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The Repenters Quest

Premium:City:Ab'DendrielLevel required:0Level recommended:60+
Creatures to kill:
Fire Elemental Bonelord Skeleton Gazer Leaf Golem

Getting to the quest area

This quest is located in Hellgate, so first head to Ab'dendriel. We will start from dp, which is marked with a lock and the place where we have to go is marked with a blue flag. These two symbols will be used in the quest line as the place where you are currently at(lock) and the destination(blue flag).

First of all, get out of dp and go west until you find the staircase shown in the map.

Go down three floors and follow the path towards the south that will turn east and lead you to Hellgate's entrance. If the door is locked, go north east of the door where you will find a staircase, go up one floor and buy Key 3012 from Elathriel for 5k.

Go back to Hellgate's entrance and open the door, go all the way north until you find another door(which is opened with the same key) and go through the teleport to the north. I would like to mention that once that you have gone through the tp you will have to take longer routes to get out. I will mention some of them later on.

You will be teleported to a room with a stair, go up one floor and follow the route shown in the map.

Once you get there, you will meet NPC Ashari.

Talk to him and ask him about Magic, Fire, Mushroom and Watering. This way you start all four tasks at once. He will then give the four items shown in the image below.

Mushroom Soup

When you ask Ashari about mushroom he will hand you out a Trained Fire Bug. Follow the route shown in the map.

Go down two floors and you will be in a cave with Bonelords and Gazers which should not be a big problem. In the cave there are many big mushrooms just like the ones shown in the picture, use the fire bug on 5 of them to sterilise them.

Once you have done it, report to Ashari asking him about mushroom to get your reward (2100 exp).

It is advisable to do all missions and report them at once to save some time.

Catching Fire

This is probably the most difficult one since you will have to fight creatures that are just like normal fire elementals, so that is why the recommended level should be around 40-50. Follow the path shown in the map.

Go down the hole and head east just as the following map shows.

Go down again and head west through the bridge to get to the cave with the fire elementals.

In that cave you will face many fire elementals, kill them and use the Firecatcher Urn on its dead body before 15 seconds or else you won't be able to use it. Sometimes you will fail so you will have to kill several of them until you suck 5 flames into the urn and when clicked on the urn it will say that it is filled. The respawn of the fire elementals is quite fast so it will take you no longer than 5 minutes to do this task. After staying in the cave some time you will start feeling dizzy and you will get drunk. You can either use a dwarven ring or get out of the cave to get rid of that dizziness.

Report back to NPC Ashari to get your reward(2200 exp).

Cultivated Magic

Go back two floors up following the same route you took in the Catching Fire task and go down the hole shown in the map.

You will be in a cave filled with different colors moving sparks. They are called Wild Fury Magic(red), Wild Nature Magic(green), Wild Fire Magic(Yellow) and Wild Water Magic(Blue) and in order to succeed in the task you have to use the empty receptacle on each of them following the order Red,Green,Yellow,Blue. If you fail you will have to start over from the first spark.

When you do it correctly the empty receptacle will turn into a filled receptacle.

Report to NPC Ashari to get your reward(2300 exp).

About Watering a Garden

Go back up one floor and follow the map, down to the cave where you have to use your Elven Vial.

Once you get there use the Elven Vial on the tile shown in the image to get a Filled Elven Vial.

On your way back several leaf golems may spawn, however, these are not a threat since they are very weak creatures.

This task is normally done last since after 15 minutes the liquid filling the vial will pour out and you will have to do it again.

Report back to NPC Ashari to get your reward(2000exp).


If you manage to do all these tasks in a single day, Ashari offers you a 2000 exp bonus and the possibility to obtain a pannier backpack, which is rather rare to get.

Also the first time you do it you will get Repenter Achievement.

Getting Out

There are several possibilities of getting out of Hellgate.

Common route to all of them:

Go to the floor right before going into the cave with the fire elementals in the Catching Fire task and follow this route.

First way:

Go to the place shown in the map where you will see a column with a demon skeleton on it. Use the levitate spell or three parcels to go up the column using a stealth ring or the Invisible spell. Once your battle sign disappears you can log out and teleport yourself to temple.

Second Way:

Follow the route shown in the map and use levitate spell twice or six parcels and follow the one way route until you find a lever to pull to get out of Hellgate.

Third Way:

Head to Draconia, and go to the top floor of the dragon tower where you will find an Old Dragon Lord that will exchange you a white mushroom for a dragon fetish just by saying hi to him. Go down to the main floor of Draconia and go down a cave east of the dragon tower where you will find a basin and a teleport. Place the fetish on the basin and enter the teleport to be teleported back to Ab'dendriel.

Fourth Way:

Use a temple teleport scroll that can be bought on the Tibia Store or given through the daily reward system.


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