Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Research and Development Quest

Premium:City:EdronLevel required:0Level recommended:35+
Creatures to kill:
Slime Hunter Poacher Bat Ghost Ghoul

Certified Spirithunter, Task I



  • 500 experience points

Start the quest by talking to Spectulus in Edron. He is located in Edron Ivory Towers, on the top floor of the central tower. Ask him for a task. He will tell you that he needs help with some research.

Answer his questions and he will send you on your first task.

Player: hi

Spectulus: Ah hello again Memo Nightingale! I still have one or two other missions for you. There are also some tasks someone needs to attend to and I heard rumours in need of investigation.

Player: task

Spectulus: Oh yes, there are some things I still need your help with. Namely - the testing of some... fragile equipment. You can call it scientific research which needs to be done.

Player: research

Spectulus: I fine-tuned another set of devices. You are the lucky candidate to first lay eyes on some revolutionary new concepts. ...

Spectulus: Are you ready to help science once again?

Player: yes

Spectulus: Of course you are. And here we go. I have to ask some questions first. One: You ain't afraid of no ghost, right?

Player: yes

Spectulus: Good. Two: You know that ghosts exist and/or have found and/or defeated one or more of them?

Player: yes

Spectulus: Alright. Let's see - yes. ...

Spectulus: Three: You can explain at least three of the following terms, infestations, collective apparitions, ectoplasmic segregations, ecto-magical field phenomena, neuro-speculative sub-conscious awareness of spirits, ghosts and/or ghasts?

Player: yes

Spectulus: Excellent! You do? Most interesting! We should definitely controvert the actual soul reincarnation of super-luminescent spores I recently witnessed under laboratory conditions. ...

Spectulus: I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that magical sources influence the psy- oh, oh sorry, got carried away a bit there. Phew! Let's just say I can't wait! ...

Spectulus: Ready to go on with your task?

Player: yes

Spectulus: I recently teamed up with a fellow scientist and friend Sinclair, who is also more of an explorer than me, to combine our discoveries in the field of complex phenomena not that easily to describe just by today's state of magic. ...

Spectulus: Of course I am talking about ghosts. I know, I know. Hard to believe in those times of highly advanced magic we live in. Yet there are some things, we fail to explain. ...

Spectulus: And that is exactly where we come in! Oh, and you of course. We will not only explain them - we will 'remove' them. Just tell me whenever you are ready to help us with our research.

Player: research

Spectulus: Alright. Let's go. At first we need to find out more about ghosts in general. ...

Spectulus: I still need more information and values to properly calibrate the magical orientation of orange and turquoise sparkle attractors which we will need to actually contain ghost-emissions. ...

Spectulus: So are you in?

Player: yes

Spectulus: Good. Take this wand - we call it a spirit meter - and go to the graveyard I have marked on your map and take a few measurements on the graves.

Spectulus will give you a magical measurement device. Your task is to go to Edron graveyard and use the device on four of the graves in the graveyard to the north. Every time you use the device on one of the graves, a squidgy slime will appear.

Once you've done this, return to Spectulus and tell him about your research.

Player: research

Spectulus: You are back, how did the measurements go? Did you recognise anything of interest?

Player: yes

Spectulus: Let me see the spirit meter. Hmmm... those are grave news you bring - uhm, you know what I mean. But this is awesome! Now I know for sure that the calibration is only some short bursts of magically enhanced energy away.

Ask for more research to be able to start the next task.

Player: research

Spectulus: Alright, now that we have enough results, the analysing can start. While I do this, I will need you to test the magically enhanced cage Sinclair developed to contain spirits effectively. ...

Spectulus: Take the spirit cage from him and use it on the essence of a common ghost. Its essence will then be sucked into the cage and we can study him right here in the safety of the academy walls.

Certified Spirithunter, Task II



Start the mission by talking to Sinclair just below Spectulus. He will give you a spirit cage that he wants you to catch a ghost with.

Player: hi

Sinclair: Greetings Player. I have - very - little time, please make it as short as possible. I may be able to help you if you are here to help us with any of our tasks or missions.

Player: mission

Sinclair: So you have passed Spectulus' acceptance test. Well, I'm sure you will live up to that. ...

Sinclair: We are trying to get this business up and running and need any help we can get. Did he tell you about the spirit cage?

Player: yes

Sinclair: Excellent. Now we need to concentrate on testing that thing. The spirit cage has been calibrated based on some tests we made - as well as your recent findings over at the graveyard. ...

Sinclair: Using the device on the remains of a ghost right after its defeat should capture it inside this trap. We could then transfer it into our spirit chamber which is in fact a magical barrier. ...

Sinclair: At first, however, we need you to find a specimen and bring it here for us to test the capacity of the device. Are you ready for this?

Player: yes

Sinclair: Good, now all you need to do is find a ghost, defeat it and catch its very essence with the cage. Once you have it, return to me and Spectulus and I will move it into our chamber device. Good luck, return to me as soon as you are prepared.

Head to any place where it's possible to find ghosts. Drefia is a safe bet. There are a few in this tower if you levitate.

Kill a ghost and use the spirit cage on its corpse to capture it.

Now head back to Edron Ivory Towers and give back the spirit cage to Sinclair.

Player: mission

Sinclair: So, did you find anything worth examining? Did you actually catch a ghost?

Player: yes

Sinclair: Fascinating, let me see. ...

Sinclair: Amazing! I will transfer this to our spirit chamber right about - now! ...

Sinclair: Alright, the device is holding it. The magical barrier should be able to contain nearly 20 times the current load. That's a complete success! Spectulus, are you seeing this? We did it! ...

Sinclair: Well, you did! You really helped us pulling this off. Thank you Memo Nightingale! ...

Sinclair: I doubt we will have much time to hunt for new specimens ourselves in the near future. If you like, you can continue helping us by finding and capturing more and different ghosts. Just talk to me to receive a new task.

He will reward you with 500 experience points and you will receive the Guinea Pig achievement.

You are now a certified spirithunter and can start Spirithunters Quest by speaking to Sinclair.


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