Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

The New Frontier Quest

Premium:City:FarmineLevel required:0Level recommended:60+
  • or Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate
Creatures to kill:
Insect Swarm Sandcrawler Haunter The Dreadorian Coldheart Stone Golem Rocko Shard of Corruption Tremorak Incineron Baron Brute The Axeorcist Mooh'Tah Master War Wolf Wolf Doomhowl Enraged Squirrel Gnarlhound Lizard Dragon Priest Lizard High Guard Lizard Legionnaire Fatality Menace Draken Spellweaver Draken Warmaster Tirecz Dreadwing

Mission 01: A New Land

Travel to Farmine for the first time by taking the steamboat from Cormaya or Kazordoon.

Walk a bit north from the steamboat where you will see Ongulf. Speak to him and ask him for a mission.

He will tell you that they found this place and that it's full of resources so their plan is to expand the base.

Player: hi

Ongulf: Hello, Player. You've come at a good time for our project.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Well, it's a long story but you really should listen to understand what is going on here. You can also hear a short version of the story, but then don't blame me if you mess something up due to your undwarfish impatience. ...

Ongulf: So what would you like to hear, the long story or the short version?

Player: short

Ongulf: Well, we have found this place here full of promising resources and plan to create a new mining outpost. Of course this takes a lot of effort and organisation. ...

Ongulf: For some of the tasks at hand we need help, even from outsiders like you. So if you are interested in some missions, let me know.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Listen, I can handle the organisation down here and my boys will handle the construction of the base fine enough. Actually, all you do down here is to stand in the workers' way. ...

Ongulf: But there might be something for you to do outside the base. We need to learn more about the land up there. Take the lift and do some exploring. Find a passage leading out of the mountains. ...

Ongulf: Do not explore any further though. You never know whom you might be messing with.

Your task is to take the lift behind the sealed door to the right. Go all the way to the east of the mountain and go down the stairs.

Return to Ongulf and tell him about your discovery.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Excellent. Although we have no idea what awaits us in this foreign land, it is always good to know something more about our surroundings.

Mission 02: From Kazordoon With Love

Talk to Ongulf and ask for the next mission.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Things are running fine so far. Actually so fine that we are short of supplies and men. I'd send a letter home but I guess sending you to get some assistance gives the whole affair a bit more urgency. ...

Ongulf: So please travel back to Kazordoon. In the western mines outside of The Big Old One, you'll find Melfar of the imperial mining guild. Ask him to send some more miners and wood. When you return, I might have some more interesting missions for you.

He wants you to travel to Kazordoon and speak to Melfar to tell him to send miners and wood. Travel to Kazordoon and take the ore wagon to Kazordoon Surface West. Cross the two small bridges and find Melfar next to the Diggers Depth Mine.

Melfar wants you to put beaver bait on the three trees which he has marked on your map.

Player: hi

Melfar: Just great, another disturbance. Just what I need.

Player: mission

Melfar: Ha! Men and wood you say? Well, I might be able to relocate some of our miners to the base. Acquiring wood is an entirely different matter though. ...

Melfar: I can't spare any men for woodcutting right now but I have an unusual idea that might help. ...

Melfar: As you might know, this area is troubled by giant beavers. Once a year, the miners decide to have some fun, so they lure the beavers and jump on them to have some sort of rodeo. ...

Melfar: However, I happen to have some beaver bait left from the last year's competition. ...

Melfar: If you place it on trees on some strategic locations, we could let the beavers do the work and later on, I'll send men to get the fallen trees. ...

Melfar: Does this sound like something you can handle?

Player: yes

Melfar: So take this beaver bait. It will work best on dwarf trees. I'll mark the three trees on your map. Here .. here .. and here! So now mark those trees with the beaver bait. ...

Melfar: If you're unlucky enough to meet one of the giant beavers, try to stay calm. Don't do any hectic moves, don't yell, don't draw any weapon, and if you should carry anything wooden on you, throw it away as far as you can.

Visit each tree and use the beaver bait on each tree.

