Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Spirithunters Quest

Premium:City:EdronLevel required:0Level recommended:70+
Creatures to kill:
Nightstalker Ghost Souleater




This is a daily task, which means you can do this task every 20 hours.

Start the task by talking to Sinclair in Edron. He is located in Edron Ivory Towers, on floor +5 of the central tower. Ask him for research and confirm.

Your job is to capture different kind of ghost creatures.

Player: hi

Sinclair: Greetings Player. I have - very - little time, please make it as short as possible. I may be able to help you if you are here to help us with any of our tasks or missions.

Player: research

Sinclair: We are still in need of more research concerning environmental as well as psychic ecto-magical influences. Besides more common ghosts we also need some of the harder to come by nightstalkers and - if you're really hardboiled - souleaters. ...

Sinclair: We will of course pay for every ghost you catch. You will receive more if you hunt for some of the tougher fellows - but don't overdo it. What do you say?

Player: yes

Sinclair: Magnificent! Alright, we will at least need 5 caught ghosts. We will pay some more if you can catch 5 nightstalkers. Of course you will earn some more if you bring us 5 souleaters. ...

Sinclair: I heard they dwell somewhere in that new continent - Zao? Well anyway, if you feel you've got enough, just return with what you've got and we will see. Good luck! ...

Sinclair: Keep in mind that the specimens are only of any worth to us if the exact amount of 5 per specimen is reached. ...

Sinclair: Furthermore, to successfully bind Nightstalkers to the cage, you will need to have caught at least 5 Ghosts. To bind Souleaters, you will need at least 5 Ghosts and 5 Nightstalkers. ...

Sinclair: The higher the amount of spirit energy in the cage, the higher its effective capacity. Oh and always come back and tell me if you lose your spirit cage.

The reward depends on the amount of creatures you capture.

If you capture 5 ghosts your reward will be 1000 experience points and 5 platinum coins.

If you capture 5 ghosts and 5 nightstalkers your reward will be 3000 experience points and 15 platinum coins.

If you capture 5 ghosts, 5 nightstalkers and 5 souleaters your reward will be 10,000 experience points and 60 platinum coins. Also if it's your first time doing the task, you will receive the Afraid of no Ghost! achievement.

Note: You must capture 5 ghosts before you are able to capture 5 nightstalkers.

You must capture 5 ghosts and 5 nightstalkers before you are able to capture 5 souleaters


You can find ghosts in Drefia. There is a spawn of two if you levitate a floor on this tower.


An easy spot to capture nightstalkers is Yalahar Cemetery.


A good spot to capture souleaters quick and easy is inside the mountain above Zao Rebel Camp or Souleater mountains.

When you have captured five of each, go back to Sinclair and report.

Player: research

Sinclair: Alright you found something! Are you really finished hunting out there?

Player: yes

Sinclair: Good, of course you will also receive an additional monetary reward for your troubles. Are you fine with that?

Player: yes

Sinclair: Alright, let us see how many ghosts you caught!


You will receive the Afraid of no Ghost! achievement after completing Spirithunters Quest.


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