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The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest

Premium:City:SvargrondLevel required:61Level recommended:0+
  • access to the Sea Serpent Area (Svargrond)
Creatures to kill:

Tibia Tales - The Hunt for the Sea Serpent

To start this quest, head to Svargrond and go to the ship to the south of the main one to find Captain Haba.

Speak to him about a mission. He will ask for 5 Fish, 5 Northern Pike, 5 Green Perch and 5 Rainbow Trout.

Player: Hi

Captain Haba: Harrr, landlubber wha'd ya want?

Player: Mission

Captain Haba: Ya wanna join the hunt fo' the sea serpent? Be warned ya may pay with ya life! Are ya in to it?

Player: Yes

Captain Haba: A'right, we are here to resupply our stock of baits to catch the sea serpent. Your first task is to bring me 5 fish they are easy to catch. When you got them ask me for the bait again.

Player: Bait

Captain Haba: Excellent, now bring me 5 northern pike.

Player: Bait

Captain Haba: Excellent, now bring me 5 green perch.

Player: Bait

Captain Haba: Excellent, now bring me 5 rainbow trout.

Player: Bait

Captain Haba: Excellent, that should be enough fish to make the bait. Tell me when ya're ready fo' the hunt.

Player: Hunt

Captain Haba: A'right, wanna put out to sea?

Player: Yes

Captain Haba: Let's go fo' a hunt and bring the beast down!

Once you give him all of the fish, Captain Haba will sail you to the open sea.

Buy some Bait from him (recommend 10-30, if not more).

Use a Bait on the Crane which is located to the north on the ship.

Now head down the ladders and go through the Magic Forcefield located to the east.

You will now be teleported to the top of the ship with a Ship's Telescope next to you.

Use the Ship's Telescope until you receive one of the below messages.

You see a small dot under the surface straight ahead of you.

Code word: straight

You see a dot under the surface. It is to the starboard side.

Code word: starboard

You see a huge shadow under the surface. It is on the larboard side.

Code word: larboard

It's getting away! You should tell the captain to gain speed!

Code word: speed

If you receive the below message, keep using the telescope until you get one of the above.

You see water as far as the eye can reach. No sea serpent in sight.

Once you have a location of the Sea Serpents, report back back to Captain Haba with the code word (whichever applies).

You will need to complete this task a number of times until you receive the below message.

There are multiple shadows under the surface. This has to the the right location.

When you receive the right location, your quest log will update and you'll now be able to access the underwater.

Within the caves, you will find Young Sea Serpents, Sea Serpents and some Blood Crabs.

You can access the underwater by equipping a Helmet of the Deep and walking on a plank to the north and also a plank to the south (both planks lead to different underwater caves).


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