Tree 1: You have marked the tree but also angered the squirrel family who lived on it! ( 4 enraged squirrels will spawn).

Tree 2: You have marked the tree but it seems someone marked it already! He is not happy with your actions and he brought friends! ( 1 war wolf and 4 wolves will spawn.)

Tree 3: You have marked the tree but its former inhabitant has stolen your bait! Get it, before it runs away! (a thieving squirrel appears and steals your bait. Using an area of effect rune is recommended to kill it on spawn)

Once you've marked all three trees return to Melfar and tell him about your success and he will send the miners and wood to Farmine.

Player: hi

Melfar: Just great, another disturbance. Just what I need.

Player: mission

Melfar: Yes, I can hear them even from here. It has to be a legion of beavers! I'll send the men to get the wood as soon as their gnawing frenzy has settled! You can report to Ongulf that men and wood will be on their way!

Mission 03: Strangers in the Night

Talk to Ongulf and ask for the next mission.

He will tell you that their guards saw nightly visitors. They chased them through the mountains but lost them. Your job is to climb the mountains and come to an agreement with the unknown stalkers.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Our guards reported some nightly visitors. They chased them through the mountains but lost them when the fugitives climbed up some vines. ...

Ongulf: It could easily be some trap and I'm somewhat reluctant to send you there, but we can't allow some invisible aggressor to spy on us and maybe to prepare an attack. ...

Ongulf: Find these vines in this mountain, climb up there and find out who is spying on us! If they mean harm, get rid of them if possible. ...

Ongulf: If they are too powerful, just retreat and we will have to re-evaluate the situation. If they are harmless, all the better.

Take the lift behind the sealed door to the right. Walk over to the the east part of the mountain and climb the vines on the mountain.

Find Lazaran and say mission to him. He will tell you that his people want peace.

Player: hi

Lazaran: Me greet. You no enemy of tribe.

Player: mission

Lazaran: Me people wanting peace. No war with others. No war with little men. We few. We weak. Need help. We not wanting make war. No hurt.

Farmine is now stage 2 and you can trade with Pompan.

Head back to Farmine and report to Ongulf.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Primitive humans you say? These are most startling news, that's for sure. Well, I guess I'll send some victuals we can spare as a sign of our good will. ...

Ongulf: However, our miners encountered another problem in the meantime. I'm afraid this will be your next mission.

Mission 04: The Mine Is Mine

Speak to Ongulf again and ask for the next mission. He says that there is a threat in a close by mine.

Player: mission

Ongulf: It seems things went from bad to worse! First we had some problems with the mine shafts we were building, and now that we found some precious veins in one of the new mines, it happens to be the holiday resort of some hostile stone creatures! ...

Ongulf: Nothing we dwarfs couldn't handle alone, but I rather thought this could be something interesting for an adventurer like you. ...

Ongulf: So I reserved you the privilege to slay the leader! Use the mining lift to reach mine A07. The more stone creatures you kill, the better. Your mission, however, is to slay their leader, most likely some special stone beast.

Use the lift behind the sealed door to the left to get to the mine.

Walk north until you find Shard of Corruption. This is the threat that Ongulf was talking about.

Shard of Corruption hits for about a combo of max 250 damage. There are stone golems on the way to the boss.

Kill it and go back to Farmine and report to Ongulf.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Shortly after you killed that creature, the others crumbled to dust and stone. I hope this incident does not foreshadow similar problems in our mines. However, for now I have other things to take care of and you have other missions to accomplish.

Mission 05: Getting Things Busy

You might need access to Black Bert ( The Thieves Guild Quest ) during this mission. Read what the NPCs say and try to respond accordingly.

Start the mission by speaking to Ongulf.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Things are getting more and more complicated. You need to convince our friends that some intervention on their part is needed. ...

Ongulf: We've come a long way with our own resources, but now our resources are short and we need the others to step in. I want you to negotiate some more support from our partners. ...

Ongulf: You'll need all your diplomacy and influence. If you blow the negotiations, look for a guy called Black Bert in Thais. ...

