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The Ape City Quest

Premium:City:Port HopeLevel required:0Level recommended:130+
  • Shaman Premium Shaman
  • permission to go to Forbidden Lands and Deeper Banuta
  • ability to trade with Hairycles
Creatures to kill:
Giant Spider Scarab Fire Devil Carniphila Spit Nettle Gargoyle Massive Earth Elemental Medusa Stone Golem Behemoth Dworc Fleshhunter Dworc Venomsniper Dworc Voodoomaster Bonelord Elder Bonelord Efreet Green Djinn Kongra Merlkin Sibang Bonebeast Lizard Sentinel Lizard Snakecharmer Lizard Templar Hydra Serpent Spawn Demon Skeleton Skeleton Crypt Shambler Ghoul

In order to start the quest, speak to Hairycles who is located in Banuta.

Mission 1 - Whisper Moss

For your first mission, Hairycles will explain that there is a plague outbreak and that he needs a powerful component for the cure.

Head down the below pitfall, which is hidden by some plants located south of Port Hope.

Use a weapon on the Wooden Bars and go through the sealed Doors to the east to find a Box.

Open the Box to find some Whisper Moss.

Take this back to Hairycles to complete the mission.

Mission 2 - The Cure

In order to complete this mission, you will need to bring Hairycles a Flask of Cough Syrup.

Hairycles will initially send you to Brewster who is located in the Port Hope tavern.

Brewster will direct you to Ustan who is located on the first floor of the tavern.

He will then explain that his only Flask of Cough Syrup was stolen in a ape raid so he will send you to Padreia who is located in Carlin.

Buy a Flask of Cough Syrup from Padreia and then give this to Hairycles to complete the mission.

Mission 3 - Lizard Parchment

Hairycles will explain that he believes the plague was from the evil lizards and will sent you to retrieve a parchment from their settlement.

Head to the below spot which is located east of Tiquanda.

Go through the sealed Door and open the Box to find an Old Parchment.

Head back to Hairycles and give him the parchment to complete the mission.

Mission 4 - Parchment Decyphering

Hairycles will tell you that he cannot read what the parchment says so he will send you to a tomb located in Ankrhamun where there will be 2 large Red Shrine Stones along with a sign.

Head to the east exit of Ankrahmun and dig on the below spot until you uncover a hole.

Keep going down the ramps until you are on the floor with the Empty Coal Basin and the Mystic Flame.

Head to the below spot and step on the tile in front of the Obelisk and the following text will appear and your quest log should update; !-! -O- I_I (/( --I Morgathla

Head back to Hairycles to complete the mission

Mission 5 - Hydra Egg

Hairycles will want you to him bring a Hydra Egg to use in the charm to protect all of the ape people.

Hydra Eggs can be looted from Hydras or you can buy them on the market from other players.

Once you have the egg, give it to Hairycles to complete the mission.

Player: Hi

Hairycles: Oh! Hello! Hello! Did not notice!

Player: Mission

Hairycles: You bring Hairycles egg of hydra?

Player: Yes

Hairycles: Ah, the egg! Mighty warrior you be! Thank you. Hairycles will put it at safe place immediately.

Mission 6 - Witches' Cap Spot

Hairycles will explain that he needs a Witches' Cap Spot for the last ingredient of his charm of life.

Head over to Fibula Dungeon, located below.

You will need to bring Key 3940 with you.

Use Key 3940 on the locked door and go down the stairs.

Head through the door to the south and down the ladders.

In the south-west corner, there will be a sealed Door.

Go through the door and pick some of the Witches' Cap mushrooms.

Take the Witches' Cap Spot back to Hairycles to complete the mission.

Mission 7 - Destroying Casks

Hairycles will want you to destroy the Casks underneath Banuta that were left by the lizards before they fled.

Head down the stairs underneath Hairycles and go down another level, located below.

Head to the north-east of the cave where you find 7 Casks behind sealed the Doors.

Use a Crowbar on 3 of the Casks and then head back to Hairycles to complete the mission.

Mission 8 - Evidence of Holy Ape

Hairycles will ask you to find evidence of the Holy Ape.

Make your way to the The Blind Prophet who is located east of Banuta.

Ask The Blind Prophet for "transport" and he will take you to the forbidden lands.

Head north-west to the below spot to find a footprint in the grass.

Use the north-west tile of the footprint to retrieve a Giant Ape's Hair.

Leave the forbidden lands and return back to Hairycles with the Giant Ape's Hair to complete the mission.

Mission 9 - The Deepest Catacombs

For Hairycles's final mission, he will want you to travel down the deepest catacombs under Banuta and destroy the Snake God.

It is highly recommended that you buy a Egg of the Many so you can use the shortcut to enter the catacombs otherwise, you will take a longer route and break 4 Canopic Jars.

Using The Shortcut

While having the Egg of the Many in your inventory, head down the hole located below.

Continue going down the cave where you'll pass a Giant Spider and end up by a Magic Forcefield which will lead to the catacombs.

Breaking The Jars

Go down the stairs underneath Hairycles and down to the same level where you destroyed the Casks in mission 7.

Head east and then go through the Magic Forcefield.

You will need to break 4 Canopic Jars with your weapon which are marked on the below map as "X".

Once all of the jars are broken, head into the path in the middle of the cave with the star is pictured and head through the Magic Forcefield where you will teleported to the entrance of the catacombs.

The Snake God

You will now need to flip 7 Levers.

They can be flipped in any order but the recommended route is to start from the spot marked green and then follow the route clockwise until you reach the last one which will reveal a secret entrance.

Head through the opening and make your way north until you see the The Statue of the Snake God.

Use the Snake Destroyer on the The Statue of the Snake God and your quest log should update.

Return back to Hairycles to complete the quest where you will receive the Friend of the Apes achievement.

Player: Hi

Hairycles: Be greeted, friend of the ape people. If you want to trade, just ask for my offers. If you are injured, ask for healing.

Player: Mission

Hairycles: Finally my people are safe! You have done incredible good for ape people and one day even me brethren will recognise that. I wish I could speak for all when me call you true friend but my people need time to get accustomed to change. Let us hope one day whole Banuta will greet you as a friend. Perhaps you want to check me offers for special friends... or shamanic powers.

Player: Shamanic Powers

Hairycles: Me truly proud of you, friend. You learn many about plants, charms and ape people. Me want grant you shamanic power now. You ready?

Player: Yes

Hairycles: Friend of the ape people! Take my gift and become me apprentice! Here is shaman clothing for you!


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