks.

Report your success to Hjaern once all obelisks have been marked.


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