Ongulf: He has access to all kind of odd items, and he might have just the right bribe to convince someone to continue negotiations. ...

Ongulf: It will not be as easy as it might sound. So watch your words and your manners and keep in mind whom you are talking to. ...

Ongulf: Different strategies might be necessary for different people. You may try to FLATTER, THREATEN, IMPRESS, BLUFF, PLEA or to REASON with them. You probably need some luck as well. ...

Ongulf: And now listen: We need more workers for the mines. The technomancers told us that a guy named Telas, who lives in Edron, copied the worker golem technology from Yalahar. Convince him to send us some of these golems. ...

Ongulf: Further, we have more ore and end products than we can use right now. So we need someone to buy all the surplus. Convince Leeland Slim in Venore that the local traders step in as resellers. ...

Ongulf: Another issue at hand is our lack of drilling worms. That should not be a big problem though. Just talk to the worm tamer in Kazordoon. If he does not get mad about you, there should be no problem to get his support. ...

Ongulf: Also, now that our monetary resources are used up and not much cash is coming in, we need additional help to finance this venture. Thais has promised money in advance, but we haven't seen any of this support, yet. ...

Ongulf: Convince the Thaian king to send us the promised money right now. ...

Ongulf: Another problem we need to solve is the exploration of our surroundings. We need to know friends and enemies, and find out about the plants and beasts in the vicinity and learn what is edible and what is dangerous. ...

Ongulf: This is all stuff the Explorer Society is interested in. It should be easy to convince their representative in Port Hope. ...

Ongulf: At last, with the growing numbers of adventurers here, not only the security of the base is growing but also the demand for certain supplies. I'd like the Edron academy to open up a shop in the base. We need to keep you adventurers happy, don't we? ...

Ongulf: Well, I hope you understand the importance of this mission and got what it takes to fulfil it. So hurry up and get us the needed support.

He wants you to talk to people around Tibia to try to get their support. Read what the NPCs say and try to respond accordingly.

You need to say the keyword farmine and then one of the following words:

  • bluff

  • flatter

  • impress

  • reason

  • plea

  • threaten

Support of Kazordoon's Worm Tamer:

Talk to the Humgolf in Kazordoon. Use the words flatter or threaten. If you fail to convince him you will have to bring him a baby rotworm to continue.

Support of the Thaian King:

Talk to King Tibianus in the thaian castle, use the word flatter. If you fail to convince him you will have to bring him a flask of crown polisher to continue.

Support of the Explorer Society:

Talk to Angus in Port Hope in the Explorer Society building. Use the words bluff or impress, if that fails try impress If you fail to convince him you will have to bring him a map to the unknown to continue.

Support of the Venorean Traders:

Talk to Leeland in Venore (west of Depot) upstairs. Use the word impress, if that fails try reason or flatter. If you fail to convince him you will have to bring him a soul contract to continue.

Support of the Edron Academy:

Talk to Wyrdin in the Edron Ivory Towers. If you fail to convince him you will have to bring him an almanac of magic to continue.

Support of the Inventor Telas:

Talk to Telas in Stonehome. Use the words reason or flatter, if that fails plea, then reason.If you fail to convince him you will have to bring him a universal tool to continue.

Head back to Farmine and tell Ongulf about your success.

Player: hi

Ongulf: Hello. At last our project is progressing.

Player: mission

Ongulf: You did an excellent job! With all this help Farmine will grow and prosper. While we put all available resources into building this base, I have another urgent mission for you.

Farmine will update to stage 3 if you exit and come back. You now have access to the depot and tavern.

Mission 06: Days of Doom

Talk to Ongulf again to start the next mission. The orcs are planning an attack on the mountain so he wants you to find the leader of the orcs and try to stop them.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Our new friends, those primitive humans, sent us a warning. According to them, the 'green men' of the plains plan an attack on the mountains. ...

Ongulf: Considering their expected number, there is no chance for us to beat them off. We might be able to hold our ground for a while, but without access to the surface and under constant attacks, we might have to abandon the base. ...

