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The Shattered Isles Quest

Premium:City:Liberty BayLevel required:35Level recommended:100+
  • access to Laguna Islands, Forbidden Islands (Ramoa, Talahu, Malada, Kharos), Meriana, Nargor
  • 1 Dark Mushroom
  • 1 Green Mushroom
  • Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate
Creatures to kill:
Quara Constrictor Scout Quara Hydromancer Scout Quara Mantassin Scout Quara Pincher Scout Quara Predator Scout Giant Spider Scorpion Tarantula Crab Fire Devil Bog Raider Slime Stone Golem Water Elemental Fire Elemental Island Troll Necromancer Pirate Ghost Pirate Skeleton Vampire Bonebeast Dragon Hydra Cobra Demon Skeleton Crypt Shambler Lich

Access to Goroma

In order to gain access to Goroma, you will need to start off by getting "shipwrecked".

To do this, simply travel between Liberty Bay and Thais.

This may take several attempts but eventually, you will end up in the Island of Goroma.

Speak to Jack Fate about sailing and he will explain that the ship is ruined and will need to be repaired first.

You will need to find some Wood which can be looted from Island Trolls.

Island Trolls can be found on the surface of the Island and also down two caves.

Once you have 30 pieces of Wood, head back to Jack Fate who will now allow you to sail back to Liberty Bay.

Before leaving the Island, head down the below pitfall and you will see a wall of electric sparks (which you will not be able to pass) and a Dead Human.

Open the Dead Human to find Dragha's Spellbook (you will need this for the Voodoo Master Quest ).

Upon completion, you will now be able to travel to Goroma via Liberty Bay.

Access to Ramoa

Head to Goroma via Liberty Bay.

Go down the pillfall below and pass the electric sparks.

Rope yourself up and then head to the below spot.

You will now need to make your way up to the top of the volcano and can start this by by levitating here and then following the below route up.

You will now be at the top of the volcano and will need to make your way down using the below path (route A to route B).

Throughout your decent into the volcano and to the surface of Ramoa you will face Stone Golems, Fire Elementals, Dragons as well as undead creatures such as Bonebeasts, Necromancers and Demon Skeletons.

You will now arrive at Ramoa.

Take the below path and head down the stairs.

Use the Magic Forcefield to the left to gain access to the Ramoa teleport.

Access to Talahu

Make your way back down the cave you came from to gain access to Ramoa.

When you reach the below floor, head east and down the hole.

On this floor, there will be 2 Bog Raiders.

To the south, there will be 4 Empty Coal Basins and you will need to put the corresponding mushrooms on the correct basin and then walk through the Magic Forcefield.

Now head up the hole and follow the below path until you at the surface of Talahu (route A to route B).

Throughout the entire route, you will face Quara Pincher Scouts, Quara Predator Scouts, Quara Mantassin Scouts, Hydras and Water Elementals.

Head west until you reach some stairs to go down.

Use the Magic Forcefield to the left to gain access to the Talahu teleport.

Access to Malada

Head back up to the surface of Talahu and head down the pitfall located below (route A to route B).

Continue the below path until you reach the surface of Malada.

Throughout the entire route, you will face Quara Pincher Scouts, Quara Predator Scouts, Quara Mantassin Scouts, Hydras, Giant Spiders, Tarantulas and Water Elementals.

Now head north and down the stairs.

Use the Magic Forcefield to the left to gain access to the Malada teleport.

Access to Kharos

There is no direct teleport to Kharos.

In order to access Kharos, you will first need to travel to Malada and then go down a pitfall located south of the Island and then follow the cave north-east until you find a rope spot.

Go up and the north where you will arrive at the entrance of Ferumbras's Citadel.

If this is your first time here, try to enter through the barrier of Electric Sparks.

You will be teleported back.

Head north-east and go down the hole.

Go through the Magic Forcefield to the right and you will end up at the surface of Goroma.

Head to Edron and speak to Zoltan who will grant you access to Ferumbras Citadel for 500 Gold Coins each time you wish to travel there.

Player: Hi

Zoltan: Welcome Player, student of the arcane arts. I teach the fiercest spells available.

Player: Ferumbras Citadel

Zoltan: I see, you managed to reach Kharos, the harbinger isle, and discovered the gates to Ferumbras' citadel, and now you are here full of questions. Are you ready to listen?

Player: Yes

Zoltan: So know that destroying the mortal shell of the being called Ferumbras was the best we were able to achieve with our combined efforts in the past. He was destroyed not only once but several times. Eventually we were able to figure out the secret of his seeming immortality. On one of the most remote islands of the Shattered Isles, he built a citadel with demonic aid right around a powerful magical nexus. The only reason for the whole complex was to establish a point of return into our world. Whenever he is slain, his soul retreats to some demonic dimension to regain enough strength to re-enter the world. We were not able to destroy his citadel, this unholy construct. To make matters worse, the nexus makes it easy for demons of all kind to pass into our world. The best thing we could do was to seal the citadel and to install a device that will alarm us whenever Ferumbras tries to re-enter our world. We grant heroes like you the permission to pass our seals and enter Ferumbras' citadel. Just ask for the permission if you are ready to go there. Be warned that the citadel is no holiday place though. You will encounter large amounts of demons and traps that scare off most adventurers. On the other hand, WHEN Ferumbras re-enters the world we need heroes like you to face him on his very own ground before he can escape. His return is not very likely but it can happen each and every day. If you should manage to defeat him, bring a proof of his death here and you will be rewarded.

Player: Permission

Zoltan: The attuning to our seals is a costly process and it will grant you access to the citadel ONLY ONCE. Each time you want to enter, you will need a new attuning. Are you willing to pay 500 gold pieces to become attuned to the seal of the citadel?

Player: Yes

Zoltan: This is really not advisable. Behind this barrier, strong forces are raging violently. Are you sure that you want to go there?

Player: Yes

Zoltan: SO BE IT!


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