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Top of the City Quest

Premium:City:YalaharLevel required:0Level recommended:40+
Creatures to kill:
Amazon Valkyrie Assassin Bandit Gang Member Hunter Smuggler Stalker Cave Rat

Go to the Trade Quarter and look for Iriana , she is located near the door of the Factory Quarter guarded by Peter .

Player: Hi

Iriana: Are you here to help me? That masked guy has stolen my complete daily earnings! Ask me for a quest if you are willing to help me.

Player: Quest

Iriana: I went inside my house just for a second. When I came back, I saw that masked guy jumping on the wagon over there, and from there up on the roof with my chest under his arm. All my earnings are in there. Please help me to get it back! Will you?

Player: Yes

Iriana: All right, hopefully you get this mean guy. Come back and tell me about your quest when you know something about the whereabouts of this thief, or even better when you got my chest back.

She will tell you that a thief has robbed her and started fleeing on the roofs. Enter her house and go up up the stairs to the ceiling. To the west, you will briefly see a white Assassin that appears, turns and disappears.

Mission one, starting point

  • The pink hex is where you have to go.

  • The blue hex is where you are.

  • The green lines is the path you must follow.

  • The red lines is the way to avoid.

If you lose track of him.

Spoiler Alert!

Your duty is to follow him to recover Iriana's stolen goods but... No one told you that it would be easy because you will also meet all kinds of criminals.

By following the white Assassin you will cross bridges between buildings. You must follow the paths (for example, north versus south) of some bridges.

If you go back down the stairs and wait a few seconds, you will look at it again for a few moments before it disappears.

The first tour will be here, follow it until you reach the upper level by some stairs.

Once you have reached him, the first time you talk to him he will attack you, appearing 3 Assassin .

After killing them, talk to him again.

Player: Hi.

Jimmy: Not bad, not bad....why did you follow me?

Player: Iriana.

Jimmy: I had no other choice. I already have a bad conscience about this. You must know I only do this as I don't see any other options for me and my people to survive. ...

Jimmy: The Yalahari don't care about the inhabitants of the city and the trade baron...he's not really bad but he can't feed everybody here in this quarter. ...

Jimmy: Hey! I've got an idea. If you help me gathering some food, you get.. err.. a part of Iriana's gold back. Word?

Player: Yes.

Jimmy: As you are allowed to enter the inner circle, an idea came to my mind. Do you know the tavern near the harbour? It's (sic) owner has surely some really delicious things in his cellar. ...

Jimmy: It might be a bit difficult to get in there, but I'm sure you'll find a way. Get me a crate of food out of his stock and bring it to me. Ask me about the quest when you've got it.

He will give you a new mission that you must complete before he gives you what he stole from Iriana .

Mission two, looking for something for the thief.

Jimmy told you that you need to steal a box from the basement of Pugwah , in Inner City. You must return to the city of Yalahar and enter one of the sewers, either through the one to the east of the depot or the one just in front of the stairs that leads to the Trade Quarter. Go down one of those two options and follow the map.

At last in the marked place on the map, use your Pick in the place that is indicated and when you do it automatically you will go down into a well, take a few more steps and use your Rope or Levitate Formula: exani hur 50 Mana Level: 10 Price: 500 gp. Cooldown: 2s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 7.01 Levitate to get to the basement.

Come back to Jimmy To give him what you have stolen and he will give you the Iriana's Chest , once you have it you will have to return it to Iriana and she will reward you 10 Heaven Blossom .

Player: Hi.

Jimmy: Hello my friend. What's up?

Player: Quest.

Jimmy: Good job my friend and thank you for your help. Here, take Iriana's chest. Maybe we meet again . Good bye.

Player: Hi.

Iriana: Hello there. Wanna buy some fishing equipment? Just ask me for a trade.

Player: Quest.

Iriana: You're my hero! I don't know how to thank you. I don't own much, but take this as a small sign of my gratitude. May the gods always be on your side.

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