Ongulf: Now, I'm aware that you cannot stop an entire army by yourself, but desperate situations call for desperate measures. I ask you to find the leaders of the orcs and - well do something. ...

Ongulf: Scare them, bribe them, give them another target or whatever. As futile as it may sound: Try to talk to their leaders in some way and make them stop their attack plans. This is our only hope.

Take the lift and head east to the Zao Steppe. Find Curos in the orc camp in the centre of Zao Steppe.

Say that you want to prove yourself in a test. The test is to survive for 2 minutes with the Mooh'Taah Master and if you succeed they will spare Farmine.

Player: hi

Curos: Be greeted blank skin.

Player: test

Curos: First we will test your strength and endurance. You'll have to face one of the most experienced Mooh'Tah masters. As you don't stand a chance to beat such an opponent, your test will be simply to survive. ...

Curos: Face him in a battle and survive for two minutes. If you do, we will be willing to assume that your are prepared for the life in these lands. Enter the ring of battle, close to my quarter. Return to me after you have passed this test.

Curos: Be greeted blank skin.

The entrance to the arena is on a hill south-west of Curos. Walk into the magic forcefield to start the test.

Speak to Curos when you've passed the test and tell him about it by saying mission. The orcs will spare Farmine... for now.

Player: mission

Curos: We have seen that you can fight and survive. Yet, it will also need cleverness and courage to survive in these lands. We might see later if you've got what it takes. ...

Curos: However, I stand to my word - our hordes will spare your insignificant piece of rock for now. Time will tell if you are worthy living next to us. ...

Curos: Still, it will take years until we might consider you as an ally, but this is a start at least.

Head back to Farmine and tell Ongulf about your success.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Oh my. What a mess you have gotten yourself into. Well, at least you made it out alive. Whatever the value of a minotaur's promise might be, I guess that is the best we can get. ...

Ongulf: Of course all those revelations lead to new problems and a new mission for you.

Mission 07: Messengers Of Peace

Ask Ongulf for a mission to start the next one. He will tell you about another threat, the lizardmen. He wants you to talk to them and make peace.

Player: mission

Ongulf: Ohhhhhkay. Now that we managed to keep those orcs and minotaurs at bay, at least for a while, we learn that the real meanies over here are some lizardmen. Just great, isn't it. ...

Ongulf: So you might already guess your next mission: Find a way to hold those lizards off. Find them, contact them, talk to them, scare them, bribe them, whatever. Just keep those snakes away if anyhow possible. ...

Ongulf: If the orcs are right, they are somewhere in or behind those mountains in the north. I doubt you can reason with them in any way, but you'll have to try for the sake of Farmine.

Go to the Dragonblaze Peaks (mountains that separate Zao Steppe and Muggy Plains). Rope yourself up and follow the path around the mountain.

You will run into some High Class Lizards when you go down under the mountain, so beware!

When you go through the door, you will be imprisoned by the lizards.

Mission 08: An Offer You Can't Refuse

To escape the prison, use the Grass Mat in the north-west corner which will give you a clue of how to escape.

Now use the passage in the centre to the north (the wall with dragon decoration).

Walk north where you will find Ztiss. Speak to him and just follow the keywords. Eventually he will give you an offer (to join a tournament and fight for them) which you confirm and can then go through the magic forcefield to exit. You will end up in Muggy Plains.

Player: hi

Ztiss: Be greeted my .. guezt.

Player: guezt

Ztiss: Ziz iz not for you to azk. I work for zomeone of immenze power. He haz an offer for you.

Player: offer

Ztiss: You are ztill a captive and your life is forfeit. Zere might be a way for you to ezcape if you agree to work for my mazter.

Player: work

Ztiss: Zere iz a great tournament of ztrengz each decade. It determinez ze granted privilegez for zertain individualz of power for ze comming decade. ...

Ztiss: My mazter wantz to zurprize hiz opponentz by an unexpected move. He will uze warriorz from ze outzide, zomeone zat no one can azzezz. ...

