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The Pits of Inferno Quest


Get Key

Mostly you will no need Key 3700 as someone from team probably will have it, but for a sake of it, it is wise to have it. Leave Venore city through the south gate. Follow the path of map till you will get to the Hole Rock . Dig it up and get inside, you will have to kill 2 Bonelords and 3 Ghouls . Take the key from Chest (Quest) and return to Venore the same way you have come here.

Get book

The Holy Tible you will find at south of Plains of Havoc, near of Knightwatch tower. It is places in a mountain, you will need 3 Parcels or a Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate spell to get up. First of all, follow the map to the place, you can encounter some Giant Sipders while you walk or even The Old Widow so take care while you walk there. When you will get to the place, use parcels or spell to go up to the mountain. Dig off the Hole Rock and go inside. There take the book and rope yourself up. Leave the place same way you come.

Note: If you already took once this item and lost it, you can ask about Holy Tible NPC Oldrak , he will allow you to re-take the Tible for a fee of 1000 gold piece again.

Dragon lair entrance

Note: Now you will need:

  • Vial of Blood - you can get it by buying Vial of Oil , removing oil on floor, killing any creature which leaves blood on floor and use the vial on it. It is advised to bring more of them when you do quest.

  • Vial of Oil - you can buy it from NPC.

Leave Venore by it west gate and follow the map(1). You will get yourself to Hole Rock , open it and go inside. Now you will need to use Pick to open a secret hole. The place of it is shown on map (2).

You are now in a small cave, at north you will see Magic Wall . You are only able to passage it if you are Premium Account and have your Holy Tible . When you are already there, you can walk north and enter the hole to get to Well of Life, drink from the well to receive Fountain of Life achievement. Now you can go back to the room with Magic Wall and walk east, there were sign says "To the Pits of Inferno". Go in the hole, now follow the path to south till you will find bridge (3). If it is broken, use the oil on Lever and use it, the bridge should be repaired. Now time for Lava . You have to use Pick on Stone then the lava will turn into normal ground.

Note: If the bridge is closed the only way back now is by Dragon Lord Lair.

Down the hole are waiting for you Dragon Lords , if you are unlucky 5 of them can be near. Clear the way and move east from that place, you will have to use rope on place showed on map. Now you are in Hall of the Four Ways.

Hall of the Four Ways

This part is pretty easy, you will need a player of each vocation to open 4 sealed doors. Only correct vocation can pass their own way, if you will go to incorrect one, the amount of hitpoints you will lose with each step will increase and at the end it will kill you. All of them has to pass the flames and rope themselves to use Lever which will open doors. It is wised to use Dwarven Ring as the creatures there can make you drunk.

Screenshot was able to be made due to politness of Lenytek.

Now you are able to pass farther, remember to bring the whole team through because as soon as you will remove the stones with levers the passages will close.


Now it gets a bit tricky, you have to move 15 Lever in correct order to open stones and pass farther. The stones will be removed east of the entrance. Follow the way and order as shown on map bellow. You will have to kill many of: Spectre , Diabolic Imp , Defiler , Hellfire Fighter , Plaguesmith and Lost Soul .

Note: Keep in mind that after you will pull the last Lever , you will have 15 minutes to enter the next room, after it the stones will be closed again and you have to repeat the levers once again.

When you pass the stones, you can go with a Ladder up, kill two Blightwalker there. Now you will need to sleep your team, leave in this place few of your members who are able to kill Blightwalker and await of Ladder to go upstairs ( Betrayed Wraith is there), rest should go north. To the Pits of Inferno Spa.

Let a person stand on a Pile of Bones in center of the room, while other one can pull two Lever at north to open the passage to Pits of Inferno Spa.

Monsters you will meet: Fire Devil , Blightwalker , Dark Torturer , Defiler , Destroyer , Diabolic Imp , Hellfire Fighter , Nightmare , Phantasm and Plaguesmith

You mission here is to go east part of Spa to find a tile to stand on. We advise you to lure step by step monsters from main room so that you do not have to kill all at once.

... map & ss of place...

When you stand on it, to the place where the first team awaits will shown up Ladder which will allow them to go upstairs and kill Betrayed Wraith . They should wait there till second team come back so they can be roped up.

The Demonguard there, do nothing. If you will try to speak to him, he will make you on-fire. When all your team is back and upstairs, continue to go up till you will find yourself in Maze.


