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The Outlaw Camp Quest

Premium:City:VenoreLevel required:45Level recommended:0+
  • 3x Parcel
  • or Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate
Creatures to kill:
Giant Spider Orc Berserker Orc Shaman Orc Spearman Wild Warrior Minotaur Minotaur Archer Minotaur Guard Minotaur Mage Bonelord Demon Skeleton

The Outlaw Camp Quest

This is a somewhat tedious but also interesting quest. The first step is to get the 3 keys that you need in order to open some doors later on, they are really close together and it's not hard at all to get them. Go to Outlaw Camp and there will be 3 Dead Trees that you need to "Use" in order to obtain the mentioned keys.

  • The first Key ( Key 3301 ) is to the right of the "Minotaur Tower", inside the dead tree. Note that on your way there you might step on a tile located south of the tree, this will bring you down one floor but the important thing is that you will have to go there later on the quest so try to remember where it is.

  • Now walk north-west and you will eventually see another dead tree, use it to get the second key needed ( Key 3302 ).

  • The last key that you need to get before you can procceed is ( Key 3303 ), you can find it east of the previous dead trees.

You will need to walk to an underground area inhabitated by Wild Warriors and some Bats , pay attention to the ground because the hole that you need to go down is hidden behind a tree and you might miss it.

Once you go down, start heading north until you find yourself in an area with a couple Wild Warriors and four ladders going down, only 3 should be of your interest.

  • First go down the ladder located in the south-east corner, this is not really required to advance in the quest but in this room you will find a Power Ring which can be useful in case you lose the others by accident (It is inside a Box , hiding behind the south wall).

  • After you do that, go up again and now head over to the ladder in the north west corner. You will see a switch behind a door, use the Key 3303 on the door and flip the switch, by doing this you moved an Oven that was blocking a chest previously.

  • Enter the final room in this area which is the one in the south-west corner. Walk to the chest and open it to obtain Key 3304 , then head back to ground level.

Now you will have to bring a Barrel to Outlaw Camp, this can be pretty annoying but not really difficult. Go to the Cyclops Camp located in Plains of Havoc and go down the stairs where the Giant Smithhammer Quest takes place. Immediately after you go down you will be swarmed by a lot of monsters like Cyclops and Minataurs so it's advised that you use a Stealth Ring o the Invisible Formula: utana vid 440 Mana Level: 35 Price: 2000 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: Invisible spell just to make things much easier. You will see a lot of barrels in the south east are, pick one and start dragging it to this location in Outlaw camp:

Note: BE AWARE that on your way moving the barrel, some creatures could make it dissapear. This happens if a monster tries to push the barrel but there is not enough space to be moved. As a general tip, try to stay in open areas so there is more empty tiles and less chances of this happening.

Once you get there, go down the hole and bring the barrel with you. Move it a few steps to the north and go down one more floor to find yourself in a small area. Place the barrel in the noth-west corner (This will let you rope it up later on) and head back up to ground level. Go to the Minotaur Tower and enter the Gate of Expertise for players of level 45 or higher, then go up 2 floors until you reach a sign that says: "Point of No Return" and you will be able to see a hole in the north east corner. Go down and you will fall to an underground cave, note that this area in probably the most dangerous in the quest since it contains two Giant Spiders in a somewhat closed space, start walking west and you will eventually find them. After you kill them, go through the small passage and once you reach the end, go north. You will be able to see a ledge that can bring you down to the floor below you, to do so, place 3 parcels down there and walk down or use the Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate Spell.

Walk north and you will see two passages, keep walking through the one in the left until you reach the end and you see a switch. You need to place a Power ring on the counter and flip the switch which will make the ring dissapear. Walk back and now go though the passage to the right, you will face some Orc Warriors and an Orc Shaman . There will be two ladders, use the one going up and walk to the north but BE AWARE DON'T GO DOWN THE HOLE, the barrel that you dragged is down there and all you need to do is rope it up. Start dragging the barrel back to the previous room and now move it to the ladder to your left that goes down. Here you will find some Ghouls , Skeletons and Bonelords , be careful again so they don't make the barrel dissapear. Move it to the east and eventually you will see another Gate of Expertise for level 45, go inside and keep dragging the barrel until you see a wall with a hole in it and a Stone blocking your path. Place the barrel in the hole, this will help you later on.

For the last part of the quest you need to get out of the cave, to do so, go back to the place where you roped up the barrel and go down the hole, keep going up until you get out to ground level (If two or more people are doing this quest, one can stay before you go down the hole and once you are done with the next step he/she can rope you back up. That way you wont need to go through the Giant Spider cave again).

Walk to the Minotaur Tower and go down the hole mentioned while you were obtaining the first key. It is located 2 tiles south of the dead tree that contains Key 3301. Start going to the north and you will encounter two doors, you can open the first one with Key 3301 and the second one with Key 3302. Keep moving until you find some ladders, go down and keep walking. There will be a room with Fire Fields, a switch and a big treadmill. All you need to do is flip the switch and the Power Ring will "Burn". By doing this you moved the Stone that was blocking the wall where you placed the barrel so go there and now you will be able to pass. You will either need to go through the Giant Spider cave again (Gate of expertise, Minotaur Tower) or be roped up again if you are doing the quest with someone else.

Go forward into the cave killing the Skeletons and Demon Skeletons, there will be a door and a Chest behing it. Use the Golden Key (3304) on the door and open the chest to obtain a bag containing the Bright Sword and a Red Gem .


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