Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Nargor Island Quest

Premium:City:Liberty BayLevel required:0Level recommended:0+
Creatures to kill:
Tarantula Slime Smuggler Pirate Buccaneer Pirate Corsair Pirate Cutthroat Pirate Marauder Thornback Tortoise

In order to begin this quest, you will need to speak to Raymond Striker who will ask that you first help some of the locals in Sabrehaven.

Improving Your Reputation

Ariella will first ask you to bring her 100 pieces of Bread. If you ask her again for a mission, she will then ask for a Bottle of Whisper Beer which can only be purchased upon accepting her task.

Chondur will ask for 5 Pirate Voodoo Dolls.

Duncan will ask for an Atlas.

Morgan will ask you to deliver a Letter to Eremo.

Once you have completed these tasks, your reputation will improve and Raymond Striker will now offer you some of his missions.

The Fafnar's Fire

Ask Raymond Striker for your first mission.

He will send you to speak to Sandra in Edron.

Player: Hi

Sandra: Hello Player, welcome to the fluid and potion shop of Edron.

Player: Fafnar's Fire

Sandra: Pssht, not that loud. So they have sent you to get... the stuff?

Player: Yes

Sandra: Finally. You have no idea how difficult it is to keep something secret here. And you brought me all the crystal coins I demanded?

Player: Your Continued Existence Is Payment Enough

Sandra: What?? How dare you?! I am a sorcerer of the most renowned academy on the face of this world. Do you think some lousy pirates could scare me? Get lost! Now! I will have no further dealings with the likes of you!

Return back to Raymond Striker to complete the mission.

Tortoise Egg from Nargor & Sabotage

Be sure to take the next two missions at the same time

Ask Duncan and Raymond Striker for a mission and then travel to Nargor via Sebastian.

Upon arriving at Nargor, head west and down a level.

Make your way from point "A" to point "B" and then head up a further 2 levels.

Go down the hole which is located below.

Go through the sealed Door where a Thornback Tortoise will be.

Use any Tortoise's Nest to find a Tortoise Egg from Nargor.

Go back up and head south to the spot located below and use Fire Bug on the Catapult.

Return back to Duncan and Raymond Striker to complete the missions.

You will recieve the Animal Activist achievement from Duncan.

Spy Mission

Ask Raymond Striker for another mission.

He will want you to study 3 Plans.

Head back to Nargor and go east of where the Catapult is and up some stairs.

Head directly east, levitate up and then go up again.

Follow the cave north-west and then east where you will find Vulturenose blocking a sealed Door.

Equip your Pirate Shirt, Pirate Knee Breeches, Pirate Boots, Pirate Hat and then say enter to Vulturenose.

You will now be able to pass the sealed Door.

Head up and use the Plans.

Return back to Raymond Striker to complete the mission.

Proof of Death

Raymond Striker will learn that Klaus wants him dead.

Raymond Striker will ask you to speak to Klaus to find out what he wants as proof of his death.

Head back to Nargor where the Plans are and speak with Klaus.

Player: Hi

Klaus: Ho matey!

Player: Mission

Klaus: Hmm, you look like a seasoned seadog. Kill Captain Ray Striker, bring me his lucky pillow as proof and you are our hero!

Now speak with Raymond Striker who will give you his Favourite Pillow.

Take this back to Klaus who will be pleased to learn of Raymond Striker's death and will throw a party for all of the pirates.

Head back to Raymond Striker to complete the quest.

You will be rewarded with a Model Ship as well the ability to start the Pirate Outfits Quest.

Shurdasquad Gahne
By Shurdasquad Gahne on 17 Oct 2017, 13:44 - 11.48

Pirate bosses spawns in raid, and then you can obtain full pirate outfit after this quest (if u got the required items).


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