You mission is to walk the path shown on map till you will get to the destination point. BE AWARE! to walk exactly as map says as if you will make failure it could cost you a lot. You neither come back to place where you start or you will be teleported to the room before Demonguard .

When you will reach the end, you have to use your Pick to dig the place, beware! when you go downstairs there will be Hellfire Fighter , you have to run up to use level so that the stone will disapear.

After it everyone has to go up the stairs and follow the path. Do not go north as you will leave PoI!, walk south and pass the level door. Now you will need a high level knight to be able to open the passage. He will have to fight against few Hellfire Fighter , it is advise that he just ignore them and go to the level at north, he will have to do it because as soon as he will go down the passage will be closed, only way to open it is to use this lever. So he is by his own there. After this you are in main room!

Main room

Now it is time for Thrones, remember always to step on a Throne twice so that it will for sure be counted. The quest log will also update. In each Throne please follow the map to get to the Throne.

The Throne of Destruction (Apocalypse)

Creatures you will meet inside: Demon , Destroyer , Juggernaut and sometimes Massacre

The Throne of Despair (Pumin)

Creatures you will meet inside: Betrayed Wraith , Demon , Hand of Cursed Fate , Spectre and sometimes The Handmaiden

When you enter this teleport you will be firstly in a room without monsters, but NPCs, A Dead Bureaucrat . You need to get a permission from them to pass the teleport at north of the room. You have to follow this conversation with them (Order of NPC is from south to north).

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 1: hi, Pumin, your_name, your_vocation, Pumin

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 4: hi, Pumin, your_name, your_vocation, 356

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 3: hi, Pumin, your_name, your_vocation, 145

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 1: hi, 411, no

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 2: hi, 287

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 1: hi, 411, yes

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 3: hi, 145

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 4: hi, 356

  • A Dead Bureaucrat 1: hi, 356

The Throne of Inferno (Infernatil)

Creatures you will meet inside: Hellfire Fighter , Hellhound and Demon . Sometimes The Imperor can spawn.

It is advised here to walk slowly and lure monsters step by step. At the end of the room near of Throne, there will be a Switch . You have to use the Destroy Field Rune to uncover it. Within help, you can get to the Infernatil Throne.

The Throne of Decay (Ashfalor)

Creatures you will encounter: Lich , Demon and Undead Dragon . Somtimes Dracola will spawn here as well.

The Throne of Damnation (Tafariel)

Creatures you will encounter: Banshee , Dark Torturer , Lost Soul and Demon , possible sometimes also Mr. Punish .

Slowly follow the path, there are a lot of packs of monsters so use Magic Wall Rune to slowly kill the spawn.

The Throne of Plague (Verminor)

Creatures you will encounter: Defiler , Plaguesmith , Son of Verminor and Blightwalker . Sometimes The Plasmother shows there.

At the end of the room, there is a invisible bridge made of Poison Gas . You have to walk through it.

The Throne of Deceit (Bazir)

Creatures you will encounter: The maze is filled with Phantasm , Phantasm (Weak) , Nightmare , Demon and Demon (Goblin) .


  • Do not rope if you are not sure of the place, if you are on the highest level of maze there is possibility you will rope yourself back to Dragon Lord Lair.

  • Do not pull any Lever or do not enter any teleport if not said so on map. If you do it by mistake the levers will be disabled for next player, so that no one can help you.

When you arrive at the end of the path use SOUTHERN lever, which will create a teleport, you have to enter into it.

You will be in a room with platinum coins, go close to them and you will be teleported, walk there to north west till you will see Ladder in the corner. You have to walk upstairs and then straight to west teleport. In next room, walk south. In this room, you have to move Blue Tapestry on left wall, the Wall Mirror (Oval) will then appear, you have to use it to get teleport to room with Bazirs throne. Step twice on throne, now head to the west Knight statue which will teleport you back to main room.

Get rewards

The teleport to reward room is behind 7 energy walls/doors at north of main room. To pass them you need to absorb all 7 thrones power. When you will pass into the teleport you will have to walk through some Spike Trap , they will take your HP so have it full. After it you will get near of A Ghostly Sage , you can fully ignore the NPC and open the doors with Key 3700 . Enter the teleport at south. Now you are in reward room!

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