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The Cursed Crystal Quest


Note: This task can be done every 20 hours.


You will need access to Nargor for this task.

Gather all the required items beforehand. You will need a flask of embalming fluid, molten wax, green crystal splinter and petrified scream.


Obtain molten wax by melting a honeycomb. This can be done on the oven in Eclesius' house. There is also an oven in a room to the south-west of the ships on Nargor. Honeycombs are dropped by bears, wasps and werebears.

Obtain flask of embalming fluid from a mummy or elder mummy.

Obtain green crystal splinter from an armadile, crystalcrusher, drillworm enslaved dwarf, lava golem, stone devourer, wiggler or sight of surrender. Use the splinter on a grinder to get a pinch of crystal dust. This can be done on Nargor.

Obtain petrified scream from banshee.

Alternatively, purchase the required items from other players.

Travel to Nargor and talk to One-Eyed Joe, ask her for a mission followed by yes twice.

Watch out for slimes, tarantulas, smugglers, pirate marauders, pirate cutthroats and pirate buccaneers.

Player: hi

One-Eyed Joe: Hello there. I'm sorry, I hardly noticed you. I'm a bit nervous. The spooky sounds down there, you know.

Player: mission

One-Eyed Joe: As for myself I haven't been down there. But I heard some disturbing rumours. In these caves are wonderful crystal formations. Some more poetically inclined fellows call them the crystal gardens. ...

One-Eyed Joe: At first glance it seems to be a beautiful - and precious - surrounding. But in truth, deep down in these caverns exists an old evil. Want to hear more?

Player: yes

One-Eyed Joe: The evil I mentioned is a strange crystal, imbued with some kind of unholy energy. It is very hard to destroy, no weapon is able to shatter the thing. Maybe a jarring, very loud sound could destroy it. ...

One-Eyed Joe: I heard of creatures, that are able to utter ear-splitting sounds. Don't remember the name, though. Would you go down there and try to destroy the crystal?

Player: yes

One-Eyed Joe: Great! Good luck and be careful down there!

If you already have a pinch of crystal dust, go down the stairs twice, but if you still need to use a grinder there is one to the south if you down once.

Use green crystal splinter on the wooden grinder and it will become a pinch of crystal dust.

This part is optional but doesn't take long, it's just for a piece of paper that gives a clue of how to solve the quest.

Go down one floor. Walk to the big room to the west where you will see a skeleton. Open it to find a sheet of paper.

Beware of pirate marauders, pirate cutthroats, pirate skeletons and pirate ghosts.

Backtrack to the ladder and walk past it to the south-east. You will see another skeleton in the south-west corner. Open it to find a small crystal bell.

Go down the ladder to the east. Watch out for pirate skeletons, crystalcrushers, crystal spiders, drillworms, water elementals and wyverns.

From here, walk to the south-west. Eventually you will see a crystal teleporter between a pirate flag and berg crystal. Enter it to go down a floor.

Walk to the north-east where you will see a bloodstained crystal Use it to obtain a vial of medusa blood.

Exit the same way you came.

You now have all the ingredients for the mixture to create a flask of Medusa's ointment.

Use flask of embalming fluid on vial of medusa blood to create flask with oil and blood.

Use pinch of crystal dust on flask with oil and blood to create flask of Medusa's ointment.

Walk to the west and go into the room with a little pond. Use your small crystal bell and a vortex will appear.

Jump into the vortex and it will take you to a room with a bunch of black crystals and a large black crystal. In this room you will face crystal spiders, crystalcrushers and a frost dragon.

Use molten wax on yourself to plug your ears with it.

After plugging your ears, use the flask of Medusa's ointment on petrified scream to shatter the large black crystal. Go down the hole to the left of the crystal. From this point it's a one way street, so keep walking until you are out.

Now head back to One-Eyed Joe. As soon as you greet her she will recognize your efforts and reward you with a shard:

And one of the following:

Player: hi

One-Eyed Joe: Well done! Take this reward for your efforts. But know this: The cursed crystal seems to regenerate over time. It could be necessary to come back and repeat whatever you have done down there.


You will earn the Wail of the Banshee achievement when you complete this quest.

By Wuri on 30 Nov 2018, 07:06 - 12.00 (Winter Update 2018)

Flask of Medusa's Ointment is also used for the Stone Door in The Seven Keys.

You can grab a Vial of Medusa Blood every 20 hours.


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