Ztiss: One of ziz warriorz could be you. Or you could ztay here and rot in ze dungeon. Are you interezted in ziz deal?

Player: yes

Ztiss: Excellent! Now you may leave ziz area zrough ze teleporter to ze norz. It will bring you to a hidden boat. Ziz boat will take you to ze tournament izle. ...

Ztiss: Zere you'll learn anyzing you need to know about ze great tournament.

Mission 09: Mortal Combat

Note: Two players are needed for this mission.

Walk just north-east of the teleporter in Muggy Plains to find the little boat that Ztiss was talking about. This boat will take you to Island of Strife where the tournament is being held. The entrance to the tournament is on top of the mountain on the island.

There are lizard dragon priests, lizard legionnaires, lizard high guards and draken warmasters on the way up there so it might be smart to have some friends help you reach the arena to save supplies.

Talk to Chrak and register for the tournament by saying battle.

Player: hi

Chrak: Greetingz, competitor.

Player: battle

Chrak: Zo you want to enter ze arena, you know ze rulez and zat zere will be no ozer option zan deaz or victory?

Player: yes

Chrak: I grant you ze permizzion to enter ze arena. Remember, you'll have to enter ze arena az a team of two. If you are not familiar wiz ze rulez, I can explain zem to you once again.

NOTE: You have 90 seconds to kill each wave, the bosses keep coming even if the earlier bosses are still alive!

You will have to fight 13 Boss creatures in waves of 2 at a time.

When you kill Tirecz you will get teleported to the reward room and the following message will appear: You have won! As new champion take the ancient armor as reward before you leave.

Click on the wardrobe to receive the

  • Warmaster Premium warmaster outfit.

  • Talk to Chrak and report about your victory. You won't be able to start mission 10 unless you do this.

    Player: hi

    Chrak: Greetingz, competitor.

    Player: mission

    Chrak: You have done ze impozzible and beaten ze champion. Your mazter will be pleazed. Hereby I cleanze ze poizon from your body. You are now allowed to leave. ...

    Chrak: For now ze mazter will zee zat you and your alliez are zpared of ze wraz of ze dragon emperor az you are unimportant for hiz goalz. ...

    Chrak: You may crawl back to your alliez and warn zem of ze gloriouz might of ze dragon emperor and hiz minionz.

    Mission 10: New Horizons

    Head back to Farmine and speak to Ongulf. He will award you with 8000 experience points and you now have permission to use the carpet in Farmine.

    Cael now accepts tomes of knowledge from you.

    Player: mission

    Ongulf: Oh, my! That sounds like a real mess. For now this dragon empire seems otherwise engaged, but we will be on guard thanks to you my friend. We will continue to fortify the base. ...

    Ongulf: This leaves not much to do for you down here. I recommend you continue to explore this strange new land. ...

    Ongulf: I'm pretty sure there are several opportunities at hand for an adventurer like you. ...

    Ongulf: Perhaps you can help the primitives you encountered. Who knows, maybe even those minotaurs give you a chance to fortify this fragile peace between us. ...

    Ongulf: Even some of the people here in the base might offer you some tasks sooner or later. If you prefer, you can also do some exploring, hunting and good ol' plundering on your own of course. ...

    Ongulf: This new land is yours to be taken, so to say. Go out and make your fortune! With Farmine you have always a safe haven to return to. ...

    Ongulf: Oh and one last thing: We convinced a carpet pilot to join us here. You'll find him on top of our lift in the mountains. I think he can offer you fast access to some cities back home.

    Deuz Fly
    By Deuz Fly on 28 Aug 2018, 17:38 - 11.86

    To be able to converse with each one in a correct way in the mission. 5 I recommend that you read well what each one writes or behavior, so you will know that you answer and not fail!

    By LillyFox on 16 Nov 2017, 14:09 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

    It's good to remember that the access to magic carpet located on the top of the mountain is gained upon completing the Mortal Combat mission.


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